"Fantastic Architecture" has appeared in the Expo Park

[May Point Network] With the approach of the Shanghai World Expo, the Expo Park began to appear in various unique buildings. It is reported that the construction of the entire venue facilities will be basically completed by the end of this year. Now together...

Winter Travel 2009: Off-season "Taobao" Outbound Tour

[May Point Network] Chinese people have passed the winter, and Americans have passed Halloween. At the end of the year, it was originally a low season for domestic tourists to take off for the Spring Festival. But smart tourists can grasp the "outbound travel"

China's outbound travel prices may rise in 2010

[Maidian.com] The vice president of the Guangdong Tourism Association said that with the decline of the exchange rate between the US dollar and other international currencies, and the factors that have changed the economic environment in the coming year, the price of ou

Shanghai World Expo volunteers exceeded 500,000

According to statistics, as of the 12th, the number of online registrations for volunteers at the Shanghai World Expo has exceeded 500,000, from 97 provinces and municipalities across the country and 97 countries and regions overseas.

Expert suggestion: Chinese tourism companies should go out

[May Point Network] The 6th "China Tourism Development·Beijing Dialogue" and the "5th Tourism Development·Beijing Forum" held in Beijing recently, the National Tourism Administration China Tourism Research Institute Academic Committee...

The global aviation industry draws $18 billion this year

[May Point] In September this year, investors were more inclined to aviation stocks. The stock price rise rate was higher than the market average for the first time this year. The airlines therefore raised $3 billion and issued 500 million US dollars of stock...