Punctuality - Business Etiquette Step 1

If you are invited to an American or Canadian home for a cocktail, if you are notified at seven o'clock, then you should understand that you should arrive at 7:15, certainly not before, nor Too late. However, if this is in Germany, Sweden or Switzerland, i

Container shipping terminology

Container shipping terminology: container, container leasing, container loading and unloading area, container front yard, container rear yard, empty container yard, transfer station or inland station, container freight station, mesh responsibility system, ship

Ningxia logistics, set sail by waves

On August 16th, in the Yinchuan International Airport Logistics Center Park, Suning Guo, Chairman of Ningxia Leading Agricultural Investment Group Co., Ltd., headed to the hot sun and came to the 8,000 square meters warehouse he had built to supervise the inst