Yangcheng Nanyue Royal Palace unveiled the veil and reappeared in the same year.

At 9:30 on the 12th, 500 people who waited in line early in the morning fortunately became the first audience of the partially opened Nanyue Palace Museum! After 17 months of construction, the "archaeological park" Nanyue Wanggongbo...

At 9:30 on the 12th, 500 people waiting in line for the morning were fortunate to be the first audience of the partially opened Nanyue Palace Museum! The 17-month-old "Archaeeological Park" Nanyue Palace Museum is based on the ruins of the Nanyue National Palace Museum. And built a large museum of ruins.

According to reports, the first phase of the museum will be used to purchase tickets, the fare is initially set at 15 yuan. During the Guangzhou Asian Games and the Asian Paralympic Games (November 11th to December 20th), free ticketing and visiting methods will be implemented, and 500 tickets will be distributed every day. The opening hours are from 9:30 to 15:30 every day, and weekends and holidays are not closed.

One Bay Channel is now the old palace

“Yin Yin Weeping Willow, Qushui Flowing”

Wu Lingyun, executive deputy director of the preparation office of the Nanyue Palace Museum, said that the site of the Nanyue National Palace Office was stacked from the bottom to the top, and there were 12 historical dynasty cultural relics after the Qin Dynasty. "At present, the scope of partial opening, including the site of the Quliu Shiqu site, the eastern part of the site display area and the introduction of the museum, etc., will be fully open until next year."

The reporter saw on the scene that the one-by-the-story "quuestone channel" that was restored in proportion to the original 1:1 ratio passed by. The 180-meter-long canal corridor is infiltrated into the moon-shaped stone pool and continues to flow westward. It runs through the entire royal garden and truly reproduces the garden style more than 2,000 years ago, becoming the biggest highlight of the first open exhibition area. The audience was in it, as if entering the space of the Nanyue Wanggongyuan in the past year, "Yin Yin Weeping Willow, Qushui Flowing".

Wu Lingyun said that the original site and restoration display of this Ququ channel were only open to the audience. In the design concept, take the above-mentioned site of the Ququ, carefully cover the protective building, and carry out the “original display of the original site”.

In order to protect the Republic of China

The main entrance is changed from south to east.

The reporter learned that the Nanyue Palace Museum has identified four major exhibitions, including the exhibition "Entering the Palace of South Vietnam", the exhibition of "Step into the Palace of the South Han Dynasty", the exhibition of "Two Thousand Years of the Famous City of Guangzhou", "The Source of Drinking Water - Guangzhou Gujing Culture", etc. Due to the exhibition, this opening is temporarily closed.

“Why does the main entrance of the museum change from south to east of design?” Wu Lingyun explained that this is to take into account the protection of the riding of the Republic of China.

According to reports, after the excavation of the site of the Nanyue Palace in 2000, the site has successively excavated the base of the palace of the Southern Han Dynasty. Archaeologists have now excavated the 16-lion pillar stone of the South Han Dynasty in the middle of the Zhongshan Road. It can be proved that the location of the arcade is the gate of the Nanhan Palace. (Source: Asian Games official website)

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