Real estate prisoner's dilemma

The market will only give high premiums for events that exceed expectations. Vanke A rose sharply on Wednesday and it is of great value.

The sales data of Vanke A in May was indeed higher than expected, which was mainly due to the rebound in new push

Beiliu City real estate market macro-control results

After the state tightened measures to control the real estate market, Beiliu City conscientiously implemented the central government's policies and issued the "Notice on clarifying real estate market regulation and control objectives to implement regu

Hotels near Mesa are basically "full"

The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, and another tourist season is coming. The situation announced by Tengbang International, which is engaged in ticketing agency, showed that compared with the hot weather in the past, the Dragon Boat Festival was cold this year...

Bank service etiquette

Bank staff service etiquette:

1. Enthusiastic.

Think of what customers think and worry about the customer's urgency and take the initiative to carefully serve customers. To provide customers with pen and paper, ink, ink pad, eraser stamp

Use Buffett idea to invest in overseas real estate

Buying and selling at a low price is the only way to invest. However, how can we consider "low" and "high"? How to invest in overseas real estate with the concept of value investment? A few days ago, the reporter discussed on these issues J