Summer arrives, Hefei "travels to Taiwan"

The reporter learned from the provincial tourism market that Hefei's travel market in Taiwan is currently booming. A number of travel agency “Taiwan Tour” route plans have been scheduled until late August.

It is understood that in April 2009, the first delegation of Taiwan travel in Anhui Province officially departed. After two years, the enthusiasm of Anhui residents for Taiwan travel continued unabated, and travel agencies also introduced “Near Island Direct Tour” and “Taiwan Summer Camp”. "Taiwanese small three links" and other lines. With the arrival of the summer, Taiwanese tourism is extremely hot in the provincial capital. Although the direct route from Hefei to Taipei has already been opened, it is still "a ticket is hard to find." The reporter learned from the provincial tourism market that the current Taiwan travel plan has been scheduled until the end of August and the July quota has long been looted. Judging from the number of tourists, the number of applicants in July and August increased significantly, more than 20% more than in May and June. In another development, the “Hefei-Hualian” tourism chartered flight will be opened soon, and it will fly to the end of August, which will relieve the travel pressure for Taiwanese travel to a certain extent.

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