Bonded Logistics Center Creates Distinctive and Characteristic Modern Logistics Carrier

Once, the high wine tariffs made it difficult for Fulton Trading Co., Ltd. to import large quantities of wine; this year, with the help of the Jiangyin Bonded Logistics Center, Fulton imported all the wines purchased from the United States and France into the bonded logistics center. Through the mode of batch shipments, enterprises have been able to reduce taxes by more than RMB 4 million, which effectively reduces the pressure on operations. The reporter learned from the Jiangyin Bonded Logistics Center yesterday that in the first half of this year, the Jiangyin Bonded Logistics Center ranked among the top 25 in the nation's 25 bonded logistics centers.

Since the beginning of this year, Jiangyin Bonded Logistics Center has actively taken advantage of its location and function, attracting central, foreign, and famous enterprises to settle in bonded logistics and distribution and distribution businesses. In the first six months, the bonded logistics center completed a total of 9,861 votes for customs declarations, an increase of 50.94% year-on-year; the value of goods under supervision amounted to US$801 million, an increase of 61.17% year-on-year; the invoiced sales amounted to RMB1.74 billion, an increase of 147.14% year-on-year; and the tax amount was RMB 105 million. Tariffs, an increase of 97.59% over the same period last year. The major indicators have all increased substantially, ranking first in the country and successfully achieving "double over half".

Focusing on the goal of creating a functional zone for port development, an export-oriented economic service zone, a transit trade zone, an international trade zone, and a modern logistics demonstration zone, this year, Jiangyin Bonded Logistics Center has actively created distinctive features by attracting central, foreign and famous enterprises. Carrier. Drew, the world's largest supplier of marine materials, has relocated the Asia-Pacific distribution center from Singapore to the Jiangyin Bonded Logistics Center, which has greatly shortened the cycle of delivery; the wire rod used in Bekaert Group production will be originally from Japan. The model sent to all production bases in the world was changed to Japan directly imported to Jiangyin Bonded Logistics Center, and then exported to the Netherlands, Belgium, etc., to achieve the refinement of raw material procurement; CITIC Pacific, Shin-Etsu Light Bar and other companies rely on bonded logistics centers from Australia Spain, Japan, and Japan imported production equipment and accelerated the launch of new domestic projects; long-term plate and precious timber imported from Canada, Africa and other places were stored in bonded logistics centers for bonded sales, and the center gradually became a well-known timber import and export transaction and distribution base in East China. In addition, a large number of well-known companies such as China Minmetals, Zhejiang Property, Tianjin Asian Games, and Qingdao Gade have also entered the center to conduct business.

“Create spot futures trading bases for metal materials with the theme of non-ferrous metals and precious metals; display and distribution bases for high-end consumer goods with imported wine as the main body; textile raw and auxiliary materials for the purchase and distribution bases with imported wool and imported cotton as the main components; Imported plates are the main part of the transaction and distribution base for miscellaneous goods.” Gu Wenyu, director of the bonded logistics center, said, “Next, Jiangyin Bonded Logistics Center will be built on the basis of an e-commerce platform, which will integrate business flow, logistics, and information flow. An integrated, bonded, logistics center with a combination of capital flow and service flow.

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