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Research on the Countermeasures of Civil Aviation Fligh…

Research on the Countermeasures of Civil Aviation Flight Delay and Delay Dispute Source: Civil Aviation Resource Net Author: Xu Lingjie 2011-08-24 17:26:26 I have two sentences ( 10 ) [ professional classification ] business management [ Article ID ] 27-2011-0138 The problem of flight-----

Punctuality - Business Etiquette Step 1

If you are invited to an American or Canadian home for a cocktail, if you are notified at seven o'clock, then you should understand that you should arrive at 7:15, certainly not before, nor Too late. However, if this is in Germany, Sweden or Switzerland, inviting you to arrive at seven-----

Container shipping terminology

Container shipping terminology: container, container leasing, container loading and unloading area, container front yard, container rear yard, empty container yard, transfer station or inland station, container freight station, mesh responsibility system, shipping association container con-----

Commodity prices continue to rise, and the high of US$/…

On Tuesday (August 23), the risk appetite in the Asia-Pacific market rose, and all the major stock indexes were higher. This also supported the rising price of commodity crude oil to a certain extent. Affected by this, the commodity currency was supported by the Canadian dollar. The market-----

China's property market regulation has once again u…

China's real estate regulation has been upgraded again. On the 14th, the central government announced five new measures for real estate regulation and control. It adopted the "strictly grasp and implement the price control targets," "higher prices in areas where prices m-----

It’s actually very simple to travel around us in the …

Some people have summarized the definition of tourism from the place where they are tired of to the place where others are tired. From this point of view, living in a megacity like Beijing is happy: even if you live for decades, there will be many delicious, good-looking, fun places that have nev-----

Ningxia logistics, set sail by waves

On August 16th, in the Yinchuan International Airport Logistics Center Park, Suning Guo, Chairman of Ningxia Leading Agricultural Investment Group Co., Ltd., headed to the hot sun and came to the 8,000 square meters warehouse he had built to supervise the installation of equipment. As a l-----