"Current Situation and Development Trend of Civil Airport Advertising Industry" (4)

"Current Situation and Development Trend of Civil Airport Advertising Industry" (4)

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Chapter Four

Development Countermeasures of Civil Airport Advertising Industry

What are the countermeasures for the development of the civil airport advertising industry?

How to find the market positioning of civil airport advertising?

What are the unique advantages of civil airport advertising?

How to promote the establishment of the civil airport advertising franchise system?

How to promote the comprehensive market operation of civil airport advertising?

How to improve the advertising management system for civil airports?

How to promote the innovation of the advertising concept of civil airports?

How to promote the diversified development of advertising services for civil airports?

The advertising resources of Chinese civil airports are an important part of the advertising resources of China's advertising industry. With the deepening of China's reform and opening up and the acceleration of economic globalization, informationization and marketization, the advertising operation of China's civil airports faces new development opportunities and challenges, and will certainly show broad development prospects.

First, find the market positioning of civil airport advertising

1. Identify the market positioning

·Market positioning

Advertising requires advertising target planning, which is to analyze who is the audience of advertising information, what is its characteristics, and then scientifically conduct advertising positioning. Since the advertisement shoulders the task of communicating between the advertiser and the consumer, the advertisement positioning must clarify the market positioning of the product, and then establish the position of the advertisement in the target market, so as to improve the recognition of the advertisement information by the advertisement object.

·The role of market positioning

Identifying the market positioning of airport advertising development can solve the following three aspects of confusion:

First, solve the confusion of how to develop;

Second, to solve the confusion caused by the development trend of the agency system during the transition period;

Third, how to form the confusion of core competitiveness.

2. The significance of the positioning of the civil airport advertising market

·Special advantages of civil airport advertising

Give full play to the advantages of civil airports and carefully analyze market customers in order to identify the market positioning of civil airport advertisements. The advertising advantages of civil airports are:

Environmental Advantages Civil airports are important transportation hubs and foreign exchange portals for a country or region. They are a distribution center for people, logistics, and information flows. Each city airport is a hot spot for customer advertising.

Business Advantages The operation of airport advertising media has a special property, the so-called franchise. This is not a simple industry monopoly, but the franchise determined by the ownership of assets makes the entry threshold higher.

Service Advantages Since civil airport advertisements are managed by airports, the external containment is relatively small, thus ensuring the stability of media settings and the continuity of advertisements.

Industry Coordination Advantages Civil aviation, the advertising industry, and advertisers have very close contacts and exchanges, exchange information on a regular basis, and can support each other in the usual business, friendly cooperation, and industry coordination advantages.

·Advertising client for civil airport

From an industry perspective

In 2006, among the categories put into the advertising industry, the top five rankings were in the real estate, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and automotive industries. The advertising revenues were: 16 billion yuan, 14.9 billion yuan, 13.58 billion yuan, 10.91 billion yuan. Yuan, 9.67 billion yuan.

Figure-2006 Advertising Industry Distribution

For the civil airport advertising industry, automotive, IT, finance, insurance and other products account for 50%, mostly domestic famous brands and international brands; while high-end cosmetics, medicines account for about 30%. In addition to the above advertisements, small and medium-sized airports include advertisements for restaurants and real estate.

From a geographical perspective

From a geographical perspective, it can be roughly divided into three categories:

The first category is the large-scale brand customers that are launched nationwide. They have high grades and strong bearing on the price of advertising. They require prominent publishing positions and services in place. Generally, they are preferred to enter the three major airports. Sometimes it is delivered at several airports above the medium level;

The second category is regional customers who choose the airport in the corresponding region according to the product marketing strategy. These customers have slightly lower requirements for advertising media location than one type of customer, but pay more attention to media quality and release price;

The third category is local placement of customers, including some customers with more random random advertisements, who mainly advertise at local airports.

·The direction of the positioning of the civil airport advertising market

Based on the above analysis, we believe that the market for civil airport advertising should be mainly positioned at:

Large-scale brand customers nationwide;

Supplemented by regional branded customers;

It is supplemented by a local brand.

In addition, the market must be promoted in the car, IT, finance, high-end cosmetics, medical advertising, supplemented by meal camps, real estate.

Second, promote the establishment of civil airport advertising franchise system

1. Establishment and development of the franchise system

Franchise airport franchise operation mode refers to the government granting the airport management company the right to operate the airport. The airport management company then selects the provider of the airport commercial service through bidding and other competitive methods, and has the airport operating rights. Certain operational resources or projects are transferred to them for operation and are subject to certain franchise fees. The airport will no longer be directly responsible for operational projects, leaving these to other professional companies, while focusing on the planning, construction and management of the airport.

International Airport's use of the franchise system

The franchise operation mode is a new type of airport operation mode, which has been widely applied and promoted in foreign airports. The franchise rights of international airport transfer projects mainly include aviation fuel supply, aviation catering services, airport advertising, duty-free shops, hotel services, freight services, etc. This mode of operation has achieved great success abroad.

Small example:

From 2000 to 2005, Hong Kong Airport passenger throughput compounded by 4.2%, far lower than the average growth rate of 17%-18% in mainland China, but its profit growth is still very impressive. In the six years from 2000 to 2005, its profit margin was an ultra-high-speed growth of 86.8% per year. Especially after the commercial retail franchise reform in 2002, Hong Kong's airport profit compound growth rate reached 47.6%, including the decline in profits due to the impact of SARS in 2003. Although the commercial retail franchise initially reduced the amount of retail revenue to a certain extent, its role in compressing management costs and improving operational efficiency is obvious.

This performance has also been clearly reflected in the performance of the Capital Airport. After the implementation of the franchise reform at the end of 2005, the Capital Airport achieved a good performance of 2% revenue growth and 20% net profit growth in 2006.

2. The significance of promoting the establishment of the franchise system in the airport

· Civil Aviation Administration of China advocates the transformation of the airport

The implementation plan for the new civil airport fee reform has been introduced and will be implemented on March 1, 2008. Around the airport to improve management level and service quality, the reformed charging policy proposes that the main industry's fees will be managed to a certain extent, and the charges for non-main businesses will gradually become market-oriented. The Civil Aviation Administration of China advocates the transformation of the airport into a management type, positioning the responsibility of the airport management agency as the planning, development, safety and operation management of the airport, rather than directly participating in the direct operation of the ground services and commercial services of passengers, cargo owners and airlines. business.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China has determined that the airports in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Xiamen will be piloted with a franchise model. Beijing Capital Airport has actively promoted this work since 2005 and achieved great results. Although non-aeronautical revenues have decreased, due to the significant reduction in operating costs, the pre-tax profit has increased.

· The establishment of the franchise system is of great significance to the development of the airport

Promoting the establishment of the civil airport advertising franchise system can make the airport focus on management, help to reduce the monopoly caused by the direct provision of services by the airport, and improve the quality of service. It is an effective means for the commercial conversion mechanism of the national airport, and it is civilian. Airport advertising enterprises overcome their own management and operation capabilities, low planning and design capabilities, and give full play to the effective means of media resources.

At the first airport summit held in Shanghai, Wu Nianzu, president of Shanghai Airport Group Corporation, revealed that Shanghai Airport (including Pudong Airport and Hongqiao Airport) has established a complete theoretical framework for airport franchising. Airport franchising has been established as an important part of Shanghai Airport. Business model.

Third, promote the comprehensive market operation of civil airport advertising

1. Comprehensive market operation

As far as the advertising industry is concerned, most of the current situation is still based on "institutions, enterprise management", lack of market price assessment system and corresponding market-oriented policies. Marketization of management, management, capital, and talents is far from being developed. . Promoting the comprehensive market-oriented operation of civil airport advertising enterprises is to promote the market-oriented operation of media management, advertising agency, talent introduction and project cooperation in civil airports, and to closely link the market changes outside the enterprise with the internal production operations, and to internalize the enterprises. The transaction is transferred from the plan to the market and can accurately respond to the changing business environment.

2. Promote the comprehensive market-oriented operation of airport advertisements

One of the contents to promote the market-oriented operation of airport media management

Promoting the market-oriented operation of media management means selling the right to operate the media in the form of open tenders, allowing the market to determine the value of the airport media.

Content 2 Promote the market operation of airport advertising agencies

Most of the civil airport advertising agency companies have obtained some or all of the operating rights of the airport media in a relatively "special" way. Some units even use the banner of separation of ownership and management rights, and divide the state assets by the name of the restructuring, resulting in airport media resources. The loss of the market, the promotion of the marketization of airport advertising agencies, that is, to rationalize the relationship between airport advertising agencies and airport media managers, so that they operate independently according to market-based rules, each performing their duties.

Content 3 Promote the market-oriented operation of the talent mechanism

The employment mechanism of civil airport advertising enterprises is still relatively rigid, cadres can not go up, employees can not enter, the incentive and restraint mechanisms are generally not in place, leading to serious brain drain, seriously affecting the operation quality of airport advertising. Promoting the marketization of the talent mechanism means doing things according to the market rules in the employment mechanism, winning the fittest and maintaining the vitality of the civil airport advertising industry.

Content 4 Promote the market operation of project cooperation

The choice of civil airport advertising enterprise project partners mainly considers rights, relationships and friendships. Basically, there is no choice of partners through market and market competition. The openness is poor and the transparency is not high, resulting in many project cooperation. To the expected goal, even the emergence of unfair competition. Promoting the market-oriented operation of media project cooperation is to select project partners through open, fair and just market principles to ensure that the implementation of the project achieves the intended purpose.

Fourth, improve the civil airport advertising management system

1. Sound management system

The improvement of the civil airport advertising management system is a very basic work. The civil airport advertising company is relatively lacking in this respect. The decision to “slap the head” also occupies a certain market. Only when the company’s advertising is ruled, can we guarantee The effectiveness of ad serving. At the same time, the quality of the enterprise media practitioners, the quality of advertising agents directly affect the effectiveness of advertising. Only by strengthening management and improving their own quality can enterprises fundamentally guarantee the effect of advertising.

2. Improve the content of the airport advertising management system

It mainly includes “feasibility argumentation system”, “annual budget control system”, “distribution control system”, “post-evaluation system”, “procurement management system” and so on.

One of the contents

Execution of all advertising projects should also require a feasibility analysis to predict the consequences of its operations and the risks that can be generated, and conduct in-depth and detailed project evaluation. If the project is reviewed, there is neither a scientific feasibility analysis nor a project evaluation. It is possible to generate operational risks by simply making decision-making loans from the decision maker's subjective experience.

Content 2 Annual Budget Control System

The annual budget control is to weave a detailed budget or plan for the various economic operations of the enterprise in advance, and authorize the relevant departments to carry out all-round control of funds, cost, investment, etc. in the implementation process according to the budget or plan, on the budget or plan. Perform the necessary analysis and assessment to identify problems and possible vulnerabilities to further improve internal control.

· Necessity - Formulating an annual budget control system

The annual budget control system is the basis for the annual operation of the airport advertising company. It is the core of the company's operation and management system. It runs through all aspects of the company's management activities and is an important way to improve the overall performance and management level of the company.

First, the formulation of an annual budget control system will help achieve full participation, coordinate the goals and activities of various departments, and enable employees to have consistent recognition of the concept, values, and corporate culture of airport advertising companies, and fully mobilize departments and levels. The enthusiasm and initiative of the staff.

Second, the formulation of an annual budget control system will help to achieve institutionalized and procedural management, and implement a comprehensive budget as an idea within the airport advertising, so that employees at all levels and levels can be self-motivated and self-disciplined.

Third, the formulation of an annual budget control system will help to achieve a combination of long-term planning and short-term planning, so that the long-term development strategy of airport advertising companies is reflected in comprehensive budget management.

Fourth, the formulation of the annual budget control system will help to achieve a combination of the management process and management results. Through the overall budget management, the overall planning and management process of the entire advertising activities of the airport advertising company will be controlled and the results of the business activities will be evaluated. .

Content 3

The release control system is an important means for the management of civil airport advertising enterprises. It is the maintenance system of enterprises. In order to ensure the effective conduct of business activities, enterprises protect the security and integrity of assets, prevent, detect and correct errors and fraud.

Content IV After- the- fact evaluation system

Establishing a good time evaluation system can avoid recurrence of problems in the project management process, follow-up analysis of project completion, focus on summing up experience, and give promotion, timely correcting wrong decisions and learning lessons, and also on good aspects. Can continue to carry forward.

Content Five Purchasing Management System

The establishment of a procurement management system is conducive to strengthening the management of expenditures, improving the utilization rate of funds, increasing the transparency of procurement links, standardizing procurement behavior, and known corruption in the procurement process. For the formulation of the procurement management system, we can start from the following aspects:

First, strengthen the planning management of procurement. According to the annual demand material plan and warehouse inventory, the supply plan is completed.

Second, strengthen the management of the subscription contract. The signing of the order contract is an economic responsibility and must be signed by the same department. Before signing the contract, the relevant departments and production units should be consulted so that the purchased materials meet the quality requirements, the use department is satisfied, and the purchase contract is registered at the same time, so that it is convenient to handle the timely payment procedures.

Third, strengthen the management of relevant personnel. Clarify the responsibilities of the relevant personnel in the procurement process, such as: the materials into the warehouse to carry out joint operations of quality inspectors, warehouse managers, and purchasers, strictly check the quality and quantity of materials, so that the pallets are consistent, and the quality of materials is good. The procurement salesman strictly performs his duties and selects the cheap and high quality of the purchase. The personnel of the supply must master the information of the market economy and ensure that the supply of materials is timely, quality and quantity.

V. Promoting the innovation of advertising concept for civil airports

1. Innovation of business philosophy

The so-called innovative business philosophy is to liberate from the traditional business philosophy in order to adapt to the current marketization and internationalization and deep development, establish a modern business philosophy, transform the development mode, and achieve sound and rapid development. Promoting the "innovation" of the advertising concept of civil airports is a problem that must be solved first. Business philosophy can often reflect the guiding ideology and forward-looking and predictive nature of a company's development, with fundamental and strategic significance.

The innovation of business philosophy is to use various methods to reconstruct existing business models, create new value for customers, make competitors unprepared and bring new wealth to investors. For start-ups, innovation in business philosophy is the only way to succeed when faced with a huge resource disadvantage; for the leader, this is the only way to succeed. Business philosophy innovation is an innovative imagination that vividly imagines new business models or new methods, and new business models or new business methods make existing business models or business methods obsolete. And introduce more strategic changes within an industry or competitive field, thereby changing the competitive base of an industry or a field, and creating new wealth.

2. The content of the innovation of airport advertising business concept

The innovation of business philosophy mainly includes: “cultural innovation”, “management innovation”, “marketing innovation”, “market innovation”, “service innovation”, “technical innovation” and so on.

One of the contents, cultural innovation

Cultural innovation refers to the innovation of corporate culture. A successful innovation must be carried out under the premise that the company is willing to take innovative activities. Whether it is the friendship between people or the atmosphere filled in the enterprise, it will affect the success or failure of innovation activities, and the corporate culture is shaping these Informal interpersonal relationships and the main driving force of the corporate climate. A creative work atmosphere will give employees a sense of trust and reduce distrust of the innovation team between departments.

Content 2 Management Innovation

Airport advertising enterprise management innovation is the process of constantly re-adjusting talents, capital and technology elements according to market and social changes, adapting to market by knowledge innovation, meeting market demand, and achieving the daily standard of its own benefits and social responsibilities.

For a company, management innovation is the foundation of enterprise innovation. In the history of enterprise development, every change in the property rights system, every technological innovation is accompanied by management innovation. Every management innovation is manifested in the wider application of knowledge in management and the further scientific and systematic management. Through management innovation, re-integration of talents, capital, technology and other factors, so that various production factors and production conditions are optimized, and the company's own strength and market competitiveness are further enhanced, thus laying a foundation for continuous innovation.

Content 3 Marketing Innovation

Marketing innovation refers to innovations in marketing strategies, channels, methods, and advertising promotion planning.

Small example:

After establishing the “customer-centered” marketing concept, Chongqing Ping An Property & Casualty has always maintained its concern for “people”. It organizes customer service festivals every year. This activity has become a weapon of competition and the first in the industry. The “National Compensation Service” was proposed. Through the innovation of this series of marketing methods, Chongqing Ping An Property Insurance was insured by a US-owned power plant and won high praise from customers.

Content 4 Market Innovation

Generally speaking, market innovation refers to enterprise innovators who are the main players in the market economy. By introducing and realizing the commercialization and marketization of various new market factors, they can open up new markets, expand market share, and promote enterprise survival. And development of new market research, development, organization and management activities. In different stages of market development, market innovations have also changed.

The market innovation of airport advertising companies is usually carried out with technological innovation and organizational management innovation, and is a creative market development activity. Airport advertising enterprises can adapt to market changes and market demand changes, give full play to the advantages of the company, focus on innovation at the right time for innovation, focus on innovation, expand the innovation domain, and carry out three-dimensional innovation.

Content Five Service Innovation

Service innovation is an important source of improving the service quality of civil airport advertising enterprises. In order to improve service quality and create new market value, in the service process, applying new ideas, new technologies to improve, transform existing service processes and service products, improve the present There are service quality and service efficiency, expanding service scope, updating service content, adding new service projects, creating new value for customers, and finally forming a competitive advantage.

Content Six Technology Innovation

For civil airport enterprises, technological innovation refers not only to the commercial application of independent innovation technology, but also to the innovative application of legally acquired new technologies developed by others or technologies that have entered the public domain to create market advantages.

Under the normal market economy conditions, if airport advertising companies want to continuously introduce high-quality products to the market, they must rely not only on the power support provided by capital operation, but also on the technical guarantee provided by technological innovation. Without technological innovation, any high-quality R&D and production will become empty talk.

Therefore, in the fierce international competition, if enterprises want to obtain sustained profits and control the commanding heights of market excess profits, they must construct high-efficiency scientific and technological innovation concepts. This high efficiency is not only reflected in the ability and speed of technological innovation, but also The ability to transform scientific and technological innovation into real productivity is strong and fast.

Civil airport advertising companies have monopoly resources, and the operating pressure is generally small. The understanding and experience of these innovative ideas may not be very deep. Can you have a clear understanding and adopt a proactive strategy, which is related to the breakthrough and management of management. development of.

6. Promoting the diversification of advertising services in civil airports

1. Diversification of airport advertising services

Modern airport advertising service is a diversified service system. With the maturity of the advertising market, the advertising group's service to the advertising company is no longer satisfied. The advertising company only conducts market research, advertising planning, design and production, media selection, advertising effect measurement, etc. In terms of agency services, the advertising company is required to unite all communication activities and integrate the activities of public relations, promotion, direct sales, new product development, pricing, packaging and access into the work of the enterprise. This new concept has changed from the original advertising operation to the operation of the market integrated marketing communication as the ultimate goal, so that the concept and service content of the advertising company should be adapted to the requirements of the advertising customer group.

2. Diversified content of airport advertising industry services

The diversification of civil airport advertising industry needs to establish a customer service concept, which is manifested in the following two aspects:

One of the performances

Service positioning refers to the clear corporate identity provided by the advertising company for customers and employees, including professional types and development directions. The more clear the positioning, the more obvious the advantage, the more likely it is to have a differential advantage in the competition. The clearer the direction, the more prominent the goal, and the easier it is to get approval, the overall service is often reflected in a paragraph they put forward.

Small example:

Dentsu provides customers with "all-round information exchange services", Zhiwei Tangxun proposes "brand full-service planning", Ogilvy & Mather positioning as "brand steward", Jingxin proposes "brand future", and Yang Biluokai proposes "brand science" Dapis proposed "brand roulette."

Performance 2 Service Strategy

Talents keep up with development and management keeps up with technology. In the future market, there is an important factor that can make airport advertising companies stand out. That is the service, how to add value to the brand of airport advertising, and lead in the industry. We believe that there are three service strategies:

First of all, we must focus on the interests of our customers, do our best, and review them from time to time. We can manage our customers, build social relationships, create loyal customers, and provide the most effective services to our customers. . In the course of operation, it is the responsibility of airport advertisers to not despise customers and constantly strive to reach a consensus between customers and advertising companies.

Secondly, the realization of the transformation from serving a print advertisement to serving a company's product brand is brought about by the international 4A enterprise. 4A means the abbreviation of THE ASSOCIATION OF ACCREDITED ADVERTISING AGENTS. The 4A Association has strict standards for member companies. All 4A advertising companies are large-scale comprehensive multinational advertising agencies. They have a long experience in the industry, and they have a set of experience accumulated over the years in the operation process and strategy. When they operate an advertising case, they will avoid many risks and achieve the best market effect. Compared with domestic enterprises, 4A advertising companies have strengthened the barriers to advertising. Not everyone can do well, but have a service concept and method.

Finally, the idea of ​​responsible for the sales of the company is put into the service idea. The whole process of advertising services of international large-scale advertising companies can be divided into preliminary research, planning, creativity, production, and later media, release, monitoring, and at the same time intervene in the channels, training, and terminal settings in marketing.

Small example:

In 1987, the internationally renowned advertising company McCann Advertising Company proposed to become the world's best advertising service organization, rather than a simple advertising company. Its main goal is to become a leading brand in the world market, not just in the world. The scope of the advertisement. The extension of the service tentacles makes the multinational companies like McCann more powerful and closer to the requirements of customers and the market.

In summary, only like the McCann advertising company, on the one hand, there is a service idea, the customer's business as a matter of their own, to achieve a full mutual trust and collusion; on the one hand they have the substance of the service That is, the overall operational strength in research, planning, creativity, public relations, media, consulting, marketing, and marketing. Together, these two services are the key to their success.

Thinking and discussion:

1. After research on the positioning of the airport advertising market, we have obtained three positioning directions and divided the customers into primary and secondary. Is this positioning accurate? The development level of China's airports is different, and some even have great differences. Therefore, should we propose different positioning for airports of different development levels?

2. The operation mode of the franchise system can be promoted and applied to all aspects including advertising, shops, passenger and freight services. From the example of the Beijing Capital Airport, it has indeed achieved very good results, but why is it only the Capital Airport currently implemented? Is the Capital Airport equipped with conditions not available at other domestic airports? What are these conditions? How should other airports improve to obtain these conditions?

3. The comprehensive market-oriented operation of airport advertising that we analyze here includes: airport media management, advertising agency, talent introduction, and market-oriented operation of project cooperation. Is there any other aspect that needs market-oriented operation? What effect should these market-oriented operations achieve?

4. The establishment and improvement of the management system is very important for all enterprises and industries, as is the airport advertising industry. However, if relevant documents and systems are formulated, but they are not well implemented, how can they assess the implementation of these systems? Who is assessed? How should the results of the assessment be linked to the incentive mechanism?

5. The business philosophy directly affects the services that the enterprise can provide. Therefore, we propose to innovate the business philosophy and provide diversified services according to the needs of the market. But how should these practices be put into specific work?


To go global, Chinese goods must be paved with high-quality and efficient advertising. In order to gain a foothold in the fierce market competition, it is necessary to use a variety of means to give full play to the propaganda role of advertising, so that it can better communicate with consumers as an information carrier. Civil airport advertising shoulders an important mission in this respect. .

Further strengthening the management and operation of the airport advertising industry is an important trend in the Chinese airport advertising industry and the world airport advertising industry. We can be responsible for the fact that it also represents the trend of the Chinese advertising industry. This research article on the airport advertising industry, we are not focusing on the correctness of the ideas or questions put forward. What is important is that we propose or provide a way of thinking and research ideas for studying the development of the airport advertising industry. It is hoped that through these studies and judgments, the employees of the airport advertising industry can be promoted to pay attention to and explore the status quo, problems, trends and countermeasures.

We believe that China's advertising road will be getting better and better, and the road to the Chinese civil airport advertising industry will be getting better and better.

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