Real estate development, don't forget facilities

Li Guangyi: The news of two people's livelihoods in the past two days attracted the attention of the Shanghai public. One piece of news was the earliest worker village after the liberation of Shanghai. Caoyang New Village celebrated its 60th birthday. Ever

"The Island of Herbs" can't go with me.

Enjoy a sun bath in Mauritius, experience the comforts of Seychelles, hike in the Reunion Islands, and the irresistible natural environment of Madagascar. Here is the Eden of the lover, here is...


Hefei: "Lushan Lake - Feidong Tourism Development Forum" was held

Lushan Lake, a famous name for Hefei and even the tourists from all over the province and surrounding cities. After nearly 10 years of development, this 4A scenic spot has become a beautiful business card for Feidong Tourism. in China...

Lushan Lake, a fam

Anhui: Grand Opening of Longjingou Scenic Area in Yu'an District

Zhu Tao bursts with tea and fragrance, and the landscape is good. On the eve of May 1st, the opening ceremony of the Longjinggou Scenic Area in Yu'an was grandly held. Xu Qijin, director of Lu'an Tourism Bureau, member of the Standing Committee of Yu'an Dist