"May 1" domestic travel prices will increase the wrong peak tourism is getting popular

[May Point Network] Recently, the reporter learned from major travel agencies that near the "May Day", many budget-conscious citizens began to implement their "May 1" travel plan ahead of time, a few days earlier than others...

[May Point Network] Recently, the reporter learned from major travel agencies that close to the "May Day", many budget-conscious citizens began to implement their "May 1" travel plan ahead of time, traveling a few days earlier than others, can avoid "May 1" tourism peak, you can enjoy the real benefits.

Wrong peak tourism is becoming more and more popular

On April 14, Ms. Yan returned to Xi'an from Lanzhou by plane. She played in Lanzhou, Dunhuang and Jiayuguan for 6 days. Ms. Yu’s intention is still to say that this tour is really perfect. There are no tourists in the tourist attractions, accommodation and tour guide services are good, and the key expenses are still cheap.

In fact, more and more citizens are now starting to avoid the peak of travel, like Ms. Yu, and choose a time when they have fewer tourists and lower prices, and arrange their own travel plans. Information from travel agencies shows that in April, the number of outbound travel teams has increased significantly, including both individual travellers and organizations that organize employee teams. A high-level leader said that he had wanted to organize employees to go out to play during the Ching Ming Festival holiday, but the weather was a bit cold. Now the weather is getting warmer, and the price of the tourist route is also very suitable. In a few days, employees are organized to travel.

"May 1" domestic travel prices will be raised

During the "May 1st" period, most of the country's tourist destinations are in the spring with good temperature and beautiful scenery. The three-day small holiday will bring a large number of tourists to concentrate on traveling. However, it will also lead to a rise in traffic prices and a more crowded scenic spot than usual. At the end of March, with the implementation of new flight plans by the national civil aviation, some airports in China have opened new routes for popular tourism. With the popularity of the wrong peak tourism, the newly opened tourist routes have been favored by the general public. According to reports, the new route of tourism provides the public with new travel options, and the low ticket price has stimulated people's enthusiasm for travel. According to the analysis of the relevant personnel of the airline ticket office, during the “May 1st” holiday, as the number of travellers increased, the ticket price will increase in different degrees. It is estimated that the travel route team ticket is at least 50%. According to the quotation of the "May 1" travel route that some travel agencies have already "released", the domestic travel price is expected to increase by about 15% during the "May 1" period due to the comprehensive influence of air tickets, land connection, accommodation and other factors.

The insiders suggest that if there is time, the majority of tourists should also travel in the peak during the "May 1" period. On the one hand, the temperature and scenery are suitable for sightseeing. On the other hand, the low-cost air tickets are suitable for both self-help tour and group tour. (Xi'an Daily)

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