After half a month of bidding, CITIC responded to "The Fairy Land": accurate price estimate

On July 6th, CITIC auctioned CBDZ11 plots at the same price as the benchmark bid. The site was hailed as a “precious plot”. Yesterday, CITIC, which had been silent, finally expressed its willingness to answer the matter in public. CITIC stated that the bidding price was entirely due to the accurate estimation of the commercial value of the land.

Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of CITIC's participation in the bidding indicated that the bidding price was entirely due to an accurate estimate of the commercial value of the land. According to its introduction, combined with the transaction price of 18,000 yuan/square meter for the Z15 plot in the core area of ​​the CBD last year, CITIC's analysis shows that the reserve price for this year will increase slightly from last year. The Z11 plot bid, CITIC to 200 yuan as an increasing indicator, from 16,000 yuan / square meter to 23,000 yuan / square meter, each offer is prepared a set of programs, and all plans printed binding. On the eve of the bid, CITIC made supplementary bids of 18,500 yuan/square meter and 18,900 yuan/square meter. After comprehensive analysis, CITIC focused on the three tender prices of 18,500 yuan/square meter, 18,800 yuan/square meter and 18,900 yuan/square meter. At the bidding site, based on a comprehensive analysis of the conditions on the site, the enthusiasm for bidding and other factors, the price of 18,800 yuan/square meter was finally selected to participate in the bidding, and the plan was sealed and reported on site.

The person said, “As for the exact same price as the land, it is purely coincidental. CITIC has participated in the bidding for the six plots of Z8, Z10, Z11, Z12, Z13, and Z1a in this round. If the reserve price is known in advance, why is the only Z11? Is there an 'upset price' bid? Or suppose that only the Z11 floor price is known before the bid, CITIC is less likely to report the reserve price directly, deliberately inviting questions."

According to industry insiders, the reason why CITIC is now making a statement is because the Z11 bidder always wants to enter the market. If there is no public statement, the credibility of the government and CITIC will be impaired, so the public and private CITIC must have a Convincing reply. CITIC said that the impact of this matter is relatively large. CITIC is very cautious about the public reply and needs a process, so it is relatively late.

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