Bank service etiquette

Bank staff service etiquette:

1. Enthusiastic.

Think of what customers think and worry about the customer's urgency and take the initiative to carefully serve customers. To provide customers with pen and paper, ink, ink pad, eraser stamp cloth, reading glasses and other utensils, found that depositors damage the initiative to help paste or replace the passbook. For the frail elderly people, they should be patient and meticulous, and actively help them fill in the slips when necessary.

2. Focus on confidentiality.

Any personal information about customers must be kept confidential. When depositing or withdrawing money from customers, the window service personnel can check with a small voice conversation, and can also use nodding, shaking his head, gestures, and eye indications to check.

3. Pay attention to efficiency.

Continuously strengthen the study, study the business, master the business skills of the job, improve the efficiency of the service, and minimize the waiting time for customers.

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The value of China import data

1. Scientific market strategy making and find buyers
2. Evaluate new product or new production, the feasibility of market development
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5. Minimize export cost

6. Reduce inventory, speed up the capital rotary

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