Shenzhen released the 2009 tourism blueprint

On February 11, 2009, the municipal government held a city-wide tourism work conference, and earnestly implemented the spirit of the 2009 tourism work conference and the 11th plenary session of the municipal party committee.


On February 11, 2009, the municipal government held a city-wide tourism work conference, and earnestly implemented the spirit of the 2009 Tourism Work Conference and the 11th Plenary Session of the Fourth Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, and vigorously promoted the full deployment of the city's tourism work in 2009: Shenzhen, 2009 Under the situation of overcoming difficulties and ensuring steady growth in 2008, the tourism industry continued to actively advance and promote the vigorous development of the tourism industry in the city with the development of high-end tourism industry and achieve new growth in tourism.

The expected target of Shenzhen tourism development in 2009 has been determined: the total number of tourists receiving the city is 71.055 million, an increase of 5.18%, including 28.255 million inbound tourists, an increase of 5.15%, and 42.8 million domestic tourists. 5.29%. The city's total tourism revenue was 54.469 billion yuan, an increase of 5.19%, of which tourism foreign exchange income was 2.83 billion US dollars, an increase of 4.51%.


Promote all-round development with high-end tourism

One of the key development points of Shenzhen tourism industry in 2009 is to promote the comprehensive development of Shenzhen tourism industry with high-end tourism.

In 2009, it will actively promote the tourism planning and development of Dapeng Peninsula, and gradually build Dapeng Peninsula into a high-quality international coastal leisure and tourism resort.

In 2009, the pace of construction of major tourism projects will be further accelerated. Taking the major tourism projects as the starting point, we will promote the construction of the second phase of the OCT East Project, the construction of the Happy Coast Project, the renovation of the 15km Haibin Avenue in Shenzhen and the International Cruise Terminal in Shekou Port-au-Prince.

In 2009, we promoted the construction of high-end hotel industry in an orderly manner. Strengthen the macro-control of hotel industry construction, moderately control new high-star hotels in Futian, Luohu and Nanshan; actively promote the construction of high-star hotels in Baoan, Longgang and Guangming New District, improve the rational layout of the hotel industry in the city; encourage the development of coastal and mountainous areas Leisure resort hotel and urban theme hotel.

In 2009, we vigorously supported the development of new tourism formats. Promote the development of special tourism projects such as cruise yachts, water sports, golf, mountain climbing, hang gliding, self-driving tour, online travel agency and exhibition tourism, business tourism, cultural tourism, industrial tourism, science and technology tourism. Vigorously support the development of Huaqiang Group's tourism manufacturing industry and cultural science and technology tourism industry.

In 2009, the company launched a green tourism enterprise. Revise the green scenic spot standard and select the second batch of green scenic spots (districts) in Shenzhen; continue to develop green hotels and promote the adoption of new technologies and standards for energy saving and emission reduction in hotels. Carry out research on the development model of tourism resources in Shenzhen, summarize the experience of development and management of tourism resources in Shenzhen, and provide reference for the development and management of tourism resources in Shenzhen.

In 2009, the effectiveness of tourism promotion and promotion was continuously improved. With the goal of building tourist destinations, focusing on stimulating internal and external needs, according to the changing trend of key source market structure, we will increase the intensity of going out and direct the promotion of tourism market. Strengthen tourism cooperation between Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to build a tourism circle in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao. Gradually explore the Taiwan market and attract more Taiwanese tourists to Shenzhen for sightseeing and leisure.

In 2009, we will continue to organize the city tourism event. We will run the Guangdong International Tourism and Culture Festival Shenzhen Branch and the Shenzhen International Tourism Culture Festival to enhance the level and influence of the “One District One” activities in each district. Through the event promotion, Shenzhen's international popularity and tourism attraction will be expanded, and efforts will be made to achieve a significant increase in the number and consumption of tourists. Further explore the feasibility of hosting the China (Shenzhen) high-end tourism expo and carry out preparation work.

In 2009, the Grand Canal Tourism Action Plan will be launched as soon as possible. Drawing on the experience of Beijing and Qingdao tourism industry for the Olympic Games, comprehensive mobilization, careful preparation, launching the Universiade tourism service action plan, and earnestly doing all the preparations for the Universiade.


Fully build a public tourism service system

In 2009, Shenzhen tourism work will actively promote the national leisure tourism plan. We will carry out special investigations on the National Leisure Tourism Program, conduct pilot projects for the National Leisure Tourism Program, implement relevant policies and measures, and actively promote enterprises to carry out paid vacations, incentive travel, welfare tourism, and include study tours in primary and secondary schools. The practice has made tourism an important means of enhancing people's livelihood welfare and building a harmonious society.

Comprehensively build a public tourism information network. Improve the service function of the tourist city with a perfect tourism public information system. Through SMS, voice station and other means to increase the convenience and information of tourists to obtain tourist information in Shenzhen. Through the Shenzhen Tourism Network to timely release new tourism information, establish a large-scale SMS group launch platform, make full use of electronic media to promote, further promote the "tourism promotional items into the hotel" activities, and promote the establishment of tourist service centers in major scenic spots and attractions.

Further improve the tourism consulting service center and tourism distribution center. Further expand the service function and window display role of the tourism consulting service center, and coordinate the Executive Board of the Universiade to set up a tourism consulting service center and a tourism distribution center in the Universiade.

Coordinate the promotion of travel agencies and their service outlets into the community. Guide the city's travel agencies to establish a network of tourism retail services covering the whole city and a clear hierarchy. Set up a travel agency business department in the commercial area, residential community, tourist distribution area, etc., and set up an agreement to close the hotel in hotels, convenience stores, etc., to further facilitate the citizens to travel.

Fully promote the construction of the tourism identification system. In 2009, the construction of the tourism public sign construction plan in the district was completed, and the construction of the city's tourism public sign system was basically completed before the 2011 Universiade.

Pay close attention to the standardized management of tourism market and supervision of tourism quality. Adhere to the combination of daily inspections and key inspections, build a credit system for the tourism industry, further promote the “Quality and Honest Hong Kong Tour” activities, and actively promote the “Quality and Integrity Macau Tour” activities.


Innovation and optimization of industry management mechanism

In 2009, Shenzhen tourism work will promote policy innovation and further optimize the tourism development environment. Taking the opportunity of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government to issue the "Decision on Accelerating the Reform and Development of Tourism in Our Province and Building a Strong Tourism Province", we will strive to introduce the "Opinions on Further Accelerating Tourism Development and Building an International Coastal Tourism City" as soon as possible, and launching support. The development of tourism enterprises and the series of policy measures to increase the opening of the tourism market.

The implementation of the “eight unification” management of travel agencies will comprehensively improve the management level of travel agencies. Actively promote the innovative business model of travel agencies, promote and advocate travel agencies to implement the "eight unified" management model. Organize the development of travel agency star rating activities and integrity travel agency creation activities. Implement a wholesaler cultivation plan, and support the travel agency that holds the conditions to become a regional wholesaler and even a national wholesaler in a certain market segment.

Effectively regulate the service behavior of tour guides and establish a guide management mechanism in line with market rules. Exploring the establishment of a reasonable tour guide service charging method and the guide labor remuneration system, standardizing the methods and standards for tour guides to collect commissions and tips, and effectively guaranteeing the right of tour guides to obtain legal labor income. Strengthen consultation and investigation with the municipal labor department, and strive to take the lead in the country to include the tour guide work into unified labor management, and solve the institutional obstacles in the recruitment of workers and labor security.

Accelerate the pace of introducing international brands and promote a new level of corporate management and service. It is necessary to intensify efforts to introduce foreign-funded travel agencies of world-famous brands into the city, to take the lead in piloting foreign-funded travel agencies to operate Chinese citizens' outbound travel business, and to promote the establishment of an international enterprise management system in the travel agency industry. Continue to introduce the top management brands of the world hotels and study the pilot travel satellite account statistics system. Carry out research work on tourism satellite accounts, establish scientific and effective statistical systems and statistical methods, correctly reflect and evaluate the status and role of tourism in the tertiary industry and the national economy, and comprehensively reflect the tourism industry's role in the economy.

The person in charge of the Shenzhen Tourism Bureau pointed out that tourism is the fastest growing and most promising sunrise industry in the world. It is an important window for displaying the image of the city, an important growth point for economic growth and an important part of developing high-end service industry. Despite the current financial crisis and difficulties encountered, the development of Shenzhen's tourism industry is also facing a good opportunity. The Shenzhen tourism industry will emancipate the mind, innovate and forge ahead, and make Shenzhen's pace of building an international coastal tourism city Better and faster.

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Shenzhen tourism industry is facing difficulties and growing

In 2008, the city's total tourism revenue was 51.783 billion yuan.

In 2008, the city's tourism industry was united and faced with difficulties. Overcoming the impact of ice disasters, earthquakes, financial tsunami and other tourism on tourism, with the goal of building an international coastal tourism city, it achieved a good pattern of contrarian development. In 2008, the total number of tourists received by the city was 65.553 million, an increase of 2.93% over the previous year. Among them, the number of overnight visitors was 26.593 million, an increase of 3.87%; the total tourism revenue was 51.783 billion yuan, an increase of 1.31%.

In 2008, the city's tourism development fundamentals maintained a good momentum, and the Shenzhen tourism industry system and supporting facilities became more and more perfect. As an important tourist destination, source of tourists and outbound travel distribution center in Shenzhen, Shenzhen has maintained its leading tourism economic indicators such as total tourism revenue, tourism foreign exchange income and overnight visitors. It continues to rank among the top cities in China. The major tourism economic indicators for the year have risen steadily but the growth rate has slowed down and individual indicators have declined.

Statistics show that in 2008, the city's tourist attractions received 26,602,300 tourists, an increase of 1.07% over the previous year. Among them, the scenic spots received 1,712,100 tourists, an increase of 1.17%. The increase in tourist traffic in the tourist attractions was mainly due to the opening of the Overseas Chinese Town in the large-scale eco-tourism scenic spot in the city.

In 2008, the tourism industry in our city faced difficulties and actively promoted the construction of major tourism projects. The second phase of the East OCT Project and the renovation of the 15km coastal scenery project in Shenzhen are progressing smoothly. The large-scale integrated tourism and entertainment community “Happy Coast” started construction. The plan for the expansion and expansion of the Shekou Port Cruise Terminal and the surrounding entertainment and tourism areas covering more than 1 million square meters passed. Review. The OCT Group won 4 gold and 3 silver at the IAAPA American National Exhibition organized by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA).

In 2008, the city promoted the high-end development of the tourism industry. Introduced international hotel management company brands such as Westin and Dunhill. There are 9 travel agencies in the city that have entered the top 100 international social organizations, and one travel agency has entered the top 100 domestic social organizations.