The quality of the special service provided for the baggage accident depends on the person.

On July 12th, Beijing TV Station’s 7th Seven Channel program broadcast a piece of news shot at the Capital Airport. The TV screen shows the scene of the checked baggage that the passenger has picked up. The clothes inside the baggage are smashed. The suitcase has no shape, and the whole baggage has lost its use value. For passengers and TV viewers, this situation This scene is really terrible. The screen then went to the reporter to interview the person in charge of the airline airport that carried the baggage. The person in charge said, "We will compensate passengers in accordance with the regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration. If the passenger does not accept compensation, he can exercise his power to complain or sue." . The passenger did not seem to accept the compensation limit for baggage damage, and said to the camera: "How can I compensate for the kilogram? If the car is transported, if there is a problem at the destination station, it is not necessary to compensate according to the scrap iron." Although the words are quite biased, they can feel the strong resistance of the passengers. This is a typical baggage accident case. The damaged baggage displayed in the picture is obviously caused by the airport conveyor equipment according to the analysis of the industry.

Coincidentally, I have witnessed similar incidents in the International Arrival Hall on the first floor of the Capital Airport in 1997. I still remember it. At that time, a high-grade pocket bag delivered by a business class passenger of a foreign airline was caught by a screw at the corner of the airport transmission belt, so that the rotating belt would tear the entire pocket into a sheet-like tear, and the conveyor belt interface was painted. With oil and broken luggage, there is oil everywhere. I have been thinking: the trouble is coming, and the passengers are not "squatting". However, the handling of the incident made me both surprised and lamented. The foreign aviation staff quickly converge the baggage together, put it into a plastic bag with the company's logo printed in advance, and then wait modestly on the conveyor belt. As soon as the owner of the baggage appeared, he immediately took the initiative to explain and apologize. After listening to the explanation, the passenger thought for a while, perhaps understood the reason for the damage of the baggage, nodded, and the staff then proposed a compensation plan for him to choose from, due to the service work in place. The passengers did not even have a voice. The cash compensation is subject to the baggage allowance and cannot meet the passenger's requirements. The passenger has chosen the method of cash plus mileage compensation. The problem is quickly solved and the incident is processed after a few minutes. This incident left me with a deep impression, let me see a different service.

As with the original reproduction, yesterday, I once again experienced another version of the different treatments for the same event. In contrast, there is only one difference, that is, service awareness, but the results are very different. What is reflected is precisely the carrier's service awareness and service concept. Literally speaking, there is no depth of service. In fact, only those who can deeply understand the meaning of the word "service" can do a good job, while "understanding" varies from person to person, and service consciousness is reflected in service. The understanding of the work.

The quality of the special services provided for the baggage accident depends on the person, not the baggage. The same baggage is damaged, and the treatment methods vary widely. The service-conscious staff can take care of the interests of both the passengers and the company, and seize the opportunity at the right time. Solve the problem and combine the prescribed limits with the quality of service and the requirements of passengers to create a harmonious treatment space and solve the incident perfectly. The lack of service-minded people not only can not deal with the relationship between passengers and companies, but also drag themselves into awkward situations, difficult to control the development direction of the situation, and even anger the passengers to cause vicious complaints. It can be seen that service awareness plays a vital role in the service industry of civil aviation transportation.

The basic elements of building a harmonious society may be related to the education level of people and the quality of people. However, if the service concept and service consciousness advocated by us are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and form a good social atmosphere for everyone, then the beginning of this article The picture will always be fixed in the past tense.

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