Why is the survival of the small airport? Where is your "carriage"?

Consumption, investment, and exports are the “troikas” that promote economic growth. At Xilinhot Airport in Inner Mongolia, there are also “troikas” to drive the development of the airport. Government support, tourism-driven, and em

Shanghai Golden Week holiday tour enters the peak

Today is the third day of the year, the weather is fine, and the tourists in the Yu Garden, Shanghai's iconic attraction, are bustling and lively. Different from the usual, this year, in addition to the zodiac mascot "Tiger", Shanghai World Expo Ji...

China's tourism is growing against the global trend

[May Point Network] The time is almost noon, this U-shaped limestone canyon is packed with round-trip tourist buses. People are swearing, everyone starts to push me. "Are you going to go?" someone shouted. ...

[May Point Network] The time is almo

The monastery built a hotel in Spain to push "the nuns life tour"

[Maidian.com] The tourism department of Catalonia, Spain, has been digging into the development of tourism projects. Since Barcelona opened up new attractions in the cemetery tour and achieved great success, the provincial tourism bureau has...

China's tourism marketing will show four major trends

[May Point Network] "2009 China Tourism Destination Marketing Research Report" was recently released at the 4th China Tourism Destination Marketing Forum. This is the first time in China that it is in the form of a special research report.

[May P

2010, the world's top ten tourist destinations, China's eighth

According to British media reports, the US travel company Gate 1 Travel has just released a list of “Top Ten Tourist Destinations in 2010”, for those who are still hesitant to travel where...

According to British media reports, the US travel co