Baidu Li Yanhong: No plans to enter the tourism market

[May Point Network] Baidu officially released the first quarter of 2010 financial report on April 29. According to the report, Baidu’s total revenue for the first quarter was RMB 1.294 billion (US$189.6 million), a year-on-year increase...

[May Poin

The main growth of Chinese tourists in the legal tourism market

[] The article published by the French "Echo" recently stated that although the economic crisis has had a negative impact on the global tourism market, in 2009, the number of Chinese tourists coming to Paris still reached 60...


Google plans to buy a travel search company for $1 billion

[] According to foreign media reports, Google is currently negotiating with ITA Software to discuss the acquisition of ITA. ITA Software is a travel software developer with clients including travel...

[] According to foreign media rep

Couple travel new Raiders top ten love landmarks turn

[May Point Network] Where is the May 1st couple? Recently, the Century Jiayuan website released the results of the "Top Ten Love Landmarks" selection activities. Hangzhou West Lake, Fenghuang Ancient City, Jiuzhaigou and other scenic spots ranked among the top

Drought and flood forced Kunming Daxing Water Conservancy

The project of Fumin Xinggong Reservoir is under construction. The once-in-a-century drought has caused the drought in Kunming to continue to increase, and the storage in Kutang continues to decrease. Dozens of reservoirs and hundreds of ponds have dried up...

Expo helps Shanghai become a global reward tourism hot spot

[May Point] Today, the 2010 China (Shanghai) International Incentive Travel and Convention Expo (IT&CM) opened at Shanghai Mart. The arrival of the World Expo has made Shanghai a global award-winning tourism...

[May Point] Today, the 2010 China (Shangh

Sanya is the first choice for China's wealthy domestic tourism.

[May Point Network] On March 31, Hurun Report published the "2010 Hurun Wealth Report" in Sanya. This is the second consecutive year that Hurun Report has investigated the population of Chinese HNWIs by provinces and cities. .

Taking advantage of the Expo Hefei tourism is gradually "fire"

[May Point Network] This week, the “Expo Tourism Caravan” entered Hefei and made close contact with the citizens, so that Hefei people initially felt the spring breeze of Expo tourism. Hefei Tourism follows the “Expo Travel Caravan”...

The Three Gorges International Travel Destination is ready to go

[May Point Network] Yesterday, Hubei Hubei Western Eco-Cultural Tourism Circle Investment Company, Yangtze River Three Gorges Tourism Company and Zigui County Government jointly signed an agreement to invest heavily in the integration and development of Quyuan scenic sp