Kunshan builds a superior trading platform for domestic import companies

Kunshan builds a superior trading platform for domestic import companies The first China International Import Fair, sponsored by the China International Chamber of Commerce and the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government, will be held on March 29-31, 2012 at the Kunshan International Convention and Exhibition Center in Jiangsu Province . It will establish a superior trading platform for domestic import companies.

The expo is China's first professional trading platform to promote and expand imports based on Jiangsu, serving the country, and the world. The exhibition focused on expanding the import of advanced technology and equipment, key components, domestic shortages, new energy and energy conservation and environmental protection. Products, etc., set up four new professional equipment exhibition and trading areas, information technology display trading areas, branded consumer goods display and trading areas, and four professional exhibition areas for environmental technology equipment, new materials, and other high-tech display trading areas.

New technology equipment area - including metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, special processing machine tools and related equipment, inspection and measurement equipment, numerical control systems and equipment, rail transportation technology and equipment, advanced medical equipment, textile machinery, printing machinery, track Traffic technology and equipment, digital display devices and machine tool electrical appliances, machine tool parts and auxiliary equipment, abrasives and tools, tools, tools and fixtures and related products.

Information Technology Zone - including communications and networking products, industrial automation information technology and software, integrated circuits and electronic components, information security, power supplies and related products, e-commerce, high-performance computer hardware and software, new monitors, the latest digital communications equipment, Sensors and related products, display and audiovisual products, safety monitoring equipment, electronic manufacturing equipment, etc.

Environmental protection equipment, new materials and other high-tech zones - including waste treatment and recycling technology and equipment, water treatment technologies and equipment, energy-saving technologies and equipment, air pollution prevention technologies and equipment, new energy technologies and equipment, and circular economy Resource regeneration and comprehensive utilization of technology and equipment.

Branded consumer goods area - including all kinds of brand cosmetics, clothing, jewelry, watches, gifts, wine and so on.

During the expo, various activities such as international summit forums, thematic exchanges, new foreign technology, and new product series will be held to better help our Chinese companies to procure international advanced technology equipment and other products in a near-efficient manner. The comprehensive services of the three companies and convenient transactions can effectively meet the needs of all imported companies.

At the same time, the Expo has adopted extensive and in-depth information on import requirements and collection of purchase orders, and targeted organizations have invited foreign companies to participate in the fair to ensure the timeliness of the import and trade of exhibits. According to the import requirements of enterprises, relevant manufacturers and exporters from abroad will be invited to participate in the exhibition, and feedback from foreign exhibitors will be provided in advance so that the import enterprises can prepare for the meeting in advance.

The total scale of the expo is 50,000 square meters, and 200,000 people are expected to participate in the professional audience. Domestic companies can directly fill in the “Import Intention Information Request Form” on the official website. Exhibitors can obtain exhibiting materials and services directly from the official website and fill out the “Exhibition Application”. Visitors to the Expo can also register online and fill in the “Applicant Application”.

For more information, please visit the official website of the China International Imported Products Expo.

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