Yantai launches winter tourism carnival

From now until February next year, the tourism department of Yantai City, Shandong Province will fully launch the large-scale event of “Winter Tourism Carnival” with the theme of “Yuyou Shanhai·Warm Yantai”.

[ May Point Network] From now until February next year, the tourism department of Yantai City, Shandong Province will fully launch the large-scale event of "Winter Tourism Carnival" with the theme of "Yuyou Shanhai·Warm Yantai" for New Year's Day, Spring Festival, "Valentine's Day", Yuanxiao During the festival, organize the city's tourism attractions, travel agencies, tourist hotels, shopping venues to carry out large-scale preferential promotions, through the issuance of travel coupons, vouchers, free tickets, etc. to allow citizens and tourists to enjoy affordable tourism, while vigorously developing Winter tourism products, stir the winter tourism market.

Winter has always been the traditional off-season of the tourism market in Yantai City. The number of receptions and the comprehensive income are quite different from those in the peak season. With the launch of the “Hospital Shandong New Year Meeting” in our province, the city will create “Yuyou Shanhai·Warm Yantai”. Yantai's unique winter travel brand. It is worth noting that the tourism sector and tourism companies will attract tourists and citizens through a variety of activities and more preferential services. During the event, the main shopping places in Yantai City will launch tourism rewards during the centralized purchasing period such as the Spring Festival, so that tourists can “buy” the fun; and through the issuance of travel coupons, etc., stimulate the activity of the “family-child tour” tourism market, and let the student groups Enjoy preferential travel; for the convenience of self-driving tourists, the main tourist attractions will introduce self-driving vehicles to reduce parking fees and other preferential policies.

During the carnival, Yantai City will also launch fashion cocktail parties, folk festivals, food festivals and other related activities. In the large-scale literary evening of the "Hospital Shandong New Year's Party" held on the evening of December 31, there will also be a show of the city. (Yantai Evening News)

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