Expo helps Shanghai become a global reward tourism hot spot

[May Point] Today, the 2010 China (Shanghai) International Incentive Travel and Convention Expo (IT&CM) opened at Shanghai Mart. The arrival of the World Expo has made Shanghai a global award-winning tourism...

[May Point] Today, the 2010 China (Shanghai) International Incentive Travel and Convention Expo (IT&CM) opened at Shanghai Mart. The arrival of the World Expo has made Shanghai one of the important destinations for global incentive travel. An auto company plans to use dozens of the company's top luxury cars to pick up dealers from around the world to visit Shanghai. A Swiss company will organize a team of more than a thousand people to visit the Swiss Pavilion in the Expo Park. At present, large enterprises in the domestic and international automotive, banking, pharmaceutical, electronics and other industries have begun to organize incentive travel teams of 100 or more people. They will arrive in Shanghai from May to October to visit the World Expo.


Oversized teams abound

The 2010 China (Shanghai) International Incentive Travel and Convention Expo, which opened today, attracted nearly 230 exhibiting companies and organizations, among which Shanghai tourism companies are particularly active. “This year, thousands of reward travel teams abound.” Lin Yu, director of the Shanghai Jinjiang Travel Agency Business Awards Center, said that most companies in previous years usually listed tourism cities such as Sanya, Xiamen, Chengdu and Qingdao as incentives. Land, seldom consider similar activities in Shanghai, but this year, "to Shanghai to see the World Expo" has become an important program for many companies to reward tourism, such as a company from Switzerland will organize a team of more than a thousand people, specializing in the Expo Visit the Swiss Pavilion in the park.

It is reported that during the period from May to October, Jinjiang Travel Agency will receive more than 300,000 Expo visitors, half of whom come from incentive travel projects, compared with only 6,000 last year.

The relevant person in charge of the Shanghai International Travel and Exhibition Department also said that the company has received incentive travel services from several international top 500 companies. Between May 6 and 10, the company will host two batches of foreign reward travel teams of hundreds of people, consisting of the company's president, senior manager, etc., with two days in the trip planned in the Expo site. Visit. In addition to arranging the hotel and the necessary transfers, the travel agency will also help these teams to book tickets for the China Pavilion.

Big hand

Top car welcomes objective Expo

According to the organizers of the International Incentive Travel and Convention Expo, unlike traditional tourism, incentive travel is often seen as a way to motivate employees and partners. The average company will intersperse the theme dinner on the trip, as well as “surprise” and “touch”. Wait for some creative activities to promote corporate culture and promote business development. Today, many multinational companies and more and more domestic large enterprises also use this method to reward employees and partners.

However, most of the visitors who participated in the World Expo incentive travel this year will not be able to attend the theme dinner or party. “The Expo has made Shanghai's hotels and conference venues very tight. Many team trips have cancelled the dinners and evening shows.” Lin Yu told reporters that this year's award-winning travel itinerary in Shanghai is mainly based on business activities, except for visiting Shanghai and surrounding markets. Only by watching the colorful performances in the Expo Park is a big entertainment program on the itinerary.

Despite this, these organizations that reward travel companies do not forget to promote their corporate culture. Some companies specially arranged for the partners to visit their own corporate pavilions. A certain auto company plans to open dozens of top-class cars of the company's brand, and is responsible for welcoming local dealers to visit the World Expo at the airport. “It’s going to be a spectacular top-class sedan, and it’s a great way to promote your brand to dealers.” The travel agency leader responsible for the project is amazed at the idea.

â– Industry: Shanghai reward travel routes are not rich

However, industry insiders generally believe that this year Shanghai has become an important destination for global incentive travel, and it is a ride for the World Expo. After the end of the Shanghai World Expo, it is difficult to welcome so many reward tourists. “The incentive route is not rich enough may be the main reason.” A person in the travel agency who has been engaged in business travel for a long time said that a good incentive travel tour needs to combine business meetings, tourism and leisure with corporate culture. Currently, some travel agencies in Shanghai It has not been able to organize a personalized tourist route.

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