Indonesian tourist resort: massage women wear chastity belt

The chastity belt should belong to the museum's antiques, but it is also used in Indonesia. In the resort of Batu, East Java, there are several massagers who want to prevent customers from acting on the massage girl. The pants must be locked.

The first

Train ticket online shopping "up to people" 4 days to 47 train tickets

Last year, he used 76 telephones to call the booking hotline 24 hours a day, and finally bought the tickets for the employees. However, when reporters came across the station at the station to pick up the boss Yang, he seemed very relaxed. Because, when many people'

E-commerce Helps the Rapid Development of Modern Logistics Industry

In the domestic express delivery service key development cities directory recently released by the China Express Delivery Association, Yiwu City has become one of the 15 cities with a large number of express mail services in China. At present, Yiwu's annua

Logistics costs** GDP 18% High Logistics Cost Card Economic Neck

Pain is impassable, and the general is not painful.

If one is connected to production and one is connected to consumption, the logistics industry, which is praised as an accelerator for economic development, will not only be "painful" but si

Sun Lijian: Real estate future profit space is narrowing

According to the Voice of Economy's "World Financial" report, there are media reports that the current housing prices in the deep center of the vortex still make special profits, Vanke, Poly and other listed housing companies' average gross p

Financial Logistics Drives the Development of the Dutch Economy

Many people know that the Netherlands, which has Europe's largest port of Rotterdam and the fourth-largest Airport Schiphol Airport, is a world-renowned logistics center. But perhaps people still do not know that, through decades of efforts, the Netherland