AUD/USD rebounded slightly, and the outlook remains bearish

On Thursday (November 24), the Asian market rebounded slightly, and the Australian dollar/dollar rebounded slightly. It once again stood above the 0.9700 integer mark and is currently trading around 0.9730. The exchange rate is below the 20-day moving average

The first 2 digits of group purchase traffic declined

Business Daily (Reporter Chong Xiaomeng) Yesterday, IResearch published "September 2011 China Group Buying Website Ranking List" shows that both the number of domestic group buying industry and daily average traffic declined, including monthly total

Barclays: EUR/USD may fall to 1.3000 in the next two weeks

On Wednesday (November 16) at the beginning of the European market, the euro/dollar rebounded slightly and the exchange rate held below 1.35.

Masafumi Yamamoto, chief strategist at Barclays, said it is uncertain whether the new Italian government will

Deutsche Bank: Pound/U.S. Dollar Goes Up to 1.6185

On Wednesday (November 09th) in Asian afternoon, GBP/USD was consolidating and is currently trading near the 1.6100 Integer mark. The exchange rate is still above the 20-day moving average and short-term indicators remain bullish.

According to data re

EMC Launches Enterprise Document Processing On-Demand Cloud Service

EMC received a customer complaint that its price for enterprise-class document processing software exceeds the commercial value of the product itself, and its enterprise-level document processing software is provided to users in the form of on-demand cloud ser