Gold prices continued to soar and plunged, and "bungee-style" crashed to amplify investment risks

The international gold price suddenly slammed after experiencing soaring, and it continued to plummet, leaving some investors who were keen on gold investment overwhelmed. In particular, the investors who had chased the highs in the previous period of time were frustrated after the cold water poured over by the price of gold. They were even more worried that the price of gold would be turned down.

For example, Ms. He, who works in the education system, last month, when she was close to 1900 U.S. dollars per ounce at the international gold price, she listened to the saying that the price of gold would break through the 2,000 U.S. dollar mark and drained more than 80,000 yuan savings. Two gold bars with 100 grams of gold were purchased. However, the “bungarian style” plunge of gold prices was greatly beyond her expectation and she was overwhelmed.

Ms. Ho said that the ups and downs of gold prices have changed the impression of gold as a stored-value item in its mind. Ms. Ho also said that the plunge in the price of gold made him feel that the investment risk in the gold market was also high.

However, there are still many investors who believe that every sharp correction of the price of gold will, to some extent, mean the release of a risk. Therefore, some investors insist that the current sharp drop in the price of gold is an excellent opportunity for long-term investment.

After undergoing another plunge in the price of gold today, many gold investors have bucked the trend, and there is still no shortage of kilograms. However, experts pointed out that gold investment should be bought at low prices rather than at high levels. Therefore, in the long run, if you have idle funds on hand, buying gold when gold prices fall to the bottom is a good way of investing.

The physical bar repurchase transaction is also very deserted. There are very few investors who go to the gold store to buy back the cash, and the “paper gold” order slip does not increase significantly. On the contrary, the low-sucking buy orders have increased compared with the previous trading day. 30%. These phenomena justify the investment perspective of experts.

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