Practice and discussion on the implementation of bidding without bidding in civil aviation airport construction projects

Practice and discussion on the implementation of bidding without bidding in civil aviation airport construction projects

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Abstract: Based on the comparative study of traditional bidding methods, combined with the engineering practice of the expansion of the terminal area of ​​Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, it summarizes the methods, operational procedures and problems that should be paid attention to in the construction of airport projects, and accumulated rich experience. Lessons, management systems and measures will have a certain reference for future capital construction work.

Keywords: civil airport, construction project, bidding without bidding, engineering practice

After entering the 21st century, China's civil aviation construction industry has entered a new era of rapid development. A large number of airports have been built, renovated and expanded throughout the country. In order to adapt to the new requirements of diversification of investment main body and diversification of capital sources in civil aviation airport construction in the new era, the state infrastructure procedures are strictly implemented in the construction practice, and the project legal person responsibility system, contract management system and project supervision system are implemented, and the bidding system without bidding is actively promoted. It is an important measure to strengthen project construction management, effectively control project investment and improve project quality.

1. Basic characteristics of civil aviation airport construction projects

The civil aviation airport construction project is a comprehensive system project. It has the characteristics of large scale, long construction period, many specialties, complex structure and strong public welfare. The local government and civil aviation management departments are often considered as a window image and key project of a city. In the process of construction, it is greatly affected by national policy adjustment, market price changes, and scientific and technological development level. At the same time, all sectors of society have high expectations for construction period and quality. Generally, ultra-conventional thinking methods and special control measures should be adopted. Construction and management.

1.1 The investment is large, the construction period is tight, and the task is heavy. Large-scale airport construction projects include construction, municipal, civil aviation and other professional projects. The investment in engineering is tens of millions, and even billions is common. The requirements for the construction period should be as fast as possible to meet the needs of the rapid development of local social economy.

1.2 The airport is the window of the city. Its construction involves the performance of the local government. The leaders at all levels have high attention and administrative interference.

1.3 Airport construction requires many social support projects, such as water supply, power supply, gas supply, heating, sewage, communication and other sub-projects, and various coordination and coordination departments are cumbersome.

1.4 The main engineering structure of the terminal building is complex, and the new technology, new technology and new materials are widely used. Many technical regulations and construction specifications are difficult to adapt, so the quality of the participating personnel is higher.

1.5 The geological conditions in the construction area are special. The pipelines on the underground ground are vertical and horizontal. There are often multiple units entering the site to cross the construction work, which affects each other, resulting in narrow site and increased construction difficulty.

1.6 Although the contractor was selected through public bidding at home and abroad, most of the on-site construction personnel were recruited locally, and the quality was uneven. The phenomenon of migrant workers working on the job without training was serious.

1.7 The safety status of airport construction projects is particularly important. In particular, the construction units and personnel entering the flight separation zone should undergo strict political review and document management, and the contradictions and problems in the safety and grab-time period are prominent.

2. Comparison of current bidding methods

There are bidding and bidding without bidding, which are the two bidding methods determined by China's “Tendering and Bidding Law”, each with its scope of application, advantages and disadvantages.

2.1 Limitations of bidding for bidding

Bidding with bidding method means that the project owner entrusts the bidding or design unit with the corresponding qualifications and capabilities before the bidding, and calculates the construction budget price according to the relevant provisions of the design drawings, construction conditions and industry quotas, and then, at the time of bid evaluation, The judges used the bidding method as a benchmark to rate the bidders' bids. The base price is the calculation and estimation of the cost of the project by the owner and is one of the main basis for the project evaluation. The most common ones are the reasonable quotation method and the comprehensive standard quotation method.

Bidding bidding has played a positive role in effectively controlling investment in the early stage of China's construction market, preventing the price of the sky, promoting the development of enterprises, and regulating market behavior, but because the bottom is the decisive factor affecting the bid evaluation results, along with the social market economy The development and the universal application of new technologies in science and technology, as well as the continuous improvement of engineering management level, have their own insurmountable limitations. First, the basis for the preparation of the base is based on the industry quota of the average labor volume, which does not correctly reflect the individual cost and price advantage of the bidder; secondly, it is greatly affected by the level of the staff and the construction process, and cannot fully reflect the competition of different types of bidders. Ability, technology and management level; third, it is easy to breed corruption, and artificially cause unfair work in bidding.

2.2 Advantages of bidding without bidding

The bidding without bidding is an independent quotation method that complies with the international general bidding rules. The owner does not set the bidding base in the bidding process of the project, and the contracting contract awards the bidder whose bidding documents substantially respond to the bidding documents and has the lowest bidding price. . Its biggest advantage is:

1) It is beneficial to the owner to minimize the project cost and save construction investment. The investment in the construction project is mainly composed of the direct project fee and the management fee. The direct cost includes labor, material and machinery, which is not much different for any contractor; construction site management fees, planned profits, etc., relatively different contractor changes It is relatively large. Through fair competition in the market, we can choose contractors with strong technical equipment, high management level, rich experience and good reputation. From the perspective of implementation, the reduced construction cost is 8%-20%.

2) It is conducive to promoting contractors to strengthen management, improve personnel quality and expand autonomy. The implementation of the bidding without the standard method completely broke the internal protection of the industry and truly reflected the principle of “survival of the fittest and survival of the fittest”. A reasonable and low-priced bidder can win the bid, which can promote the contractor as a producer and operator of self-financed goods, and compete in the market by their own real skills. At the same time, the external pressure brought by the bidding and competitive pricing to the contractor can promote the continuous innovation and transformation of the enterprise, pay attention to technological progress, improve the management level and adapt to the survival of the market economy.

3) Minimize the corruption in the bidding process and minimize the interference of human factors. Since there is no bottoming and no information asymmetry, each bidder participates in the bidding under symmetrical conditions. Without black-box operation, all kinds of rent-seeking behaviors in the bidding activities will be eliminated, and the bidding work will be open, fair and just.

3. Selection of bidding methods

Through the comparative analysis of the two methods of bidding and bidding without bidding by the state, on the basis of summarizing the bidding experience and lessons of other brother units, referring to the bidding practices of international projects, combined with the characteristics and existing conditions of civil aviation construction projects Formulated the “Interim Measures for the Management of Bidding Management for the Extension Project of Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport Terminal Area” and the “Regulations for the Operation of Bidding and Tendering of the Extension Headquarters”. The combination of open tendering and invitational bidding, the main project must adopt open tendering. Ways to fully implement the bidding without bidding, and achieved good social and economic benefits in practice.

3.1 Choosing a competent tendering agency

The project headquarters of the civil aviation airport construction is a temporary organization. Considering its own bidding organization ability, technical strength, expert database and other actual conditions, it selects a special bidding agency with high business capability and good professional ethics. Assist in the completion of professional and technical project bidding, and eliminate the “strip project” and “relationship project”. For different types of projects, separate commissioning methods, such as survey, design, supervision, civil engineering and installation, etc., should be entrusted to entrust the local Wuhuan bidding agency intermediaries with Class A qualifications, and the bidding for mechanical and electrical equipment imported by civil aviation. China Aviation Equipment Corporation, which is qualified for bidding agency of civil aviation professional mechanical and electrical equipment, other complete sets of equipment and non-imported electromechanical products are entrusted to the local professional electromechanical equipment company with Grade A qualification, and the second bidding or inquiry purchase of the unpriced materials and equipment for project bidding The method of self-organizing the tender is determined.

3.2 Rational division of project tenders

The division of tenders is an important part of the construction and management of airport projects. Whether the division of the tenders is reasonable will directly affect the management and construction period of the construction process. The division of bidding sections should be considered in terms of project scale, construction conditions, prior art level and favorable engineering construction. The division of bidding sections is too small, which will not only increase the workload of project bidding, but also involve cross-coordination and coordination and management of the owners. It is difficult; if the bidding section is too large, there will be too few bidders who meet the bidding conditions, and the winning bidder has to subcontract or subcontract the sub-items that cannot be completed by itself. Therefore, the following principles should be followed for the division of the tender:

1) The principle that the bidding section is as large as possible. The larger the bidding section, the fewer contractors will participate in the construction, and the less difficult it is to coordinate and coordinate between the various professions, and the corresponding management costs will also be reduced.

2) The principle that the construction interface between the sections is clearly divided. It can avoid the content of a certain professional work that intersects and connects the various sections, and there are cases where the responsibility is unclear and no one is working.

3) The bidder has the principle of ability to construct all sub-items of the same tender. The contractor can concentrate on the site management of the construction and reduce the subcontracting or subcontracting of the project.

3.3 Strict pre-qualification or post-trial system

Regardless of whether the project is openly tendered or invited for bidding, the project bidding notice shall be issued to the unspecified contractor through the mass media, such as newspapers, professional journals, information networks, etc., according to the nature and scale of the project, and the qualifications and strengths shall be openly invited. The contractor shall sign up for pre-qualification, and shall be identified as a formal bidder after passing the credit certificate, financial status, project performance, social reputation, the resume of the proposed project manager and the main technical personnel, and whether there is any litigation. Invite them to participate in the bid. When there are more qualified bidders, the lottery can be used to determine the bidding qualification form. Generally, the bidders who are short-listed should control 7-10.

In the process of bidding pre-qualification and organization review, we always adhere to the conditions and strictly control to prevent construction units with poor construction quality, poor financial status and poor reputation from being mixed into the airport construction team. For projects that need to deepen the design and construction bidding together, Bidders are required to have corresponding design and construction qualifications. For airport professional projects, bidders must have a civil airport construction permit issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. The foreign bidding unit must also have a construction permit or record permit. The original contract and related certificates must be presented for the project performance and qualifications.

During the formal issuance of projects with complex structures, high technical requirements and difficult construction, the bidders should also be post-qualified for post-qualification. The most effective method is to send personnel to inspect the bidding unit headquarters and engineering cases to prevent qualifications from being inconsistent. Bidders rely on large companies to participate in bidding, or small companies that do not have the strength to provide false information. At the same time, the bidder will send a face-to-face question and answer to the project manager, so as to fully understand the project personnel's character, technical level and construction management, coordination and cooperation capabilities, and require the bidder to make a commitment, without the owner's permission, may not change the project manager at will. The contractor who finds that the strength is not strong or falsified must resolutely cancel the bidding qualification, otherwise it will endlessly endanger.

3.4 Pay full attention to on-site survey work

After the bidding documents are issued, the bidders shall be organized to conduct on-site inspections. The representatives of the owners or bidding agencies and relevant professional designers shall provide detailed information on the preparatory work of the project, including the source of investment, design specifications, technical requirements, and the surrounding nature of the construction. In the actual situation such as the environment, carefully answer the questions raised by the bidders to help the bidders increase their perceptual knowledge, carefully digest the technical key points of the project, and carefully formulate the construction organization design plan and competitive bidding quotation that meet the requirements.

4. Preparation of bidding documents

The bidding documents are not only the main basis for bidders to prepare bids, but also an important part of the owner's selection of contractors and construction contract management. Both technical specifications and commercial terms must be as detailed, accurate and perfect as possible. Omissions or inappropriateness may cause trouble for the bidding work and may also be the reason for the contractor to make a claim during construction. Therefore, the preparation of the bidding documents should be carried out by the project professional supervisor system. After the completion of the bidding documents, technical experts, financial experts and experts who understand the economic contract law should be organized to jointly examine and control the bidding documents.

The bidding documents generally include the comprehensive description of the project, the scope of the tender and the content of the work, the design drawings and technical requirements, the payment of the construction period and the contract price, the procurement method of the materials and equipment, the main contract terms, the evaluation methods, and the bidder's instructions. In the preparation of the bidding documents, we should focus on and grasp the following aspects.

4.1 Determination of the form of project contract

The first consideration is whether to sign a general contract with a contractor, or to chart out some of the professional projects and sign contracts with various professional contractors. If the investment construction project is very large, there are many complicated professional projects, and the owner's own professional management ability is not strong enough, then you should consider the form of general contracting, which can avoid the coordination and mismatch between the various professions, resulting in waste of rework. Risks such as delays in construction, but the total investment is difficult to come down. At the same time, it can also be considered to compensate the main contractor for a management fee, and the responsibility for coordination and coordination is passed on to the main contractor.

4.2 Selection of contract text and price form

Generally, the fixed contract total price, the fixed contract unit price, and the adjustable contract price are often used. According to the characteristics of different bidding projects, the corresponding contract price form is selected, and the risks assumed by the owners are also very different. The total price contractor determined by the design drawings and technical specifications bears the greatest risk, while the owner bears the least risk. In the process of construction management, as the situation on the spot changes at any time, design changes and on-site visas are inevitable. The cost of the change is calculated by the bidder's bid price. Therefore, the bidding price and bidding should be dealt with in the bidding documents. The preparation basis and settlement method of budget and project settlement should have a clear agreement, otherwise it will bring considerable difficulty to the completion settlement and investment control.

The contract text is the most important means to reflect the requirements of the owner, summarize the results of the bidding work, and constrain and guide the behavior of the owner and the successful bidder in the implementation process. The contract text selected by the owner must be clearly defined in the bidding documents. The main terms of the contract should be comprehensive. Detailed and meticulous. Questions that need to be agreed in advance, such as whether there is project advance payment, the proportion of materials ordered, and the payment method of the project progress payment, are listed in the special clauses of the bidding documents to avoid unnecessary disputes with the winning bidder when signing the contract. . At the same time, the contract is strictly in accordance with the bid price, and the bid price of the winning bidder is kept at the consistency of the contract price.

4.3 The setting of the margin or guarantee should be appropriate

At present, the management of China's construction market is not standardized and perfect. The establishment of a certain amount of bid bond or bid bond during the bidding of the owner is a guarantee measure to ensure that bidders can seriously bid and faithfully perform the contract. It is also an internationally accepted project management. means. The purpose is to limit the contractors who participate in the bidding in the name of several contractors at the same time, to prevent them from colluding with the bidding price, and to reduce the blindness and randomness of the contractor, so that they can not easily repent, thus ensuring The continuity and seriousness of the bidding work.

The proportion or amount determined by the bid bond or guarantee letter, performance bond or guarantee letter, quality guarantee or guarantee letter shall be reasonable, and at the same time, attention should be paid to the use period of each kind of margin and the connection relationship between the front and back. The set margin ratio or the amount is too low to meet the real strength of the inspection contractor. The use of large or high margin will raise the bidding threshold and cause great financial pressure on the contractor, thus limiting the bidding of many small and medium-sized contractors. It is also possible to raise the price of the contracted project. Usually in the bidding documents, according to the size of the project, the proportion or amount of the deposit, payment method, penalties, etc., the general bid bond is 2-10 million, the contract performance bond is 10%-20% of the total bid price, the project quality guarantee It is 5% of the total price.

4.4 Risk costs should be reasonably shared

In order to control the cost and reduce the additional costs and claims during the construction process and the completion settlement, the bidding documents clearly require the bidder to fully understand the design documents, construction drawings, site surveys, and self-investigations of the surrounding environment. All costs that may occur, including the risk of a single engineering design change directly within the range of 20,000 to 50,000 (depending on the size of the project). The quotation is separately listed and remitted to the total quotation. For other expense items not included in the quotation, it shall be deemed to have been included in the total quotation and shall not be separately counted.

Unpredictable conditions such as fluctuations in market prices during construction, policy adjustments in the country, changes in construction site conditions, etc., must not only remind bidders to fully consider and pay for the expenses, but also establish a concept of reasonable risk sharing. If the cost of the material price increase is entirely borne by the contractor, the contractor who wins the bid at the reasonable minimum price cannot afford this risk. If the owner does not share the burden, the consequence can only be that the contractor lowers the project quality standard or delays. Duration. According to the principle of fairness and reasonableness, when the price of the material market reaches or exceeds a certain range, if the price of the construction main material or bulk flooring market continues to exceed the price of the tender, it can be contracted. Both parties share 50% each. No adjustments are made to the various changes caused by other non-owner reasons.

4.5 Purchasing and supply of materials and equipment

In principle, most of the materials and equipment required for the project should be purchased and supplied by the contractor. In order to ensure the quality or the effect of use, the main or special materials and equipment can be provided by the owner.

For major or special materials and equipment, according to the requirements of the project and its own financial strength, in accordance with the theory of value engineering, comprehensive consideration of life cycle costs, in the tender documents to determine the main material equipment manufacturers, origin, specifications, models, quality levels , technical parameters and control prices, pay attention to the same grade products no less than three, the important material equipment that is difficult to master the unit price at a time can be put into the list in the form of temporary pricing, to be determined in the second bidding or inquiry procurement during the construction process, and Give the contractor the actual bid-winning amount of 5% of the purchase and storage cooperation fee, sign the three-party contract between the owner, the contractor and the supplier, and the owner supervises the contract execution.

For the materials and equipment purchased by the contractor, the binding clause shall be set in the contract to control. For example, the procurement of materials and equipment shall be subject to the quality and price approved by the owner and the supervisor, and shall be sealed and sealed. All products shall have a certificate of conformity and shall be delivered. Proof, quality guarantee, etc., otherwise it is not allowed to enter the market.

4.6 Awards and penalties for quality and duration

According to the relevant empirical data, the building products are qualified to excellent, and the labor and materials consumption increase the cost by about 3%-5%. Similarly, a large reduction in normal construction schedules will also increase construction costs and may have a certain impact on construction quality. Therefore, the construction quality level and construction period of the main or supporting project should be determined scientifically and reasonably.

In the contract, according to the determined project quality level and schedule requirements, the corresponding penalty or reward clauses are set to constrain the contractor to complete the work content on time and strive to provide the work surface for other sub-items. Under the premise of meeting the total project duration, pay attention to the cross-connection of the node construction period of each sub-project, avoiding the inconsistency of the sub-project node construction period and mutually restricting the phenomenon of professional construction work surface. The contractor who can provide the construction work surface for other sub-projects in a timely manner shall be given certain rewards, and the contractor who provides the operation surface without any delay shall be severely punished, and the performance bond shall be deducted according to the extension of 2000-5000 yuan/day.

4.7 The evaluation method should be scientific and reasonable

Large and complex airport construction projects are generally composed of sub-projects of different professions and different categories. Different evaluation criteria should be formulated for the evaluation criteria and bid evaluation methods for bidding of different sub-items. The evaluation rules should be as rigid as possible. The score is the main one, and the “elasticity” score is supplemented to minimize the influence of the judge's human factors on the evaluation results.

1) For projects with low technical content and small price discrepancies, such as civil construction, road bridge, apron, earth and stone leveling, water supply and drainage, etc., construction projects with relatively mature and simple construction methods and processes, and rich experience The standard should be based on the economic standard, supplemented by technical and commercial standards, and the lowest bid price.

2) For engineering projects with high technical content and small price discrepancies or large, such as terminal building steel structure, interior decoration, roofing, curtain wall, information integration, weak current system, etc., it is necessary to carry out secondary deepening design, which is multi-system complex. For the sub-projects, the evaluation criteria should be based on technical standards, supplemented by economic and commercial standards, and evaluated by the weight coefficient scoring method.

3) Imported materials and equipment shall be internationally tendered and shall be in line with international practice. In accordance with the bid evaluation method of FIDIC international procurement contract, the minimum bid price for meeting the technical requirements of the bidding documents shall be won.

4) Imported materials and equipment shall be tendered by domestic bidding or domestic materials and equipment. It is advisable to adopt the comprehensive evaluation and selection method, that is, the product with the best performance and price won the bid. If other methods are used for bid evaluation, it is likely that the bid price and product technical parameters are too large to be judged or the bid evaluation result is not satisfactory.

In the bid evaluation, a reasonable proportion should be drawn in advance for the characteristics of the bidding. Generally speaking, the proportion of the business standard should be larger when the construction project issuance, and the proportion of the technical standard should be larger for the material equipment procurement and technical transformation projects. Generally, different weights are set according to different engineering categories, wherein the weight of the technical standard is 35%-50%, and the weight of the commercial standard is 30%-60%; the effective bid price of civil engineering and installation engineering is +5% and -5 of the average price. Between %; the effective bid price for decoration and earthwork works is between +5% and -10% of the average price. The economic target score is set between 40 and 55 points according to the difficulty of the project; the technical target score is set between 25 and 35 points according to the technical content of the project.

4.8 Technical requirements should be operational

The technical performance parameters in the technical terms of the bidding documents must be accurate and appropriate. It is necessary to distinguish the products of different specifications and grades, to exclude products that cannot meet the engineering needs in terms of technical performance, and to ensure that there are multiple manufacturers that can meet the requirements. The bidding documents are required to expand the competition to reduce the contract price. The content of technical specifications shall be detailed, accurate and operable. Generally, the design unit shall be entrusted to draft, and the headquarters shall organize special personnel to conduct audits. For important or special professional bidding documents, experts and scholars of various associations or associations shall be hired to conduct audits. .

5. Evaluation of the organization

The evaluation of bids should follow the principles of fairness, justice, science, and merit. The evaluation organization mainly includes the composition of the judges, the confidentiality of the evaluation of bids, and the supervision of the participation of the impartial institutions.

5.1 Composition of the members of the evaluation expert group

According to the National Bidding Law, the bid evaluation committee is composed of the owners' members and relevant technical, economic, contract, and legal review experts, but the members of the owners shall not exceed one-third of the total number of evaluations, but they play an important role in the evaluation. effect. The process of bid evaluation is actually a redesign and calculation by the bid evaluation expert according to the design and construction plan, process flow and capital requirements proposed by each bidder, and whether it can meet the technical requirements and quality standards proposed in the bidding documents. , review whether the bid price is reasonable. Therefore, it is quite difficult for the judges to complete such a large amount of review work in a short period of time. This requires the judges of the owners to take the key points to explain the tender documents to other judges, introduce the tasks of the bidding project, and try to help. Other judges made correct and reasonable judgments to reduce the mistakes in bid evaluation and make the evaluation results more fair and reasonable. At the same time, the composition of the evaluation experts must be more professional, and the strength of investment cost control experts and financial analysis experts should be appropriately strengthened.

5.2 Confidentiality of bid evaluation

All bid evaluation experts shall be selected from the civil aviation system and the Chongqing expert database in a random form before the bid opening. The bid evaluation experts shall account for more than two-thirds of the bid evaluation committee, and the judges shall determine the identity on the spot to prevent the “judgment”. Replacement, put an end to the same joints, walk the back door. Each judge must strictly keep secrets before the results of the winning bids are determined. The judges will be fully closed management during the bid evaluation period, interrupting all communication links with the outside world, and even not contacting the bidders to ensure that the bid evaluation work is not disturbed.

5.3 Supervisory justice of bid evaluation

The project bidding work is a difficult and complicated task involving administrative management, economic trade, engineering technology, engineering management and engineering practices. The social sensitivity is very strong. It requires the Justice, Discipline Inspection, Supervision and Legal Affairs Office and the Tender Office. It is not a superfluous move to intervene in the bidding activities of each project and implement a one-vote veto system throughout the whole process, and it will not burden the bidding. The role of the supervisory agency in the key and critical evaluation of the bidding is particularly obvious. The unfair and unfair behavior of some judges appearing in the bid evaluation is promptly criticized and corrected, and the judges grasp the bidding procedures and relevant laws and regulations. Inaccurate places provide timely help and guidance to ensure the rationality and legitimacy of the evaluation process and the evaluation results.

5.4 Project calibration

The members of the calibration leading group shall be composed of the decision-making leaders of the owner. After receiving the bid evaluation report of the bidding project, the two pre-selected bidders with the highest comprehensive score recommended by the bid evaluation committee shall be analyzed and studied in a timely manner. In principle, the pre-selected bidder with the highest comprehensive score is determined as the final winning bidder. Only the person with the highest comprehensive score has serious technical defects and major mistakes, and can choose the second winner.

6. Issues to be paid attention to when bidding without bidding

6.1 In order to prevent bidders from bidding and bidding, it is convenient to analyze the bidding letters during the bid evaluation, improve the quality of the judging bids, and save the review time. It is recommended to self-employ or entrust qualified intermediaries before the bidding according to the construction drawings, quotas or valuation forms, and fees. A reference price for bid evaluation is prepared for relevant documents such as quotas, price adjustment indices, and market information prices of materials. This reference price reflects the average price level of the society. Generally speaking, factors such as technical measures and on-site management are excluded. The bid price higher than the reference price is not competitive. At the same time, in the process of compiling the bidding reference price, some errors and defects in the design drawings can be found and compensated and corrected by supplementing the form of bidding and answering questions.

6.2 The use of non-standard bidding is not the ideal bidder's quotation is lower, but the reasonable minimum bid price method is used to assess. The owner should fully understand the market and be alert to the bidder's strategy of “low-cost bidding and high-price claims”. In the bid evaluation process, the bid price should be reviewed in detail, and it is important to check whether the quotation contains all the engineering contents, whether there are any missing items or calculation errors, and if necessary, the bidder should explain the rationality of the quotation composition and make A written commitment is confirmed in the contract.

6.3 In the preparation of bidding documents and the formulation of bid evaluation rules, it is necessary to be as accurate and detailed as possible, especially when assessing technical standards, and decompose them into several indicators according to technical requirements, determine the scores of each indicator, and reach the indicators. If the score is not reached, the score will be deducted to reduce the randomness of the bid evaluation. It is not only for the convenience of operation, but also to increase the transparency of the bidding work, and to facilitate the supervision of bidders and law enforcement agencies.

6.4 The current "Tendering and Bidding Law" is a procedural law, not a substantive law. There are still some areas that are not perfect. In the game of bidding, if there is cooperation and cooperation of the owner's agent, it is easy to form a tacit agreement between the parties. Therefore, The agent's "discretionary power" should be minimized, the behavior of the agent and the judges should be standardized and restrained, and the lifelong accountability system of the appraisal project should be established and perfected. The quoted price is obviously lower than the cost price, and the bid price is raised or For abnormal phenomena such as severe unbalanced quotations, it is necessary to resolutely let its economic target score 0 or declare the entire bid as a waste to curb various corruption problems.

6.5 The bidding project for airport construction has the situation of using the initial drawing or plan drawing bidding, and deepening the design and construction of the winning bidders into one, which is quite unfavorable for the quality and investment of the control project. At the same time, the vast majority of bidding quotes adopt the traditional “base price system” pricing model, which cannot truly and objectively reflect the characteristics of the market economy. On the basis of the completion of the project design, the construction drawing should be used as far as possible without the bidding of the standard, and it should be in line with the “work quantity list” of international practice.

6.6 Further improve the engineering guarantee guarantee and insurance system of the airport construction project, and use the bidding and guarantee system without standard bidding to avoid the occurrence of low reputation behavior.

7. Conclusion

Since 2000, China has successively promulgated the "People's Republic of China Bidding Law", the "Notice of the State Planning Commission on the Designation of the Medium for Bidding Announcement of Bidding Projects Required by Law," and the Interim Measures for the Management of Bid Evaluation Experts and Bid Evaluation Experts, Laws, regulations and measures such as the “Measures for Bidding and Bidding for Construction Projects” have laid a solid foundation for the implementation of bidding without bidding for civil aviation airport construction projects. If the preparation of bidding documents can fully reflect the results of design documents, and establish relevant supporting systems. Practice will definitely improve the level of airport construction management and master the initiative of project investment control.