Rest is to go further afield, white-collar workers, pick up the "micro-travel" tide

"Working busy, use the weekend to find a place to escape from relaxation, Monday can be resurrected in place." Mr. Shi wrote on Weibo. On April 16, Mr. Shi, who worked at an IT company in Beijing, fled...

"Working busy, use the weekend to find a place to escape from relaxation, Monday can be resurrected in place." Mr. Shi wrote on Weibo. On April 16th, Mr. Shi, who worked at an IT company in Beijing, fled to the Park Hyatt Hotel in Beijing, just to see the night scenes of Beijing at high altitude. On weekdays, Mr. Shi often has to work overtime until the early hours of the morning. The night is almost spent in front of the computer or in the conference room. The seafood platter can finally make him forget the numbness of the fast food for the taste buds.

Throw away the iPad, get close to the book, cultivate self-cultivation, or simply just sunbathe the sun, look at the night scene, and enjoy a gourmet meal. These simple things that can't be simpler are now the new favorite of urban white-collar workers.

Micro-travel: rest is to go the longer way

On Weibo, a post on “Puhua Yongdao Beauty Master Overworked” caused concern among netizens, and nearly one million people forwarded it in one night. The work intensity and health of white-collar workers are really worrying. With the development of modern society, the material economy has become the purpose of people's life, the network provides all-day work to work, resulting in constant overtime and uncertain commuting time, 24 hours of non-closed service industry, let everyone work and rest Working hours are intertwined.

Micro-travel has become a new form of travel for many urban white-collar workers. Micro-travel, as the name suggests, is actually a short trip, a trip that happens at any time. You don't need too much equipment, you don't need long-term planning and deliberate arrangements. Do not deliberately visit places of interest. May go to a strange city, take a strange road, see strange things; may also be hidden in the city, stay in the city where you live and work, escape from all electronic products, just read books, sun, and stunned.

This is the arrival of a "micro-era", from the addition to the process of subtraction. Similar to Weibo, it may be “small”, but it is closer to busy urban white-collar workers, more in line with fast-paced work and life.

Micro Travel Opportunity Unlimited

Travel in the traditional sense requires booking a flight in advance and making an itinerary, usually taking 5 to 7 days for the entire journey. data from the world's largest Chinese online travel website shows that for long-distance domestic travel distances of more than 600 kilometers, users usually search for booking tickets 3 to 4 weeks in advance, and book hotels 1 to 2 weeks in advance. . Outbound travel users plan longer trips, usually from one month to two months.

According to statistics from the China Tourism Research Institute, the number of domestic tourists in 2010 was about 2.1 billion, an increase of 12% year-on-year, with an average of only 1.6 trips per person.

Micro-travel is much more frequent, and it also brings unlimited business opportunities. Micro-travel usually takes place on weekends and is even in the same city. The peak occupancy period of a business hotel is from Monday to Friday. On weekends, people usually go to the building. Often, holiday hotels always look forward to relying on small holidays to improve the occupancy rate of hotels. The prevalence of micro-travel has made the weekend a blue ocean to be developed.

Shanghai Yinhe Hotel, adjacent to Shanghai International Exhibition Center, is a traditional business hotel with complete facilities such as coffee shop, sauna and gym. The person in charge of the hotel told the reporter that at present, in addition to the business guests and leisure holiday guests from other places, there are more and more local guests in Shanghai, especially on weekends, most of them are family or three or five friends. This part of the guests accounted for more than 10% of the weekend's source, and there is a clear upward trend. In addition, Shanghai Galaxy Hotel has also begun to try some new ways to market these micro-travel guests.

In April, this four-star hotel cooperated with to launch a 398-yuan group purchase of a weekend-only superior double bed room or a twin room for 1 night bed and breakfast. The original room price was 928 yuan. During the group purchase period, more than 400 nights were sold. This hotel has already welcomed the first wave of micro travel guests. The person in charge of the hotel said that most of the guests who bought the group on weekends were white-collar workers who came directly from work. Many are repeat customers of the hotel.

In the view of Zhang Ze, vice president of, with the prevalence of urban white-collar micro-travel, travel companies have begun to pay attention to this market. White-collar workers have high spending power, but the quality requirements for services and experiences are relatively high. Whether it is a business hotel or a resort hotel, it needs to be carefully designed to meet the individual needs of white-collar workers.

According to Zhang Ze, the current location of the network has also increased the development of the micro-travel market, and the proportion of group-purchased products for micro-travel customers will continue to increase. In the future, an independent channel will be established to guide urban white-collar weekends to relax.


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