Punctuality - Business Etiquette Step 1

If you are invited to an American or Canadian home for a cocktail, if you are notified at seven o'clock, then you should understand that you should arrive at 7:15, certainly not before, nor Too late. However, if this is in Germany, Sweden or Switzerland, inviting you to arrive at seven o'clock means that you should arrive exactly at that time.

In europe, people tend to think that people from these countries (ie Germany, Sweden, Switzerland) plus people from Canada, Australia, the United States, England, and France are extremely punctual. There is an old saying circulating among experienced American tourists: When you fly in Europe, you can usually determine which travellers are Germans, Swedes, or Swiss by observing the behavior of each passenger: When the plane takes off, as long as people come from these countries they will always look at the watch; and when the plane lands, they will repeat the same action.

In Latin America, if you are invited to have a cocktail at someone's home at seven o'clock, you should not arrive at seven o'clock because if you arrive at seven o'clock, you are likely to invite you as a guest master who is taking a shower. In fact, even if you arrive at eight, it will not be surprising. What's more, this may also be considered slightly earlier. Our best explanation for this is like what a Latin American businessman said: "Why do you live in precisely measured time?"

Similarly, in countries such as Thailand or Indonesia, punctuality is not necessarily a virtue. In any major major city in the world, such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, London or New York, it is forgiven for being late for weather and transportation.

Around the world Guide to punctuality* Countries valued very much for “punctuality”: All Nordic countries (Scandinavian countries, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, etc.)

* Countries that appreciate and expect punctuality: Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States.

* Countries with moderate attitude towards "punctuality": Southern Europe (Spain, Italy, Greece, etc.) and the vast majority of Mediterranean countries.

* Countries with a relaxed attitude towards "punctuality": Most Latin American countries and many Asian countries - where you can leave your watch aside!

Regarding "punctuality," different countries and regions will have different attitudes. This is what you have to make clear. So no matter where you are going, you should know in advance what the local people think about time.

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