The revision of advertising law will clarify the responsibility of celebrity endorsement

“The revision of China’s advertising law has been launched.” Sun Hongzhi, director of the advertising department of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, revealed at the 2011 Changsha International Advertising Festival in China that after extensive investigations and extensive consultations, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has formulated a revised version of the Advertising Law. And submitted to the State Council Legislative Affairs Office.

In recent years, the phenomenon of personal endorsement of advertisements has become widespread. Some celebrities who endorse false advertisements have caused strong public and public criticism. Sun Hongzhi stated that legally speaking, regardless of whether it is a celebrity or not, as long as it engages in the publication of false and illegal advertisements, it will bear joint and several liabilities for consumers and society. The revised advertising law will clarify the responsibilities of such “other advertisers”.

At the time when the current advertising law was promulgated, new media such as the Internet and mobile phones are still unknown to most people in the country. Today, online advertising, mobile phone advertising, etc. have become a force that cannot be ignored in the advertising industry. At the same time, online false advertising and mobile spam messages have become new hot spots for consumer complaints.

"The revised advertising law pays more attention to emerging media. Therefore, this law covers a wider area and has broader coverage," Sun Hongzhi said.

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