Government and Enterprise Join Forces to Create Northern Cold Chain Logistics Distribution Center

At present, China's food cold chain enterprises have undergone several years of supply chain stage "nodes" of the initial stage of development, and now initially formed a "chain into a chain", "knot chain into the network" trend. The cold chain is also a chain involving multiple nodes, multiple enterprises, and multiple temperature control logistics equipment. It is a logistics operation method with high requirements for capital, management, and technology. To integrate upstream cold chain logistics services with upstream (raw materials, production), midstream (warehousing, transportation), and downstream (distribution, sales), and to jointly build cold chain information platforms, reduce losses, integrate industry resources, and distribute cold chains throughout the country. Logistics Network Construction of regional cold-chain logistics parks, accelerating the development of third-party cold-chain logistics companies has become the focus of attention in the industry.

To this end, China Cold Chain Logistics Alliance and Tianjin Central Fishing Port jointly organized the thirteenth session of the China Cold Chain Logistics Miles Series event. According to reports, the theme of the conference is "China Cold Chain Logistics Supply Chain Management Forum and Symposium on the Construction of Upstream and Downstream Resources and Cold Chain Infrastructure for Refrigerated Refrigerated Foods". It will be held in the center of the fishing port area in Tianjin from October 18th to 19th. Held.

It has been learned that since the cold chain logistics Wanlixing series of activities in China was held in 2008, it has successfully held several sessions of different special forums in different cities across the country. In past years, the conference provided insights into the development of the industry, the government’s in-depth knowledge of the industry, the promotion of national policies, the establishment of corporate communication platforms, the dissemination of cold chain industry concept experience, the promotion of cold chain market information flow, the improvement of corporate operations management and service levels, and the protection of food products. Safe and guide enterprises to pursue a green cold chain and low-carbon energy supply to provide a good platform for production, research, and research.

The Central Fishing Port Economic Zone is located in the northern part of Tianjin Binhai New Area, borders Bohai Bay to the south, and is adjacent to Zhongxin Tianjin Eco-city in the west. It is a functional area of ​​the Binhai New Area and one of the “Ten Great Battle” projects in Binhai New Area. The “two centers” of the functional location of the Central Fishing Port Economic Zone are: “Becoming a North Cold Chain Logistics and Aquatic Products Processing Center” and “Northern Yacht Industry Center”. The development goal is to basically build a “harbour harbour city” in the northern part of the Binhai New Area that integrates the collection and distribution of aquatic products, port logistics, yacht manufacturing display, leisure tourism and seascapes.

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