April Longhushan: Bishui Danshan Ren Xiaoyao

Located in Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province, Longhu Mountain is famous for its three wonders: “Bishui Danshan, Taoist Zuting, and Cliff Tomb”. For thousands of years, it has been talked about.

Located in Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province, Longhu Mountain is famous for its three wonders: “Bishui Danshan, Taoist Zuting, and Cliff Tomb”. For thousands of years, it has been talked about. There are ninety-nine peaks, twenty-four rocks, one hundred and eight natural and human landscapes in the Longhu Mountain Scenic Area, and more than 20 Shenjing Danchi and Liuquan Waterfalls. The beautiful and beautiful Xiuhe River runs through the scenic spot from south to north, and integrates the elite scenic spots such as Shangqing Palace, Tianshifu, Longhushan and Xianshuiyan. Tourists only need to take a leaf boat and shun the river. Underneath, you can enjoy the scenery, it is worthwhile.


The scenery of Danxia Mountain in Longhu Mountain is combined with Taoist culture, cliff tomb culture, Zen culture, folk culture and heart culture. It is beautiful and beautiful. Among the dragons and tigers, the dragon and tiger cliff tomb is the most famous in China and the world. It is known as the “Natural Archaeological Museum”. During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, these ancient Vietnamese people’s practices have become an mystery. Crack. Looking up, the cliff is more than 100 meters high, and it is all 90 degrees cliffs. In the steep wall on the mountainside, the caves of the stars still have traces of thick eucalyptus, and the cliffs of the cliffs are suspenseful and become a world cultural history. A big spectacle.


Jiangxi Longhushan Traffic Line:

The transportation of Longhushan is very convenient, which provides great convenience for tourists. It is also close to Wuyi Mountain in the east, Jingshan Town in Huangshan, Lushan Mountain and Porcelain in the north. It can be conveniently connected to several scenic spots. Take a trip to Longhushan, take the train to Yingtan, and then take the car by Yingtan. Longhushan is 20 kilometers away from Yingtan City. Yingtan has convenient transportation. After arriving at Yingtan, you can take the car directly to Longhushan, or you can stay in Yingtan. The long-distance bus station on the west side of Yingtan Railway Station takes the shuttle bus to the direction of Xianshuiyan (5:30-17:30, 15 minutes, the fare is 5 yuan, half an hour). 206 National Highway (Yantai-Shantou) and 320 National Highway (Shanghai-Ruili) pass through Yingtan, and the traffic to Longhushan is also convenient.


Jiangxi Longhushan Holiday Route Map:

Recently, Anhui Global Travel Service organized a large-scale tourism special train in Longhushan. It is understood that this special train originated from Huaibei City and stopped five cities in Fuyang City, Huainan City, Hefei City and Anqing City, which greatly facilitated the participation of tourists from all over the world. "Longhushan Tourism Special Train" will be opened on April 2 this week. This special train is arranged to depart at night and arrive in the morning. It will not delay working hours and there will be plenty of rest time. There are four tourist routes to choose from, including the world's natural heritage - Longhu Mountain; the most beautiful underground river in China, the youngest cave in Asia - Wannian Shennong Palace; the most beautiful country in China - Wuyuan (4 The month is the most prosperous season of Wuyuan rapeseed); the famous Taoist mountain - Sanqingshan. Rich travel, affordable prices are definitely the first choice for spring travel.

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