Four major plans to support Shandong's tourism strategy pillar industry

[May Point Network] In 2010, Shandong Tourism ushered in an important period of strategic opportunities, which first relied on the State Council's "Opinions on Accelerating Tourism Development", clearly defining tourism as a country...

[May Point Network] In 2010, Shandong Tourism ushered in an important period of strategic opportunities, which first relied on the State Council's "Opinions on Accelerating Tourism Development" and clearly defined tourism as a strategic pillar industry of the national economy; But more importantly, it is also the implementation of the four major strategies within the province, the Peninsula Blue Economic Zone, the Yellow River Delta Efficient Ecological Economic Zone, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal tourism development, and the Minamata Tourism Development.

Since last year, our province has organized experts to do (and do) scientific planning for the orderly development of tourism resources in the above four strategic regions. If the policy orientation of the State Council is paved the way for a new round of take-off in Shandong tourism, then these four major tourism plans are the "pillars" that truly support the transformation of Shandong tourism into a "strategic pillar industry".

Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone Tourism Planning

In the development of the Peninsula Blue Economic Zone, tourism is positioned as a leading industry and a dominant industry. The Shandong Provincial Tourism Bureau organized experts to study and prepare the “Tourism Planning for the Blue Economic Zone of Shandong Peninsula”. The planning scope includes 7 cities including Binzhou, Dongying, Weifang, Yantai, Weihai, Qingdao and Rizhao, and 37 districts and counties (cities). .

In view of the development potential of Shandong Peninsula, the “Planning” determines the development goals as follows: focusing on marine ecotourism development, urban tourism development and resort construction, and vigorously promoting the modernization, internationalization and cluster development of tourism, the overall image of “Hospitality Shandong” Under the guidance of the brand, the regional sub-brand of “Blue Holiday” will be built, and it will become a national first-class seaside holiday tourism and international seaside leisure holiday destination.

In terms of spatial layout, 17 coastal units such as Rizhao Southern Waterfront, Qingdao Urban Waterfront, Weihai City Waterfront, Rongcheng Seashore, Yantai Waterfront, Long Island Islands, and Weifang North Waterfront will be built; 8 groups will be integrated (Rizhao Group, Qingdao-Yantai South Group) , Weihai East Group, Yantai, Weihai City Group, Penglai-Changdao-Longkou Group, Weifang Shuangcheng Group, Dongying Group, Binzhou Group) and 3 major plates (Southern Plate, North Plate, Western Plate); "Three-and-four-axis" networked structure, "three-zone" refers to the gradual formation of marine tourism belts, coastal tourism resort belts and inland hinterland tourism belts. "Four-axis" refers to the integration of land and sea and market based on existing east-west traffic trunks. Four tourism development axes in the north, north, south, south, and south of the product.

Focusing on the overall layout, the “Planning” will focus on the development of five national special pilot projects such as the Qingdao National Seaside Urban Tourism Tourism Experimental Demonstration Zone and the Shandong Peninsula Maritime Tourism Complex, Yantai East Coast and Weifang Binhai New City. There are 7 regional key projects such as the large tourist resort of the resort group, the two wings of the Qingdao Blue Coast and the Binhai Northern Ocean Culture Experience Tourist Area.

Special Planning for Tourism in the High-efficiency Ecological Economic Zone of the Yellow River Delta

In order to actively seize the high-efficiency eco-economic zone of the Yellow River Delta as a national strategic opportunity, and further promote the tourism development of the high-efficiency eco-economic zone of the Yellow River Delta, according to the requirements of the provincial government, the Provincial Tourism Bureau organized experts to prepare the “Special Plan for Tourism in the Yellow River Delta Efficient Ecological Economic Zone”. . The scope of the plan includes Dongying City, Binzhou City of Shandong Province, Hanting District of Weifang City, Shouguang City, Changyi City, Leling City and Qingyun County of Dezhou City, Gaoqing County of Zibo City, and Laizhou City of Yantai City, etc. A total of 19 counties (cities, districts).

Combined with the actual situation of the Yellow River Delta, the “Planning” has determined the following development goals and positioning: relying on the unique tourism resources and location of the region, facing the Beijing-Tianjin and surrounding provinces, cities and domestic and overseas markets, focusing on high efficiency, strengthening ecological, meticulous planning, boutique Construction, and strive to build a high-efficiency eco-tourism economic belt that integrates wetland ecotourism, eco-agricultural sightseeing, coastal leisure vacation, and folk culture. It will create an eco-tourism and leisure resort resort in the Bohai Rim region, and build the tourism industry into the Yellow River Delta. The pillar industry of an efficient eco-economic zone.

The “Planning” has also identified three major development priorities: First, the Yellow River Mouth Eco-tourism Area: using the unique location characteristics of the Yellow River Delta and the unique tourism resources of the Yellow River estuary to develop eco-tourism products with international appeal. Cultivate national eco-tourism demonstration zones and 5A-level tourist attractions. Second, historical and ecological agricultural tourism areas. Focusing on the construction of the “back garden” of the Beijing-Tianjin-Jihai city, we will increase the intensity of resource development and integration, and form a characteristic, efficient and ecological tourism industry economic zone that integrates historical humanities and natural ecology. Third, eco-agriculture and folk culture tourism areas. The district's role in the landscape tourism line and the peninsula tourism line will be brought into play, forming a characteristic, efficient and ecological tourism industry economic zone integrating ecological agriculture, seashore and folk holiday.

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