On New Year's Day and the Spring Festival, the travel agency opened the holiday "cake"

[May Point Network] As the New Year shopping season is getting closer, many people plan to spend the New Year's Day holiday, and some people who are interested in starting to plan for the Spring Festival holiday. Spring Festival line early...

[May Point Network] As the New Year shopping season is getting closer, many people plan to spend the New Year's Day holiday, and some people who are interested in starting to plan for the Spring Festival holiday.

Spring Festival route is released early

Popular Routes: US Tour, Europe Tour

In December, Christmas and New Year's Day tourism products have been “fired” by many travel agencies in the province. Even some of the Spring Festival product plans have been released in advance in individual travel agencies in Zhengzhou. A number of travel agencies in the Spring Festival of the United States have begun to accept registration, European tour is expected to begin accepting registration in the past two days.

The reporter learned from some international travel agencies in the province that due to the long receiving period in the United States, it is usually necessary to sign the embassy for nearly two months in advance. Therefore, the US tour products in February 2010 are earlier than other destination countries. And get online in advance. At present, some tourists have started to conduct telephone consultations, and it is expected that they will enter the peak of registration in the middle and late December.

According to the price given by the travel agency, according to the length of the tour, the price of the regular line is between 16,000 yuan and 20,000 yuan, which is a certain drop compared to last year. Take the US East Coast + Hawaii 14 days as an example. Last year, 17500 yuan, about 14500 yuan this year, and even 14,000 yuan ultra-low price.

In order to seize the opportunity, the European tour will be out of price in the middle and late December of last year. At this time, it has been completed by individual travel agencies and ready to go online. According to reports, this year's European tour is basically the same as in previous years. The reporter compared the prices of many classic conventional routes such as "French 10th", "British one on the 8th", "Odfari, Vatican 6th, 12th", etc. The Spring Festival has dropped by 100 yuan to 300 yuan. This decline is almost negligible in the European tour of more than 15,000 yuan. Compared with December, European routes generally rose by 1,000 to 2,000 yuan, a small increase, which is a normal increase in air tickets and hotels during the Golden Week.

Reminder: Going abroad for a New Year's holiday, due to the need to apply for a passport, visa, and long time, so at least one or two months in advance to prepare. Some countries also need to provide proof of their funds when they apply for visas for outbound travel.

New Year Shopping Carnival

Popular Routes: Hong Kong and Macau Tour

Every Christmas, Hong Kong and Macao have always been tourist hotspots. Mainland tourists will not only go shopping spree, but also choose Disney, Ocean Park, Ruins of St. Paul and other scenic spots to experience the pleasant climate and rich New Year atmosphere. Hong Kong has the reputation of shopping paradise. Clothing, electronics, cosmetics, jewelry, watches, etc. are all things people like. Hong Kong, Macau two-bedroom seven-day tour, travel agency reference price is 3,380 yuan.

Before Christmas, many European brands have more products, new styles and more choices. It is easy to find the favorite products. And this season's discount season began, the strength of the discount is the most in the whole year, generally maintained at 50% off, the lowest discount can still reach 30%. Reminder: The hotels in Hong Kong and Macao during the Christmas period are very expensive. Generally speaking, it is better to book a month or two in advance, otherwise the hotel room will be full and no room will be booked. If you want to live in a budget hotel, you can find it in Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok. It is similar to Yau Ma Tei CASA, Wanchai Yayi, Mong Kok Xintiandi. This kind of budget hotel is fine, but the problem is that the hotel room is small, if you want to live comfortably Point, like Hengfeng, Yidong, Yidong, these are relatively large rooms, and the location is also good.

In addition, the local media in Hong Kong recently reminded that the shoppers in Tsim Sha Tsui have once again appeared in the "slaughter" black shop, saying that the black shop has started to appeal to mainland tourists, arguing that there are discounts in the rhetoric, and swindling mainland tourists who are not familiar with the price of digital products, which is more expensive than the original price. I bought a digital camera at a high price and pretended to use a used mobile phone as a new machine. So remind visitors to take care of shopping traps while shopping.

Finally, travel to Hong Kong and Macao needs to go to the exit and entry management agencies of the public security organs to apply for Hong Kong and Macao passes. It usually takes two or three weeks from application to application. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare in advance. In addition to strengthening financial protection, these areas must be kept in good condition. Pass for easy inspection.

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