Beiliu City real estate market macro-control results

After the state tightened measures to control the real estate market, Beiliu City conscientiously implemented the central government's policies and issued the "Notice on clarifying real estate market regulation and control objectives to implement regulatory measures." It adopted a series of measures to strengthen supervision, and in May the city's housing prices have entered the " In the slow lane, the real estate market will enter a crucial period of transition from "decrease" to "price drop."

According to statistics, from January to May of this year, real estate development in Beiliu City has completed a total investment of 712.5 million yuan, completed construction area of ​​297200 square meters, equivalent to 2909 sets of commercial housing; sales of housing area of ​​149,000 square meters, equivalent to 1086 sets of commercial housing. Compared with the same period of last year, the transaction volume of commercial housing fell by 30.83%; the average transaction price of commercial housing was 2,940 yuan/square meter. The statistical results show that the national real estate macro-control policies and housing price stabilization work have achieved significant results in the city. The transaction volume of residential houses has decreased compared with the same period of 2010, and the price growth rate has slowed down.

According to market research, at present, the majority of consumers in this city maintain a wait-and-see attitude toward this price, and real estate market transactions begin to appear priceless and without market phenomenon. At the same time, most people in the industry believe that the reasons for this status quo are, on the one hand, the effect of the national real estate macro-control policies, especially the adjustment of financial policies, and the control of real estate development investment and project progress from the source; on the other hand, the state The introduction of a stable housing price policy has reduced the investment and speculative components of housing consumption and prompted the concept of housing consumption to become more rational.

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