Real estate prisoner's dilemma

The market will only give high premiums for events that exceed expectations. Vanke A rose sharply on Wednesday and it is of great value.

The sales data of Vanke A in May was indeed higher than expected, which was mainly due to the rebound in new push volume from last month. However, Guoxin Securities researcher said that developers are emerging from the prisoners’ dilemma. As long as they continue to suppress real estate, the situation of “does not get land” will continue. Real estate investment will decline in the next few months and the economy and finance will face severe challenges. . On the other hand, if the real estate market stabilizes and even rebounds in the next few months, not only will the policy not come at the end, but on the contrary it may trigger new regulatory policies.

The above changes and judgments have shaken the foundation that most institutions are optimistic about the trend in the third quarter: CPI peaks, house prices have turned, and tightening policies have been relaxed.

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