Ningxia Shapotou Scenic Area Launches “Apocalyptic Journey”

Recently, the Shapotou Scenic Spot in Ningxia has launched a new tourism project, “The End of the Journey”, and the city people who love the excitement have a new way of playing.

After the release of a Hollywood blockbuster, the legend of the end of the world in 2012 is known to everyone. The past two years have been even more confusing. Recently, the best viewing place for sandstorms, Shapotou Scenic Spot, Ningxia, has launched a “end of the world” tour. In the spring season of high sandstorms, visitors are encouraged to experience sandstorms.

"Disaster Sightseeing" has precedents abroad: American professional chasers lead tourists to chase tornadoes and hurricanes, and the US Museum pushes "9·11" online experience visitors can "experience" disasters, Merapi Volcano, Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia Eruption scene tourism. The domestic disaster theme tourism development office is in the exploration stage. The Shapotou Scenic Spot in Ningxia uses spring dust storm disasters to develop tourism experience projects. Whether it can open up a new road for domestic disaster tourism is worth looking forward to.


Red banner waiting for the arrival of sandstorm

The Shapotou Tourist Area is located in Zhongwei City, Ningxia. It is the first batch of 5A-level tourist scenic spots in the country and also the junction of Ning, Meng and Gan provinces (districts). Here, the mountains are surrounded by mountains and mountains, and the Qilian Mountains are surrounded by the fragrant mountains of the Qilian Mountains. In the north, the Tengger Desert, which is surrounded by sand peaks and stretches for thousands of miles, is rushing down and the Yellow River traversing thousands of miles. The geographical location and unique geological features make the spring dust storms in Shapotou raging. Every year before May, the dust coming from the depths of the desert will be covered here, like the end of the world.


Tree in sandstorm

The best sandstorm viewing spots in Shapotou Scenic Area:

1. Dadi Inn: The Dadi Inn is built according to the standards of four-star hotels. It adopts large floor-to-ceiling windows and large glass roof design. All glass is made of high-strength glass. Because of its location in the desert for several kilometers, surrounded by long yellow sand, was dubbed the "Longmen Inn." In front of the large floor-to-ceiling windows of the room, sit side by side with the lovers, take a glass of wine, wait for the sandstorm, and of course you can lie in the luxurious bed and see the scenery through the roof. What is better to do with the end of the world?


Desert Inn in the Last Day


Luxurious desert inn, outside the window is the Tengger Desert

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