Enough, lucky travel test is you?

On-site guests at the trial picking ceremony On January 12, 2011, the Zhengzhou Mobile Travel Trial Activity, which has received much attention, has made the latest progress. In the business hall of Zhengzhou Mobile Agricultural Road, the crowd is surging...


On-site guests at the trial picking ceremony

On January 12, 2011, the highly anticipated Zhengzhou Mobile Travel Trial Activity has the latest progress.

In the business hall of Zhengzhou Mobile Agriculture Road, people are surging. Under the on-site notarization of Zhengzhou City Notary Office, hundreds of mobile users witnessed the whole process of the release of the 340-person list of the first winter travel notes.


Mr. Zhang Yuan, Deputy Manager of Marketing Department of Zhengzhou Mobile Company delivered a speech

旅游试客网CEO 王东明先生讲话

Mr. Wang Dongming, CEO of Tourism Test Network

The list of mobile travel testers will be published on the travel test online for the first time. Please try to log in to the website as soon as possible to confirm whether you are one of the 340 lucky ones.

The Zhengzhou Mobile Travel Trial Activity, which spanned the whole year of 2011, was jointly launched by Zhengzhou Mobile and the Travel Test Network. The event is an exclusive event for more than 7 million users of Zhengzhou Mobile, with a travel fund of more than one million yuan. In four phases, we will collect more than 1,000 tourist visitors, and visit famous tourist destinations at home and abroad for free, making free travel a reality.

According to the person in charge of the event sponsor's travel test network, the five travel destinations provided by the first winter travel record have their own unique features, including the fashionable and trendy Hong Kong Star Cruises Dream Tour, Emeishan-Leshan Leisure Health Experience. There is also a large-scale Tailing Temple Fair, and there are also popular projects in the winter such as Lushan skiing and hot springs. Since the beginning of the event, it has attracted hundreds of thousands of people's attention, and nearly 40,000 Zhengzhou mobile users have signed up. During the course of the event, the number of applicants continued to set a new record for the number of applicants for a single destination in the travel test network. Zhengzhou Mobile’s person in charge of the event also said that with the launch of the event, the number of consultations for tourist testers at 10086 is also rising. Zhengzhou Mobile’s goal of providing a different winter travel experience for the majority of users has been initially reached.

At the same time as this travel test list, there is also a travel test network kill channel. The person in charge of the travel test network explained the purpose of the website's online kill channel. In view of the increasingly popular tourist test activities, the limited number of places is difficult to meet the user's expectations, in order to bring more surprises to the public, starting this month. The travel test network will provide more ultra-low-priced travel products through the spike activity, so that everyone has more opportunities to experience the joy after the winning.

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