Lucerne World Tourism Forum promotes international tourism cooperation

The World Tourism Forum was held this week with Lucerne. Stephen Franthe, head of international tourism cooperation, said that if tourism wants to survive and develop, it must focus on sustainability and explore new business tools. ...

The World Tourism Forum was held this week with Lucerne. Stephen Franthe, head of international tourism cooperation, said that if tourism wants to survive and develop, it must focus on sustainability and explore new business tools.

In the forum, he highlighted the tremendous progress that many companies have made, as well as examples of innovative approaches and best practices that tourism can take.

“The tourism industry is not the only industry facing social and environmental pressures. The next decade, the 'innovation revolution' is imperative.” He added: “Some remarkable innovations are already underway. Among them, we need to accelerate the change further so that all tourism companies can adopt sustainable business practices."

Change is imperative

Flander cited a recent survey of 766 CEOs on the forum. In the survey, 93% of people indicated that focusing on sustainability is the key to their company's success.

He said: "If you want to continue to develop and prosper, tourism can no longer rely on the way of doing business in the past. The era of free use of natural resources and low oil prices has ceased to exist. Therefore, it is necessary to make some mode adjustments - for example, investment and construction. High-speed rail, as an alternative mode of travel for some flights; increase the use of solar energy; develop a new generation of efficient hotel design to make full use of natural resources. For example, global water use will double every 20 years, to In 2025, the demand for pure water will exceed 50% of the total supply. In this situation, we must not adopt the previous development model."

Work together to find a solution

Frente exemplifies design innovation, solar power projects, innovative partnerships and corporate investment projects: 560 solar panels on the roof of the 2,300-square-meter Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center parking lot, at this Abu Dhabi convention and exhibition In the center's new high-altitude hotel (Sheraton Hotel & Resort Management), more than 90% of the hot water is supplied by solar panels.

In June 2010, Accenture Consulting and the UN Global Compact jointly launched a survey on the sustainability of tourism, involving 766 CEOs, the largest survey ever.

Focus on sustainable development and interpret reasonable business ideas

Flander pointed out that there is growing evidence that investors are pursuing sustainable products, and investors are putting pressure on companies to increase their influence. “Last week, Aviva Investment Group, China CCL Association Investment Management, Scottish Widows Investment Partners Ltd. and Carbon Disclosure Project proposed investor leadership programs, which will greatly attract the world's major companies to implement cost-effective greenhouses. Gas reduction measures. Therefore, this 'innovation revolution' will be dominated by finance, and there will inevitably be a company that will become a big winner in this revolution."

Practical information and feasible advice

“Travel companies can find a lot of expertise and useful information. Innovation is not yet complete, we must work in the mainstream and help other companies find more effective measures.” He added, “The real danger is that although many companies are clear Need to take action, but I don't know how to get started."

In this regard, the forum provided some practical suggestions after discussing international tourism cooperation, which can help small companies to achieve environmental and social impact. The Forum has developed a sustainable development plan “Developing Green Tourism” in multiple languages ​​and will continue to supplement it in the future.

Green Health Hotel magazine offers a variety of online resources, including workable advice, examples and expertise, which are suitable for hotel operations of all sizes.

“Solutions are largely mastered by large companies. They must take big steps and propose big ones. In this way, small businesses that form the main body of the industry can understand that adopting this program can not only promote sustainable development, It can also achieve long-term profitability of the company."

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