Tell you the secret of Xishuangbanna Songkran Festival

Where are you going to play in April? Maybe many of your friends have already started planning. There is an opportunity for this year only once - the original Songkran Festival in Yunnan, the latest exclusive line of the search...

Where are you going to play in April? Maybe many of your friends have already started planning. There is an opportunity for this year only once - the original Songkran Festival in Yunnan, and the latest exclusive line of the search for the "Happy Water Festival" route. It is the only tour group in China that participates in the Songkran Festival together with the aborigines. It is a lively splash of water, full of family-style food, close contact with the Yi people, and integrated into the joyful ocean of the Lunar New Year, fully relaxed and super decompressed!


Songkran Festival in Yunnan

This splash of water is different from the water

If you walk on the street with a basin of water, see the beautiful girl passing by, pouring a basin full of water and covering your face, she will definitely lick you. But at some point, somewhere, if you do this, she will smile at you sweetly. Yes, this is the Songkran Festival!

Some friends may ask, isn't the water splashing a regular project in Xishuangbanna? In fact, the kind of splashing water is a splash of water arranged in artificial tourist attractions. It is artificial. It is difficult for tourists to really experience the atmosphere of the national carnival of the Yi Chinese New Year. Also known as the "Bath Buddha Festival", it is one of the most traditional festivals in Xishuangbanna. On the day of the festival, all the Yi men, women and children are dressed in festive costumes, while the women pick a pair of clear water to wash away the dust of the Buddha statue and ask the Buddha to bless. When the bathing Buddha is finished, people begin to splash water on each other, expressing their blessings, hoping to wash away the disease and disaster with holy water, in exchange for a happy and happy life.



As the saying goes: "Water blooms, family madness", in the customs of the family, you can enjoy splashing water on others on this day. The more you splash, the more popular, the more popular. Around the handsome guy, often surrounded by a circle of "splashing" women, beautiful girls, must be surrounded by "sailors." Walking in the alleys, we must also beware of the "air raids" launched by local people on the balcony. When we encounter the regular army of uniforms, we will let them go. They are mostly dispatched by the whole village. They are stared at them, but they are not turned into soup chickens. simple.



When you come to Xishuangbanna, you will experience a completely different atmosphere. You will experience a completely different atmosphere on April 15th. “Water Splash, Family Frenzy”, “Dampness, Happy Life”! Symbolizes auspiciousness and happiness. The healthy blossoming water blooms in the air, and people splash and pour in it. The laughter is loud, the whole body is soaked, and the interest is high.

Xishuangbanna gourmet temptation

When it comes to Banna, the friends who love to eat are more blessed, and the more famous ethnic dishes in Yunnan make you happy. With more than 800 kinds of natural spices, the home-grown dishes, fresh and sour wild, unique five flavors, will definitely make you want to stop, but some famous dishes can only be eaten before and after the Songkran Festival, if you want to eat, you must hurry up.

The taste is divided into barbecue, cold salad, steamed vegetables, steamed vegetables, fried dishes, etc. Representative dishes include lemongrass roast chicken, lemongrass grilled fish, beef sprinkle, pineapple rice, bamboo rice, and sour bamboo shoots. , yellow ant eggs, sour bamboo shoots, chicken, crispy egg crisps, fried bee stings, etc.

Lemongrass in South Asia, India and Southeast Asia, has been popular for many years. It is a bit like our chicken, monosodium glutamate, boiled soup and cooked meat. It is easy to come and enjoy it. Like the famous mixed seasoning curry, it is hard to say that there is lemongrass. Lemongrass has a rich lemony aroma. Take the water, the water is lemonade; take it to the inside of the house, exhale like a lemon, making people have the illusion of entering the orchard.

The scent of lemongrass meets the fresh meat chops such as chicken and fish. It is the magpie that touches the thrush, and the high-pitched door touches the bright door. The companion is not, the taste is quite appropriate, the fragrance is cherished, and the fragrance is combined with musk. Through such a compound, the scent not only makes the nose and mouth irritate, but also makes the taste buds stand up and look up until the tongue is used as a stand, and the ray waves come and go. These messages were passed to the center of the brain, and the Standing Committee did not open. At that point, I came to the conclusion that it has been mixed with MSG for many years. This kind of behavior is simply going astray, violating the principle of natural innocence, extremely wrong, and profound. The review draws lessons.

Rushing, throwing a big festival

When it comes to food, it is necessary to mention “rushing out”. The Yi people have many colorful festivals. They call this kind of festival activity “swinging”. According to the original meaning of the proverb, “rushing” is a great festival or gathering. The meaning of the activity. The size of the pendulum is different, the number of participants, the content, and the time are different, but the purpose of expression is to seek a happy life. Some of the temple fairs in the north, dressed in festive costumes, gather together to bless each other and taste the food.

The Yi people's swings are usually located in the squares of the towns or villages. There are many stalls, and the products are dazzling and dazzling. There are various local handicrafts, ethnic foods, silver jewelry, tube, skirts and various agricultural and sideline products, as well as countless small foods and daily necessities made in Thailand and Myanmar. Of course, the most attractive thing on the field is the variety of entertainment activities that are rich in local ethnic characteristics, especially the puppets. As soon as you hear the gongs and drums, the crowds will immediately go to the stage and appreciate their national drama. In addition to this, local ethnic cultural activities such as the “Twelve Horses” and “Dance Dance” of the Yi people were held on the stage. The scene was grand and exciting.

Young Yi men and women also seek to be sweethearts by "losing the bag." During the Lunar New Year period, under the lawns of the Yi villages and under the big banyan trees, you can see some young Yi people and small girls dressed in colorful costumes, standing about 30 meters away from each other, constantly making small ones from their hands. Colored flower bag.

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