"Current Status and Development Trend of Civil Airport Advertising Industry" (2)

"Current Status and Development Trend of Civil Airport Advertising Industry" (2)

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Chapter two

Problems in the advertising industry of civil airports

What are the problems in the civil airport advertising industry for civil airport advertising?

Which of the problems in the civil airport advertising industry is the most prominent and most urgently needed to be solved

What is wrong with the system of the civil airport advertising industry?

What problems exist in the competition of the civil airport advertising industry?

What is the problem with the management of the civil airport advertising industry?

What is the problem with the planning and design of the civil airport advertising industry?

What is the problem with the services provided by the civil airport advertising industry?

The civil airport advertising industry started relatively late. The real development is still 10 to 12 years after the reform of the civil aviation system. There is still a big gap between the domestic and international advertising companies in terms of operational mechanism and management level. It has not fully kept pace with the rapid development of the current advertising industry. Specifically, the main problems are: institutional issues, competition issues, management issues, planning and design issues, and service issues.

I. System problems in civil airport advertising

1. The operating system of domestic airport advertising companies

Most of the civil airport advertising operators are media self-operated mode or a combination of self-employment and agency.

· Advantages

The media self-employment model or the combination of self-employment and agency can play an important role in domestic civil airport advertising operators, mainly because it has the following three advantages:

First, it is easy to realize one-stop management and service;

Second, it is convenient to directly contact with the end customer, and can grasp the business initiative to a certain extent;

Third, it is easy to understand the actual needs of the end customers and master the detailed dynamics of the market.

· Draws

However, along with the rapid development and gradual segmentation of the market, and the emergence of emerging media, the media self-operated model or the combination of self-employment and agency has experienced the drawbacks of not adapting to development, including:

First, it is not conducive to management, making the management difficulty greatly increased;

Second, it is not conducive to the adoption of new technologies and new processes;

Third, it is not conducive to the expansion and maintenance of customers;

Fourth, it is not conducive to professional management and professional services, resulting in inefficiency, insufficient media resources mining and other issues.

3. References to international advanced systems

Most overseas airports separate ownership and management rights, do not directly operate and publish advertisements themselves, and are mainly engaged in the development and management of advertising resources. The business is distributed to social professional advertising companies.

The main form of separation of ownership and management rights is the implementation of advertising agency system.

Advertising agency system refers to the fact that the advertisers entrust their advertising business to the advertising agency company. From the perspective of the customer, the advertising agency company has plans to provide customers with all the services needed to complete the advertising campaign. The company undertakes business, and the advertising company is in the middle of the bridge, providing two-way services for advertisers and advertising media.

For airport advertising operators, the advertising agency system means that the advertising business in the airport is transferred through open tendering, invitation to tender, internal negotiation, etc. The airport authorities are only responsible for media planning, investment, and daily management.

At present, this system has been proved to be an effective advertising operation mechanism by many countries' airports and even the world's advertising industry. It is the main form of advertising operation in many airports in the world.

· Advantages

The biggest feature of the advertising agency system after the separation of ownership and management rights is to emphasize the rational division of labor within the airport advertising industry, to perform their duties, to cooperate with each other, and to develop together, so as to maximize their respective strengths and promote the benign nature of the airport advertising industry. Run the order and improve the overall competitiveness. You can analyze the advantages of the advertising agency system from the following aspects:

(1) Civil airport advertising companies will be the biggest beneficiaries

To realize the advertising agency system, the civil airport advertising enterprises can not directly face the extremely dispersed advertisers by directly observing the extremely dispersed advertisers, and do not have to undertake the advertising design and production tasks, thus reducing the human and material burden of the civil airport advertising enterprises; Advertising fees, advertising agencies are responsible for payment, civil airport advertising companies do not have to conduct credit investigations for advertisers, do not have to bear the economic losses of advertisers default, reducing credit risk. From the perspective of long-term development, it is conducive to advertising agencies and civil airport advertising companies to play their respective advantages, cooperate and coordinate development.

(2) Conducive to meeting the end-user's promotional goals

Advertising must emphasize efficiency and promote sales. Without a large-scale specialized market information communication organization that is compatible with the market, it is difficult to obtain the effectiveness of advertising by relying solely on the strength of the enterprise itself; advertising is undertaken by professional advertising agencies. Professional advertising companies often have systematic market information dissemination organizations, which have concentrated a large number of advertising business experts and various types of advertising talents, as well as sophisticated advertising production equipment, so that terminal customers can obtain more comprehensive and professional advertising services; even if they only use advertising funds From the perspective of the point of view, it is also a time-saving and cost-saving move for companies to commission advertising companies to represent their advertising business.

(3) It is the requirement for the development of civil airport enterprises.

The realization of the advertising agency system has rationalized the relationship among the end-users, advertising companies, and civil airport advertising companies, so that the part-time workers in the airport advertising enterprises are clear and perform their duties, effectively stopping the internal improper business behavior.

· Problems that need attention

The process of citing the advertising agency system is also an evolving process. Different agency models are needed at different stages. The criteria for measuring whether the advertising agency system is advanced are mainly based on whether the model is suitable for local characteristics, such as: Japan and South Korea did not directly copy the model of third-party agents in the United States, but instead formed a model based on media agents and a model based on customer agents, and finally achieved relatively successful development results. Therefore, in the process of introducing the agency system, our national airport advertising industry must combine its own actual situation, consider its own communication environment and market environment, and consider the future development strategy to innovate the advertising agency system. Development, and gradually formed an advertising agency model with its own characteristics.

Second, the planning and design of civil airport advertising

1. Factors affecting the level of advertising planning and design

To further analyze the planning and design of civil airport advertisements, we must first figure out a few concepts:

Advertising Design refers to the selection and configuration of specific art elements and their combination in a unique way to determine the style of design, that is, the way an idea or image is expressed.

Advertising planning is an operation planning for the overall strategy and strategy of advertising. It is a pre-consideration and assumption for the whole process of making advertising decisions, implementing advertising decisions, and testing advertising decisions. Advertising planning is a dynamic operation process.

Factors affecting the level of advertising planning design include:

(1) Creative ability

·Creative performance

The creative performance is in two aspects: one is to discover the uniqueness of the product and the focus of the consumer's wishes; the second is the uniqueness of the expression technique. Advertising is the most mediocre, and people are the same, and the originality of the technique is the life of advertising. The advertising industry is to solve problems with creativity and innovation, and to show the power of innovation, which is an irreplaceable essence.

·Creative Industry

The advertising industry belongs to the creative industry. The concept of the creative industry that is currently accepted is from the British Creative Industry Path Document issued in 1998: the creative industry originates from individual creativity, skills and talents, through the generation and utilization of intellectual property rights. An industry that has the potential to create wealth and employment opportunities. In this concept, the core content of the creative industry is culture and creativity. It promotes innovation and individual creativity. It is an emerging cultural concept and economic practice that emphasizes the support and promotion of culture and art to the economy. In the 13 core industries of the creative industry, advertising is the first to bear the brunt. The creative means to obtain commercial innovative solutions is to make advertising a new life. It is the soul of the future advertising industry.

(2) Planning ability

·Advertising planning needs to be solved

First, "why say", that is, analysis of the market analysis and subject of advertising products;

Secondly, "who said to", that is, the positioning of the advertising product and the advertising object, that is, the previously mentioned advertising communication object, the target consumer of the advertisement is analyzed;

Third, “what to say” is the design and performance of the creative theme of advertising;

Fourth, “how to say”, that is, the choice and integration of advertising media;

Fifth, "how is the effect?", that is, the inspection and correction of advertising activities.

In a nutshell, advertising planning is to solve advertising, including the object of advertising, the goal of advertising, the plan of advertising, the strategy of advertising and other aspects of advertising. Without scientific advertising planning, there will be no successful advertising.

· Customer groups have increased demand for advertising planning

How to make the advertisements of the advertisements interesting, curious, easy and bearable, and subtly accept the public from the heart is the primary issue for producers and advertisers. Nowadays, more and more advertisers, that is, the advertiser group we are talking about, not only value the advertising creative level of airport advertising companies, but also value the planning level of advertising. This is a very big requirement for the quality of airport advertising companies. Improvement. Advertisers must conduct a detailed analysis of the market, enterprises, products, and sales channels after conducting a scientific market survey to determine product positioning and further clarify sales targets. At the same time, public relations strategies, advertising media strategies, and advertising budget allocation strategies must be proposed. In the entire production process and after the advertisement is placed, the effectiveness of the advertisement should be continuously evaluated.

·Customer market positioning

According to the specific customer group's market positioning and market requirements, the specific planning and design of the advertisements will be made to achieve the target publicity effect. Because the airport advertising media has environmental advantages, passenger traffic advantages, passenger level advantages and network radiation advantages compared with other media, the airport customers are mostly big brands that want to go up the publicity route, so the planning and design of airport advertising must have high production level. .

2, the main performance of airport advertising planning design issues

At present, the planning and design level of domestic civil airport advertisements is still relatively low, the randomness of homework, the blindness of advertising strategies, the instability of creativity and creative execution, and the trend of homogenization of airport advertisements is increasingly obvious. In terms of advertising design, airport advertising has a lack of imagination, lack of strong slogans and beautiful pictures. In terms of advertising planning, the lack of preliminary market research, the relatively low quality of planners and the evaluation of advertising effectiveness are the current stage of airport advertising. The most common and serious problem that exists.

Here we focus on the analysis of advertising design issues, the problem of advertising planning is placed in the fifth question, "civil airport advertising service problem" analysis, without high-level advertising planning can not meet the needs of the advertiser community, can not provide a high level Service.

One of the flaws of imagination

Whether a commercial advertisement is imaginative will affect whether this advertisement has an effect and whether it achieves the purpose of merchandising. The lack of imagination is mainly manifested in:

First, the advertising creativity is flat, and there are few big ones;

Second, the advertisements are heavy and light, and they are either blindly stunned and cool consumers are not aware of it;

Third, it is serious and lacks innovation.

Lack of imagination is a common problem in most domestic airport advertising. I have done a good job in this area abroad.

Small example:

The advertisement for "saving electricity, going out and turning off the lights" was designed by Russian advertisers: a group of animated pictures, a couple of people arguing overwhelmed, the husband was unbearable, and packed up their clothes and left home. The wife woke up like a dream, holding a few children and crying. After a while, the door suddenly opened and the husband appeared at the door. The husband is back! The wife and children are trying to break through and laugh. How do you know that the husband’s hand is stretched out, and the switch on the wall is turned off, and the door is gone. The room was suddenly dark. Subtitles appear: saving electricity, people go out. This is creativity, an ending that is beyond everyone's expectations.

Defective second strong slogan

Strong slogans generally appear as clear-cut advertising slogans. The advertising slogan expresses a complete advertising theme with a simple one or two sentences, which embodies the staged strategy of advertising and is a slogan statement used by the advertising customer group for a long time in a certain stage. The stronger the slogan is, the more impressed the consumer is, and the more opportunities there are for information exchange between consumers. At the same time, it has also increased the circulation of commodity information, providing favorable conditions for the sale of goods. A strong slogan is to present a strong concept and proposition, and it is the most convenient and convenient way to convey information. However, in the airport advertising market, the slogan that is not remembered by people still occupies the vast majority. The lack of strong slogans is a common problem in most airport advertising.

The third defect lacks a beautiful picture display

Although a commercial advertisement emphasizes the purpose of promoting the product, whether the picture has visual impact and whether it has artistic beauty determines the advertising effect of the advertisement to a certain extent. This is because the picture is always more intuitive than the text. The lack of artistic beauty is the common problem of most airport advertisements.

Small example:

Here are a few of the classic foreign advertising screens:

(1) An advertisement for a psychiatrist clinic (Figure 5)

It says: Put this picture on the floor and stand in the dotted frame. If the pressure of work pushes you to this point, please consider this clinic.

(2) Advertising for pregnant women's counseling center (Figure 6)

Such a question mark, which highlights the object of propaganda for pregnant women, expresses the meaning of asking questions and consultations, and the expression of the image is amazing.

(3) Advertising in the Botanical Garden (Figure 7)

This is not only an advertisement, but also a map showing the address of the botanical garden, the location of the street and the subway station, and the design is very clever.

Third, the competition problem of civil airport advertising

1. Airport advertising needs to face up to competition issues

The issue of competition is a prominent problem facing civil airports. Since the reform and opening up, competition between local advertising companies, local advertising companies and multinational advertising companies, as well as the challenges of talents, the challenges of technological development, and the challenges of financial strength The problem has never stopped.

2. The main performance of airport advertising competition

Performance of one of domestic domestic advertising competition

(1) The local advertising competition environment is opaque

There are a few words in the airport advertising industry. "Advertising is to do relationships," "Advertising is very dark," and "Advertising is very profitable." Unfair competition derived from monopoly, power, relationship, and human factors erodes the advertising industry and distort advertising. Operation, damaging legitimate competition and legitimate business. Advertising prices are not open, opaque offers, black box operations, and improper use of talents are typical examples of unfair competition. The opaque competitive environment has caused great harm to the development of the advertising industry.

(2) The disadvantage of local advertising

Due to the huge development potential of the advertising industry, although many emerging advertising companies have sprung up every year, more and more advertising companies have closed down each year due to poor management. The reason is nothing more than the survival of the fittest, the strong survive. Civil airport advertising companies are at a disadvantage in terms of talents, experience, technology, and brand effectiveness.

Performance 2 Competition of strong foreign brands

(1) Foreign-funded advertising companies lead China

According to statistics, the top 10 advertising companies in the world have all set up joint ventures in China. From 2001 to 2006, at least 6 foreign-invested advertising companies entered the top 10 of China's advertising revenue rankings, except for foreign-invested advertising companies in 2004. In addition to the shock caused by the localization crisis in China, the top five are occupied by foreign companies. In 2003, foreign investment accounted for 86.02% of the turnover of the top 10 advertising companies, the highest proportion in 6 years; in 2001-2002, the ratio exceeded 74%; in 2003-2005, the proportion exceeded 80%; but since 2004 Going lower, especially in 2006, it fell to 68.35%.

(2) Advantages of foreign advertising companies

Foreign advertising companies will never ignore China's vibrant but relatively weak advertising market, and they are accelerating the benefits of China's accession to the WTO. Before China joined the WTO, many foreign-funded advertising companies have set up branches in China to participate in the Chinese advertising market, and have shown the strength of foreign-funded advertising companies in terms of talents, capital, technology and services. At present, foreign-funded advertising companies not only have the status of equal competition with local advertising companies in China, but also have the advantages of advertising talents, huge operating capital, advanced management system and rich advertising operation experience that we do not have. They will acquire and merge local small and medium-sized advertising companies with the strategic direction of capturing the dominant position in the Chinese advertising market. Local small and medium-sized advertising companies will also accept foreign and multinational advertising companies for their own interests. Foreign advertising companies will become specific The disadvantages of the region are advantages, occupying the advantages of time, place and people, which will inevitably further increase the competitive pressure and survival crisis of local small and medium-sized advertising companies.

Similarly, civil airport advertising companies are generally at a disadvantage in terms of talent, experience, planning ability, design level, brand efficiency, and management services. Faced with such a severe situation, if civilian airport advertising companies do not adapt to the changes in the market and the development of the industry, they will inevitably decline or even perish in the fierce competition.

Performance of the third technology development competition

The progress of science and technology is changing with each passing day, and the advertising field is gradually expanding. From the perspective of the media environment, emerging media emerges in an endless stream. The vigorous development of emerging media such as mobile advertising, online advertising, IP and mobile digital TV has made the competition among media increasingly diversified, providing huge development space for the advertising industry. The advertising industry has brought severe challenges. The development of communication technology has led to an increase in the export of information. The choice of the audience has increased freely, diverting the objects of airport advertising, and then dividing the market. The following is a specific analysis of mobile advertising and online advertising:

(1) Challenges brought by mobile advertising

Mobile phones evolve from communication tools to information processing tools and mobile terminals with their compatibility, integration and personal characteristics, and become an important means for people to obtain information and communicate with each other. According to the statistics of iResearch, a professional research and consulting institution, the scale of China's wireless advertising market reached 500 million yuan in 2006, and the mobile phone SMS advertising market scale was 330 million yuan, accounting for 66% of this market size, becoming the mainstream unlimited advertising form. Although wireless media advertising is still very simple and small, it is a new growth point for future development.

(1) The challenge brought by online advertising

The Internet has brought together the advantages of traditional media such as newspapers, radio, television, etc., and has realized the non-regionality of information transmission, the infiniteness of information production, the infiniteness of information links, the interaction and openness of communication, and has rapidly developed in China. There are already 80 million netizens. Online advertising can create better conditions for advertising targeting specific groups of people. Internet interactive functions and segmented information can easily gather audiences with the same preferences, needs and levels. In the form of online advertising multimedia and hypertext format files, such as the introduction of large-size, high-definition, and pop-up pop-up advertisements and video advertisements in the form of Flash, it is more convenient for the audience to query certain types of advertisements, which are well-defined in the target market. The car, real estate, IT industry advertisers are favored, and these advertisers are one of the most important customer groups for airport advertising. iResearch shows that in 2006, China's online advertising market revenue (excluding revenue from pipeline agents, the same below) reached 4.98 billion yuan, an increase of 48.2% over 2005; it is estimated that by 2010, China's online advertising market will reach 15.7 billion yuan.

Performance of the four advertising talent training competition

The development of the Chinese civil airport advertising industry in the future, and even the development of China's advertising industry, depends on whether China's advertising industry has a strong professional knowledge, a keen eye for market changes, systematic research on advertising theory, and knows the actual operation. High quality talent team. However, the status quo is that although the Chinese advertising industry has a large number of employees, there are a shortage of high-end professionals, and there are a shortage of advertising elites with experience in international advertising operations. High-level integrated marketing, communication planning, and advertising production talents are seriously inadequate. Relying on college education can no longer meet the needs of industry talents. Higher education can only be a primary practitioner with certain labor literacy. The cultivation of high-quality professional talents must be completed by the industry itself. Therefore, we believe that a complete set of industry training and industry re-education system should be established in order to ensure the upgrading of talents in the industry.

Performance of five advertising production professional competition

Compared with airport advertising companies in developed countries and regions, China's airport advertising production equipment and materials appear to be lagging or even aging. Computer painting, computer engraving and other technologies have been widely used in the past two years; many large light boxes are still in production. The stage of manual labeling; high-tech instruments such as laser mapping are extremely low in domestic use; the overall quality of the advertising practitioners is still low, and the level of advertising operations needs to be improved.

Fourth, the management of civil airport advertising

1. Airport advertising management is extensive

Civil airport advertising enterprises, and even the entire domestic advertising market, generally have extensive management. The management problem has become a bottleneck problem for airport advertising companies. In 2006, China's advertising turnover reached 157.3 billion yuan. There are 1.04 million employees in the advertising industry in China, and 143,000 advertising business units. The per-capita advertising turnover is very low. In addition, the advertising business units and advertising companies are highly homogenized, and the management is arbitrarily large, and no good management system has been established. In such a context, competition has become more intense, and there has been a phenomenon of vicious competition.

2. The main performance of airport advertising management issues

One of the performance "incentive mechanism" is out of touch with the market competition environment

The advertising industry is a high value-added industry. It is the most talkative, most talkative, and most humane industry. Its business performance is directly related to the individual's professional quality and relationship quality, and directly related to individual efforts. The issue of talent is a key issue. To retain talents, innovation must be made in terms of employment mechanism and salary. However, civil airport advertising enterprises, as state-owned enterprises, have basically no new breakthroughs in this area, resulting in serious loss of talents. The lack of position makes the planning ability and design ability of airport advertising enterprises seriously lag behind. The backwardness of planning ability and design ability directly leads to the insufficient utilization and excavation of airport media, and the waste of resources is serious.

Performance 2 "Business Mechanism" is out of touch with the market competition environment

Today's world advertising industry has moved from "full agency" to "integrated information service" type, while China's advertising management is only to provide advertising design and production as well as pure media agency services, "plan-oriented, creative-centered, comprehensive service The concept of advertising business is still far from being universally implemented and implemented in China's advertising operations, especially in the airport advertising industry. Information services are only in the initial stage of understanding, and most advertising companies do not have the market research function. Guangzhou Baiyun Airport has obvious cases in this respect. Before 2001, the income has been maintained at around 20 million, the profit is 8 million yuan, and the first year after the transformation of the operating mechanism, the income has reached 40 million yuan and the profit is 19 million yuan. Good grades. Similar situations have occurred in Beijing Airport, Shanghai Airport and Shenzhen Airport, and they are also found in other airports. According to statistics, nearly 80% of the 152 civil airport advertising companies in the country are still in a relatively simple state of advertising operations, mainly selling media, and management methods and related management systems are relatively backward.

Figure: Comparison of income before and after the operation of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

Performance 3 "management mechanism" is out of touch with the market competition environment

At present, civil airport enterprises still adopt a management system that integrates management and review, which causes false advertising phenomena to occur from time to time. At the same time, there is no market environment of fair competition, and the business order is quite chaotic. The operation of advertising enterprises in civil airports is not the competition of service quality and work performance, but the unfair competition in power, relationship and price, which will inevitably lead to serious state-owned assets. Loss, huge waste of advertising resources.

V. Service problems of advertising in civil airports

1. The importance of airport advertising services

When Bill Gates came to China in 2003, he announced that Microsoft will no longer profit from selling software in the future, but will make profits by providing services.

Establishing a closer relationship with customers through quality service has become the key to the development of many industries.

2. Main performance of airport advertising service issues

The service problem is a problem that civil airport advertising companies must face squarely. As a manager and operator of the airport media, civil airport advertising enterprises, due to monopoly operations, have led to the poor service awareness, inflexible service means and lack of innovative spirit of most advertising enterprises in civilian airports.

One of the performances is relatively primitive in the selection and maintenance of advertisers.

For the advertising operation of civil airports, customers are the first important. Without advertisers, there is no advertising operation. Customers are the lifeblood of the advertising industry. The advertising companies of civil airports are still relatively primitive in the development, competition and selection of advertisers. The phenomenon of waiting for customers to visit is relatively common. The ability to go out is small and the ability to open up external markets is relatively weak. At the same time, in the maintenance of customers, there are still more serious bureaucracy, demanding more, less listening, less problem solving, and an official style of "the emperor's daughter does not marry."

Performance 2 is relatively sloppy in the implementation of advertising market research

Market research is the basis for companies to develop marketing planning nuclear marketing plans, and advertising planning is subject to and serve marketing planning. Therefore, market research is also very important for airport advertising companies.

Airport advertising companies can conduct market research in two ways. One is to commission a professional market research company to do it, and the other is to do it by themselves. The enterprise can set up a market research department to take charge of this work. Civil airport advertising companies basically do not have a special advertising market research institution. In this respect, they have not attracted enough attention from civil airport advertising companies. They are more sloppy in the implementation of the survey results, and they are more casual, often relying on experience and feelings. To engage in advertising activities, this situation is not compatible with the development of the civil airport advertising industry.

Performance 3 is relatively random in the development of advertising plans

Civil airport advertising operators are relatively poorly planned, often planning to keep up with changes and neglecting the formulation of plans. The randomness is quite obvious, and it still stays in experience and feelings. This is also incompatible with the development of the civil airport advertising industry.

Performance 4 is relatively lacking in the ability to execute ads

Civil airport advertising operators are still not perfect and accurate in the execution of advertisements. Unless the cases of the main leaders are supervised, due to the quality problems of personnel and environmental conditions, there is always a lack of perfection, and customer satisfaction is not high. Customer satisfaction is not enough, which will definitely affect the effectiveness of advertising.

Performance 5 lacks attention in evaluation of advertising effectiveness

·The need for evaluation of advertising effectiveness

First, the evaluation of advertising effectiveness helps to accurately grasp the development of advertising activities and analyze changes in the copyright market;

Second, the evaluation of advertising effectiveness helps to understand the impact of advertising and confirm its role;

Third, the evaluation of advertising effectiveness helps to analyze the identity of consumers and clarify the effectiveness of advertising investment;

Fourth, the evaluation of advertising effectiveness helps to adjust the advertising strategy at any time in the dynamic;

Fifth, the evaluation of advertising effectiveness helps to find problems and opportunities, and provides a basis for the next step of advertising.

·The evaluation of advertising effectiveness

The evaluation of the effectiveness of the advertisement should be consistent throughout the advertising campaign, involving all aspects of the advertising campaign, and comparing the effectiveness of the advertising with the expected goals to see if the goals are met. Advertising effects are complex, cumulative, slow-acting, indirect, and wear-loss. The evaluation of advertising effectiveness can be applied to these characteristics, and comprehensive consideration of the factors affecting the effectiveness of advertising, from the following four aspects:

First, analyze the impact of advertising on product sales from the perspective of advertisers, that is, advertisers;

Second, analyze the impact of advertising on product image and sales from the perspective of dealers;

Third, analyze the perception of the product by the consumer from the perspective of the consumer;

Fourth, from the analysis of the status of market competitors, the impact of the placement of advertisements on product market share.

·Evaluation of the effectiveness of airport advertising

Civil airport advertising companies lack an evaluation system for the effectiveness of advertising operations. Therefore, there is no good advertising effectiveness evaluation program in advertising planning. There is no pre-designed evaluation content, evaluation time, evaluation method and evaluation method, which often leads to problems in the past. Repeatedly, the good aspects have not continued to carry forward, and the poor aspects have not been corrected in time, which will inevitably affect the development of the scientific norms of the civil airport advertising industry.

Thinking and discussion:

1. We have roughly classified and summarized the existing outstanding problems in the national advertising industry, but not only these five? Are there still some potential problems that we have not realized, or are we neglected?

2. When we analyzed the advertising agency system, we proposed to pay attention to the combination of the advertising agency system and the characteristics of the local and airport. This is just a reminder, but how should we introduce the advertising agency system? How to measure the degree of compliance between the advertising agency system and the actual situation in the local area? Is there a specific standard for reference?

3. At present, the customer group has higher and higher requirements for advertising. This is not only reflected in the requirements for advertising design, but also in the requirements for advertising planning, but airport advertising is not able to meet these needs very well. How to improve the level of advertising design planning to further improve the marketing effect of advertising?

4. At present, major airports across the country have begun to pay more attention to increasing the scale of advertising, but can the advertising revenue increase with the expansion of scale? Therefore, how to further increase the operating income and profits should be a problem we need to pay more attention to.

5. With the internationalization and marketization of China's economy, the competition problem in the development of the airport advertising industry has become more and more prominent. We have proposed “domestic competition”, “competition of foreign brands” and “technology”. The performance of several specific competition issues such as “competition brought about by development”, “competition of talents” and “professional competition”, but is our analysis of these performances correct? Is there any other competition problem?

"Current Status and Development Trend of Civil Airport Advertising Industry" (1)

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