The European debt crisis resurfaces and the dollar/yen swings low

On Wednesday morning (October 12), the Asian market held its early low, with USD/JPY continuing its low oscillator and trading in the range of 76.75 to 76.58.

Yesterday, the Slovak parliament in the euro area, which is closely watched by the market, d

Security is a key consideration in mobile e-commerce

Mobile communications and the Internet have become the two most important businesses in the world with the fastest development, the largest market potential and the most attractive prospects. The scale of mobile Internet users is growing rapidly. Statistics fr

Container Terminal Packing Transportation Precautions

Carton Handling Cartoning Cartoning is the most common type of packaging used in container cargo and is generally used to pack relatively fine and lightweight goods.

The following problems should be noticed in the packing operation of the cartons:

Resorts World Sentosa World Maritime Museum unveiled in October

Located in the seaside village of Resorts World Sentosa, the Maritime Museum and Aquarium uses steel and glass to create a striking hull look. Visitors will get a refreshing museum experience, including maritime lectures, interactive children's classes, and the hist

SME advertising "seven major flaws"

Recently, the author communicated with some SMEs. They all agreed that branding is the future development path. The majority of people think about how to make a brand. Advertising is more of a brand. Branding means advertising. When it comes to advertising, th

USD/CHF gains staggeringly, or at 0.9340

On Wednesday (September 21) in the late European market, USD/CHF oscillated at a high level. The exchange rate held steady above 0.89 and currently fluctuate around 0.8930.

Bijoy Kar, a technical analyst at MIG Bank in Switzerland, pointed out that th

EUR/USD fell below 1.3400 and fell to an 8-month low of 1.3385

On Monday (September 26th), the Asian market traded in early trading. The euro/dollar oscillated and fell below the 1.3400 integer mark and fell to an 8-month low of 1.3385. It is currently trading at 1.3395. The Asian stock market extended its losses in intra

West Coast of the United States, the attribution of dreams

Many Chinese, like Americans, have an "American Dream" in their hearts, but the difference is that the "American Dream" in the hearts of Chinese people is to travel to the famous big cities of the United States. On the west coast of the United States