Research on the Countermeasures of Civil Aviation Flight Delay and Delay Dispute

Research on the Countermeasures of Civil Aviation Flight Delay and Delay Dispute

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The problem of flight delays has always been an important issue that plagues the civil aviation industry at home and abroad. In China, with the rapid development of the civil aviation industry, the flight delay rate has remained high. Especially in recent years, a large number of disputes and conflicts caused by flight delays have occurred, and even mass incidents have been triggered, which has seriously affected the harmony and stability of the society. . Therefore, the management of flight delays, especially the flight delay disputes, is an urgent problem to be solved in the sustainable development of China's civil aviation.

At present, there are many articles analyzing the reasons for flight delays and the study of flight delays, but the flight delays and delays are generally confused. In fact, the reasons for the two are different, and their governance strategies are also very different.

"Flight delays have always been an objective reality that cannot be changed. They can only minimize the extent of flight delays, but they cannot be eradicated. It is helpless. This is due to the gradual development of science and technology." Therefore, we cannot completely eliminate flight delays. However, reducing the flight delay rate is one of the measures to reduce flight delay disputes. Under certain technological levels, certain flight delays are reasonable and acceptable, but regardless of the delay rate, disputes and conflicts caused by flight delays should be completely avoided. Therefore, after giving countermeasures to the reasons for flight delays, this paper focuses on the causes and countermeasures of flight delay disputes.

First, the reasons for flight delays and countermeasures

To improve the normal rate of flights and reduce delays, we must start from the source, improve technical methods, strengthen management, reduce or even eliminate controllable causes, and thus achieve the goal of reducing the delay rate. in particular:

1. Weather reasons

Weather causes include bad weather such as heavy fog, thunderstorms, storms, snow on the runway, icing, low clouds, low visibility, and other safety hazards. Civil aviation transportation is carried out by the aircraft over long distances. Due to the thunderstorms, thunderstorms, typhoons, tornadoes, strong bumps and low clouds, low visibility and even snow and ice on the airport runway, the aircraft passes through the route or the airport. It is possible to pose a direct threat to the aircraft structure, communication and navigation equipment, and the safe take-off and landing of aircraft. Therefore, when the above-mentioned bad weather occurs and the flight safety is affected, the flight is stopped. From the perspective of civil aviation transportation in various countries around the world, the weather is the main reason that affects the normal flight, and it is also the reason that civil aviation people can hardly overcome. Safety is the life of civil aviation. It is foolish to go out of safety and pursue punctuality or efficiency. Therefore, under the current level of science and technology, civil aviation personnel must respect the laws of nature and must not attempt to overcome the bad weather to achieve normal flights. Of course, the consequences of some bad weather, such as fog, snow, ice, etc., can be Take measures such as installing a blind drop system and adopting advanced de-icing equipment to remove its impact on flight and minimize delays.

2. Reasons for airlines and countermeasures

The reasons for airlines include engineering, transportation, air crew, company plans and other reasons. More common are mechanical failures, company plans. Although the aircraft is a combination of high and new technology, mechanical failure is inevitable. Objectively speaking, the more advanced or new the model, the less mechanical failure, and vice versa. When a fault occurs, inspections and repairs may result in delays or cancellations of the flight; in addition, many airlines outside the base only entrust the other party to provide general over-station services, in which case sometimes due to maintenance tools, equipment or Maintenance personnel cannot guarantee that the difficulty and time of mechanical troubleshooting are added. At present, the airline's main reference factors are market demand, aircraft daily utilization and other indicators, lack of understanding of the actual operation of the flight, resulting in some flights in the process of scheduling, did not fully consider the flight time; some flights in the stop time The arrangement was not sufficient; some flights were not closely linked in subsequent connections, and the reasons for these flight arrangements led to planned delays in flights. Company plans and air crew arrangements are also subject to change due to certain emergencies, including delays in the previous segment. For example, the delay of the previous flight segment will lead to the delay of the next flight segment. This is what we often hear as “the late arrival of the aircraft”, or the delay of the duty of the previous flight segment due to the delay of the previous flight segment, ie “ The unit has timed out. According to the regulations, it is necessary to change another unit to perform the flight task. Therefore, the backup deployment of the crew will affect the normality of the flight.

Flight delays caused by airlines themselves can be reduced by improving management methods and improving management levels. The survival of airlines requires three major resources: flight resources (routes, time), air crew resources and aircraft resources. The daily operation of airlines needs to integrate these three resources, especially through scientific calculations, to make scientific arrangements for people, machines and rings, and to improve robustness to cope with abnormal situations (including delays). Air transport is a systematic project. It is the same within airlines. Each department works independently and is subject to the overall goals and interests of the airline. Therefore, airlines should plan and arrange at a strategic level. For example, the distribution of the aircraft's age structure will affect the deployment of aircraft. The distribution of airline bases and the distribution of routes and flight times will affect aircraft backup and personnel backup. Delays caused by multiple weather in a certain season should consider the crew duty time, adjust the unit composition, and increase the capacity backup to reduce the possibility of long delays and delays. At the same time, the company has established a delay in the disposal of the program, fixed the role of fixed personnel, strengthen the countermeasures under abnormal circumstances, and reduce delays caused by abnormal conditions. For planned delays, planners need to dynamically understand the flight execution, focus on certain flights or fast stop, minimize the flight time, and recapture each segment for 10 minutes. -30 minutes. In particular, it is necessary to communicate and negotiate with the over-the-counter service, and to bind the contract to achieve the goal of civil aviation.

In the previous two days, the Civil Aviation Resource Network reprinted the article "China Civil Aviation News": "One flight delay, one cultural shortcoming", once again exposed the importance of system handling of flight delays. The article stated in the text: "The airline operator's duty department's left ear has a telephone on the left ear, and the right ear has a cell phone to contact each department. Every effort is made to 'change' a plane, and then the emergency backup unit is almost A sprint, everything is in place, all in place. But this is a footstep, because the check-in lady 'strictly enforce the work program', the result 'coolly' let the plane wait for 1 hour and 50 minutes." I also experienced the value If the broadcast of the machine is not timely, in fact, a timely, accurate and authentic notice can solve many problems.

3. Reasons for air traffic control and countermeasures

Air traffic control is mainly manifested by the prohibition or restriction of routes caused by flow control and air force activities. Airspace is a prerequisite for flight. China's airspace is subject to military and civilian use. The actual use of civil aviation accounts for only 20%-25% of the airspace. With the rapid development of civil aviation, the demand for flights has increased sharply, and the available airspace of civil aviation has been saturated, which makes flow control the main cause of flight delay. And it is showing a more serious situation. In addition, in order to ensure national security, air force activities and military exercises take precedence over civil aviation; and air force activities involve defense secrets, often coming suddenly and without expected time. Therefore, once the military activities are controlled, civil aviation transportation will be affected, or waiting on the ground, or returning to the airport or waiting to land at other airports, and so on. After the air force control was lifted, the airspace often had a large number of plug-in machines. It was necessary to digest the accumulated large number of flights, and there was another delay. In general, China's airspace management system and air traffic control technology, facilities and equipment have been unable to meet the huge increase in civil aviation transportation demand. The air traffic control caused by this contradiction has caused a wave of delays.

The solutions include: scientifically dividing the airspace, improving the efficiency of airspace use; changing the existing relatively backward airspace management system, implementing an air force-based, military-civilian joint air control committee, and uniformly allocating and coordinating the airspace's demand for airspace; Coordinate flight control standards to ensure the effective use of airspace resources. Before the current system and system have changed, measures can be taken to actively use the temporary route. It turns out that this measure is effective. During the Spring Festival of 2009, 16 temporary routes were opened. Since March 12, 2009, 35 temporary routes have been opened. The total number of temporary routes in the country has reached 77, with a total distance of 26,700 kilometers. In 2009, a total of 215,000 flights were used for temporary flights, which shortened the flight distance, saved energy and reduced emissions, and relieved flight delay to some extent. In response, the Director of Civil Aviation Administration Li Jiaxiang also pointed out that the air traffic control department should further enhance the command and coordination capability, actively coordinate the use of temporary routes and optimize the airspace structure, reduce the flight interval and improve flight clearance on the premise of ensuring safety. Mode, reducing the waiting time after the aircraft closes the door.

4. Reasons for the airport and countermeasures

Mainly refers to flight delays caused by airport security departments, security inspections, airport environment and other reasons. For example, the airport maintenance department has various inspections for the stop and return flights of various airlines, including signing, signing, troubleshooting, clearing snow and ice. Any omissions or untimely guarantees in any part may result in flight delays. Security screening is one of the important tasks of the airport. Since the "September 11" terrorist incident, the security requirements of civil aviation in various countries have been continuously upgraded. China's security inspections have always been strict, and in order to cope with possible terrorist incidents and the need to guarantee major activities, China's airport security inspection tasks are becoming more and more arduous. Safety inspections are meticulous, require a certain rate of opening, and some even require passengers to take off their shoes and take off their socks. The current level of security equipment is limited, which ensures that the inspection is inevitable and leads to slow security, especially during holidays or specific periods. The slow security check caused the passengers to arrive at the boarding gate in time and had to delay the takeoff of the aircraft. Moreover, delays caused by the airport environment also occur frequently. For example, interference from radio communications, illegal launch of advertising balloons, kite flying around the airport, flying pigeons, including private jets that are now illegally flying, will affect flight take-off and landing; Events such as hang-ups caused by violations of vehicles on the premises may cause delays in flights.

Symptomatic treatment can effectively solve the delay caused by the airport. Including: strengthen internal management of the airport to avoid illegal violations in the field; complete various safeguards in accordance with the requirements of the regulations, scientific layout, tap potential, cooperate with airlines to ensure security, improve the efficiency of security work; improve security equipment and strengthen training for security personnel Improve their security inspection skills, increase security checkpoints during busy seasons, flexibly deploy security personnel, formulate emergency measures, promptly guide passengers; strengthen airport security management and monitoring, avoid intrusion incidents, and timely dispose of illegal interferences against emergency plans; The communication between the relevant functional parts of the local government and its strong support will promote the efficient operation of the airport.

5. Reasons for passengers and countermeasures

At present, the flight delay caused by passengers has increased year by year, accounting for 3% of the total delayed flights, which is almost the same as the number of delays caused by aircraft failures. Common reasons for passengers include the following: passengers arrive late; the passengers who pass the station will not cause the clearance, baggage check and unloading, etc., which will seriously affect the normal operation of the flight; after the passengers complete the check-in procedures, they will go shopping, reading, calling, and dining in the terminal building. If you don’t pay attention to the boarding broadcast, the airport will continue to broadcast to find people, and the aircraft has to wait; international transit flights are delayed due to problems such as passenger documents during the immigration procedures; passengers are suddenly sick; passengers are occupied by service problems such as flight delays. Excessive behavior such as aircraft or refusal to board the aircraft, as well as illegal interference or disruption by passengers (such as lying on the plane, bombing, opening the emergency door illegally, not obeying the arrangement is required to disembark), and so on. In recent years, the illegal interference or disturbance of passengers has become increasingly serious, which has seriously affected the normal operation of the civil aviation system and jeopardized the safety of air transportation. Therefore, the governance of this issue is imminent.

The main method of governance is to educate and regulate passengers, that is, to publicize the knowledge and legal provisions of civil aviation transportation to passengers, educate passengers to consciously abide by the conditions and rules of civil aviation transportation, and avoid passengers from taking the initiative to take the initiative; airlines and airports must strictly follow civil aviation transportation. Standardize behavior, avoid replacing rules with service, and cover up the law with human nature; public security organs should also actively cooperate and shoulder the heavy responsibility of ensuring order and safety of air transportation. Only civil aviation people know the law, abide by the law, protect the law and the law can ensure that passengers are willing to abide by the law and be law-abiding while knowing the law.

There are many ways and means of publicity and education, such as: the dissemination of publicity materials, the introduction of knowledge on the website of the Civil Aviation Administration, the reading of information by the airline ticketing system, the public welfare activities of enterprises and institutions, and the education of educational institutions. Activities, the dissemination of knowledge in the media, the development of activities, and even judicial activities in the form of judgments. It is believed that through the long-term persistent publicity and education of tourists, passengers will also appear "the calm in the face of volcanic ash."

Second, the reasons for flight delay disputes

The problem of flight delays is a problem that plagues the world's civil aviation industry. Foreign aviation companies also use the normal flight rate as an important indicator to measure aviation services and enhance their competitiveness. In comparison, the normal flight rate of China's civil aviation is at the upper-middle level in the world. From 2004 to 2009, the average annual rate is about 80%, but disputes over flight delays occur frequently. When European volcanic ash affected the flight, passengers waited calmly; and several large-scale delays caused by bad weather in 2010 caused serious incidents such as “squatting”, “severe injuries” and “groups”. Thinking and discussing the causes of frequent flight delays, the industry and the outside world basically agree that the following five aspects:

1. The flight delay rate is high, involving a wide range of people and a long time, showing seasonal, multiple, and group characteristics;

2. The flight delay information is opaque and lacks sufficient information;

3. The passenger claim is difficult;

4. Passengers lack knowledge of air transportation, and the awareness of the rule of law is not strong;

5. Bad influence of the media.

There are also some reasons that can be attributed to it, such as lack of legal provisions for flight delays, inadequate airline services, low quality of certain passengers, and lack of trust in airlines.

Analysis of the above reasons, I found that all the reasons can be attributed to the fundamental problem of the civil aviation transportation system, namely: What are the purposes and objectives of civil aviation transportation?

Civil aviation transportation is a system involving multiple units (transportation enterprises, aviation fuel aviation materials and navigation insurance companies, and administrative supervision departments). Without any unit, transportation activities will stop. Each unit has its own independent purpose and objectives according to its attributes, but as the overall provider of civil aviation transportation services, it has a common purpose - to serve passengers, that is, "people's aviation is the people." The starting point and final evaluation indicators of all activities should be to see if the goal of serving passengers is achieved and whether the needs of passengers are met. Safety, efficiency and development are all based on the "service passengers" as the starting point and the end point. Similarly, all actions of individuals in various units of the civil aviation system should also focus on this core value. The construction of civil aviation related systems and systems should also guarantee the realization of this core value.

As long as the civil servants act in accordance with the purpose and objectives of the "serving passengers", they will protect the passengers' right to know, choose and claim in the event of delays, and sincerely, patiently and patiently serve the disputes and resolve and delay the possible disputes.

However, in fact, when many incidents and disputes occur, they ask themselves whether the civil aviation people think that passenger service is the purpose. Perhaps more considerations are: rest, bonuses, company benefits, face issues, leadership requirements, and more.

Third, the countermeasures for flight delay disputes

Thought is the forerunner of action, action is the implementation of ideas, and system is the guarantee of action. On the basis of knowing that “service passengers” are the core values ​​and purposes of civil aviation transportation activities, we still need specific methods and systems to ensure the handling of flight delay disputes.

The countermeasures for flight delay disputes include the following aspects:

1. Establish a system concept for flight delay system, strengthen cooperation and cooperation among civil aviation transport units, improve technology level, optimize management, and improve flight normal rate as much as possible.

   The continuous improvement of the normal rate of flights and the continuous reduction of passengers involved in delays are the basic measures to reduce delays.

2. System construction.

   Legislation is the most effective way to build a system, and law is the best guarantee of the system. According to China's civil aviation law system, the Civil Aviation Administration may formulate departmental regulations (temporarily drafted as “Measures for Disposal of Flight Delays”), specifying the specific disposal of flight delays, including: service standards after delay, reasons for delay compensation, compensation procedures, standards, and methods. (Specifically, you can learn the EU's new rules of 261/2004), and you must stipulate that passengers do not recognize the delays caused by airlines and have the right to inquire and complain to the relevant departments of the Civil Aviation Administration. The relevant departments of the Civil Aviation Administration will reply or deal with them according to administrative functions ( Refuse to reply or delay reply, dispose of in accordance with administrative laws and regulations - that is, passengers may file administrative reconsideration or administrative litigation for administrative inaction); the regulations also point out that if the passenger does not accept compensation according to the rules, it may be separately sent to the people. The court filed a civil lawsuit.

In the "Service Standards for Delays" stipulated in the "Measures for Disposal of Flight Delays", it is necessary to emphasize the full, timely and true disclosure obligations of flight information. To make full use of advanced communication tools and communication methods, use telephone, SMS, mail, airport broadcast, flight dynamic information inquiry network, etc. to notify passengers of flight delays as early as possible, the reasons for delays, possible delays, delays Travellers can choose the travel method, the services provided by the airline, the accommodation and accommodation options, and so on. From the perspective of the passenger, think about the information you need to provide real and timely information so that the passenger can make a choice. It is difficult for passengers to have the feeling of being "trapped," "abandoned," or "insulted" with their own choices, and there will be no corresponding overreaction.

The “Measures for Disposal of Flight Delays” was issued. First, it replaced the non-legally binding Guiding Opinion issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of the People's Republic of China on the provision of economic compensation for domestic airlines due to their own reasons. The Economic Compensation Guidance Opinions unifies the current compensation rules formulated by the airlines themselves, and avoids passengers in accordance with China's Civil Aviation Law, Contract Law, Consumer Rights Protection Law, and Passenger Baggage Domestic Transportation Rules. The ruling and difficulty of claiming rights; the second is to use uniform legal norms to require airlines to provide statutory services and compensation, to avoid delays in the subjectivity and arbitrariness of the settlement, and thus to help eliminate the delays in the treatment of passengers that have been developed. The wrong mentality of noisy and excellent profit (no trouble, no trouble, no trouble, big trouble); third is the real reason for the passenger to consult with the relevant departments of the Civil Aviation Administration, the complaint is known, and the existing administrative legal system Ensure that the civil aviation administrative department is open, fair and fair to supervise the delay in the disposal of airlines as a guarantee, It can effectively enhance passengers' confidence in the disposal of airlines and greatly reduce the situation of passengers' instant claims for rights protection at the airport. Fourth, the introduction of legislation will inevitably require corresponding allocation, that is, setting up special flight delays (disputes) in civil aviation bureaus and airlines and airports. Disposal agencies and personnel, fixed posts and responsibilities, form a system of flight delays to reduce the occurrence of disputes.

3. In line with the tenet of “serving passengers”, we will comprehensively improve the service quality of airlines including airport-related personnel, empathy, sincere, careful and patient service.

   Standing inside the civil aviation transportation, the relationship between the airline and the airport is the closest, and even has a relationship of glory and glory. However, in the face of handling flight delays, airlines and airports have different interests and natural disposal effects. Great discount. For passengers, direct contact is with the airlines that provide transportation services. Passengers do not understand the relationship between airlines and airports. They do not understand that certain ground services are provided by airlines. Therefore, passengers will be angry because they are rejected by those wearing civil aviation uniforms. They will be annoyed by the different delays of different passengers. They will blame the flight attendants for their indifferent ground service, even requesting The captain apologized. This shows that the airline and the airport have not established a harmonious cooperation and common development relationship. Airport uniforms often act in accordance with the entrustment agreement, and only perform according to the regulations. Regardless of the communication and service, many delays are intensified and transferred. Establishing a certain interest linkage agreement or relationship may be a way to motivate the airport to provide quality services to passengers. Specifically, airlines need to establish a passenger complaint handling mechanism and return visit system to increase the public's trust in airlines, so that passengers feel that airlines are not dealing with errands – just a short time ago, Spring Airlines and business travelers talked Finally, on June 1, 2011, the on-board "talk show" sales model was temporarily canceled, and the sales of on-board merchandise were retained. They pointed out that "the company must take the experience and feelings of passengers (including business travelers) as a higher goal" ( See the Civil Aviation Resource Network on August 17, 2011, "Thirty Years of Wind Frost and Snow Rain, Spring and Autumn People Stand for Social Responsibility"). Respecting the passengers' feelings, establishing a return visit system, and smoothing the communication channels of the passengers can not only guide the bad feelings of the passengers, but also understand the needs of the passengers to adjust the corporate strategy in a timely manner, which is more conducive to the understanding of the passengers with the attitude of being friendly and serving the people, and is conducive to building passengers. The loyalty, as a whole, is also a social responsibility for building a harmonious society; the airport and the resident security units should actively coordinate and cooperate; the maintenance department promptly guides the take-off and landing aircraft; the check-in personnel strictly observe the aircraft 30 minutes before take-off The deadline for check-in procedures is strictly forbidden for late arrival passengers; the security inspection department should increase the security inspection channels in time according to the changes in passenger flow, and increase the number of security personnel, especially in the case of large flight density and numerous group passengers. Passengers pass the security check quickly, and passengers who have completed the boarding pass and the time of departure will be given priority for security check; the airport public security organs should resolutely dispose of the passengers who are involved in the dangerous situation and create chaos, and the passengers and the aircraft. Wait.

Careful service requires mastering certain skills and methods, otherwise it may be good to do bad things. It is recommended to strengthen the service training for frontline staff in the face of passengers, especially the training of psychology and interpersonal communication skills. A good wish, coupled with good expression and communication, can contain the dispute.

4. Strengthen the publicity and education of passengers' air transportation knowledge and enhance the awareness of the rule of law among passengers.

“When the old Wang Xietang was in front of Yan, flying into the homes of ordinary people”, civil aviation transportation has become a travel tool for ordinary people. The popularization and popularization of civil aviation transportation has brought benefits to civil aviation, but it also brought confusion. The passengers "curiously open the emergency door", "theft of the aviation life jacket", "there are bombs on the machine for staying in the small three", "smoke in the bathroom" and "persistently open the mobile phone flight mode", etc., the passengers' various disturbances endanger Flight safety, flight delays caused by passengers continue to rise, passengers are dissatisfied with flight delays, and dissatisfaction with civil aviation services has caused fierce conflicts such as taking over, overwhelming, refusing boarding, quarreling, destruction, and group squads. When civil aviation personnel have been working hard to regulate themselves and improve themselves to ensure the orderly and safe transportation of civil aviation, I have to point out that the object of civil aviation transportation - passenger and cargo is also a part of civil aviation transportation activities, and also ensures the orderly transportation of civil aviation. An important factor in safety. Many facts have proved that strengthening passengers' air transportation knowledge publicity and education, enhancing passengers' awareness of the rule of law, and making passengers aware of the special nature of civil aviation transportation require passengers to understand and consciously cooperate with civil aviation personnel behavior, so as to achieve safe, fast and comfortable civil aviation transportation. The two-way effort of the main and object of air transport activities will have a multiplier effect.

5. Strengthen the social responsibility of the media and guide the publicity of public opinion.

   At present, many media outlets in the service industry at the end of social services, whether it is civil aviation, hospitals, or urban traffic, city appearance, mostly adopt a "demonized" or even "entertainment" attitude to report and comment. of. Many media have deviated from the behavioral goals and value orientations of fair reporting of facts. In order to attract attention and win the click-through rate, they will not hesitate to pursue the wind and follow the trend at the expense of their own professional beliefs, unintentionally or intentionally distorting facts, highlighting negative information, and exposing the dark side. The result is confusion, misleading the public, influencing the judiciary, not conducive to promoting social integrity, and building a harmonious society. There are also many cases in the report of flight delays. Bad media plays a potential guiding role for potential passengers, rather than a normative role. Therefore, it is hoped that the media people will understand the knowledge and legal provisions of civil aviation transportation, and in the direction of civil aviation development and social harmony, objectively report flight delay events in a fair and fair manner, avoid misleading and “intentional” inducement. Airlines should also make full use of the power of the news media to promote the industry characteristics, business characteristics and related system regulations of the airlines, enhance the understanding of the public, and be able to lead public opinion. In dealing with delays, airlines should also take the initiative to communicate with the media – the “New Law Report” reported on August 10 that “airline cancellations caused passengers’ honeymoon plans to be disrupted” caused social concern. Spring Airlines has issued a letter to the Civil Aviation Resource Network. This attitude and method of actively responding to the media and using the media for crisis management deserves our praise and learning. In the event of flight delays, the airline should promptly report the reasons for the delay, the remedial measures taken, and the arrangements for the passengers to the media in order to ensure that the media is not listening to the words in order to make true and fair reports.

5. Other auxiliary means

Under the wave of data democratization, the statistics and announcement of flight delay rate data can effectively protect passengers' right to know and choose, increase passenger delay tolerance, and reduce the occurrence of delay disputes. The US privately created flight delay free inquiry system ( enables passengers to check the national average flight time and airport departure time. In this way, one can help consumers find the flight that performs best or meets their needs, eliminates the insufficient information and asymmetric disadvantages of passengers when choosing airlines, and makes comparisons by passengers with more information. And choices, even if the results are not satisfactory, will make passengers feel fair; second, the flight delay inquiry system conveys the statistical "order and stability" to the passengers, help them establish correct expectations, arrange time properly, avoid The generation of anxiety during delays; three, the disclosure of delay data is conducive to promoting healthy competition in the aviation market, causing flight delays to gradually fall within a reasonable range acceptable to passengers. [1] . There are also civil organizations in China that are working to delay the integration of data and the construction of the query system, and the results are remarkable! Based on flight dynamic data, Feiyou Technology has developed a variety of products using the original VariFlight flight dynamic technology: flight dynamic embedded inquiry box, flight dynamic on-time rate service, flight dynamic data interface, flight dynamic whole-care service (flight) Dynamic Smart SMS), historical data, airport weather live, etc. (http://). For passengers, Feiyou Technology Co., Ltd. launched the “Fei Changzhun” flight dynamic inquiry service. The passengers, pick-ups and drop-offs can receive the SMS reminder in the form of SMS 3 hours in advance, and the flight delay analysis reminder 1 hour in advance. Several services such as flight departure reminder, flight special situation reminder and flight safety arrival reminder. In particular, through the weather conditions of the airports of the two places, airport traffic conditions, airport special conditions, pre-order flight conditions and other data, predicting the possibility of flight delays, the one-hour delay notice is very useful for passengers or pick-ups. [2] . It has become an indispensable choice for my travels.

At present, it has been suggested to emulate foreign flight delay insurance to resolve disputes caused by compensation after flight delays. In fact, the country has been created, but it is not a separate flight delay insurance, but the flight delay is paid as one of the insurance accidents of an insurance. The insurance is often formulated as an additional insurance for travel comprehensive insurance or travel comprehensive insurance. For example, on April 28, 2010, Hang Lian Insurance Broker Co., Ltd., together with Cathay Life Insurance and Cathay Insurance Co., Ltd., jointly tailored an electronic air travel insurance product for China Eastern Airlines passengers. The product is a combination of aviation accident insurance and travel inconvenience. Any passenger who travels on China Eastern Airlines' domestic flights, as long as they purchase domestic air tickets on the official website of China Eastern Airlines and choose to purchase the "Cathay Pacific Group" electronic air travel insurance products, will not only obtain the insurance company's guarantee of "accidental injury, death, disability" up to 600,000 yuan. At the same time, the insurance company also compensates for the flight cancellation, flight delay and baggage delay caused by the airline itself, ranging from 600 yuan to 1,000 yuan. [3] . Of course, this can only be used as an aid to resolve flight delay disputes. Because insurance is a risk diversification mechanism for insured people against unspecified risks, to reach a certain amount of insurance coverage, according to the actuarial calculation, the insured can accept this risk decentralized solution before they can operate for a long time. Otherwise, only A short-lived. In addition, the flight delay insurance is the insurance premium paid by the insurance company for the flight delay caused by the insurance company for the specific reason, and is the premium of the insurance premium. It cannot be exempted from the airline due to the payment of the insurance premium. The responsibility for the loss caused by the delay is caused by its own reasons. Therefore, it is unrealistic to intend to completely resolve flight delay disputes with flight delay insurance, but for high-end people who have outperformed money at some time, this method is an effective balancing method. In the long run, with the development of China's insurance industry, the refinement of insurance accidents and responsibilities, the development of insurance actuarial and the follow-up of marketing strategies, the development of realistic, operational, and legally compliant flight delays that meet passenger needs. There is a vast market.

(Limited to time and space, about delay insurance, special research in the future. Some of the contents of this article have been adjusted and published in the "China Civil Aviation and Finance" in the first issue of 2011, some of which are newly added.)

Notes in the text:

[1] Tu Zipei "Details of Data Democracy - Speaking from Flight Delays" Southern Metropolis Daily 2010-06-20

[2] "VariFlight flight dynamics detailed explanation of the three major service population standards" Civil Aviation Resource Network September 29, 2010

[3] Lin Hongmei, "East Airline Clarification: Flight Delay Compensation for Thousand Yuan for Travel Insurance Products" Xinhuanet 2010-08-10

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