Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce added official microblogging to expose illegal advertising

The sixth meeting focused on the issue of netizens will be held at the provincial party committee. At the meeting, Xin Guanghui, member of the Provincial Party Committee of the Industry and Commerce Bureau and director of the Bureau of Inspection and Quarantine, introduced the completion of the false advertising rectification tasks reported by Internet users at the fifth online submission meeting.

Xin Guanghui, member of the Party Committee of the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce and Director of the Bureau of Inspection and Quarantine, said that after receiving the false advertising rectification task assigned by the provincial party committee, the secretary of the party committee and secretary of the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, Lu Binghui, attached great importance to it and requested relevant departments to actively carry out research and strengthen the construction of the mechanism. . Afterwards, the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce successively organized two joint conferences for the supervision of advertisements in the province, and together with relevant departments adopted various measures to establish a long-term mechanism for the supervision of advertisements, intensify law enforcement, and thoroughly rectify false and illegal advertisements. The specific actions are as follows:

The first is to grasp the cooperation of the departments and strive to improve the advertising and joint supervision mechanism. In recent years, the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce has formulated the Guangdong Province Advertising Supervision Joint Conference System, the Guangdong Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce and other 11 units on the implementation of the provisions of advertising violations, etc. After the meeting, the Provincial Trade and Industry Bureau and the Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department and other 10 departments Formulated the "Guangdong Advertising Supervision Joint Conference Information Notice and Law Enforcement Structure System" and strengthened the joint information and law enforcement of various functional departments to intensify efforts to strengthen and strengthen the construction and implementation of the mechanism.

The second is to catch illegal advertising announcements and focus on strengthening the supervision mechanism of public opinion. Since 2009, 11 agencies including the Administration for Industry and Commerce of Guangdong Province have implemented the system for implementing illegal advertisement announcements, the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce has insisted that every member of the joint-venture unit release semi-annual advertisements through the media, publicly expose illegal advertising, and increase exposure. In the first half of this year, illegal advertisement notices were issued twice, and 39 newspapers, advertisements, televisions, and online media released 39 medical, pharmaceutical and food advertisements. In the first half of this year, the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce increased official microblogging exposure to illegal advertisements and used microblogging to disseminate illegal advertisements to inform netizens for the first time.

The third is to ensure the protection of people's livelihood and focus on innovation and consumer rights protection mechanism. In response to the consumer disputes caused by TV shopping ads, the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce and the Provincial Bureau of Radio, Film and Television convened a symposium between provincial and Guangzhou municipal broadcast and television organizations and direct sales of radio and television companies, and signed a proposal to strengthen industry self-discipline and eliminate false advertising. The system stipulates that the minimum margin required for the operator to place advertisements in the same broadcasting organization and the amount of the goods shall not be less than 10 million. In the same organization, less than 10 kinds may pay a deposit of 10 times for each commodity when the consumer If the legitimate rights and interests of the purchase or use of advertising products provided by the operator for the purpose of watching TV ads for advertisements are damaged or damaged, and the operator fails to pay, it shall be notified by the radio and television administrative department, the administrative department for industry and commerce, and the Consumer Council. Pay the consumer first. At the same time, the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce has also intensified efforts in all aspects to earnestly safeguard the rights and interests of consumers and received relatively good results.

The fourth is to catch illegal supervision. Since the beginning of this year, the province’s industrial and commercial system has concentrated its efforts on extensive monitoring of the mainstream media such as radio, television, newspapers and periodicals, and the Internet. It has monitored more than 960,000 advertisements of various types, discovered nearly 40,000 illegal advertisements, and issued 620 cases of administrative penalties to public security officials. The authorities handed over 59 illegal cases to the media and organized legal education for advertisements, trained more than 1,200 examiners, issued 205 administrative guidance statements, conducted 197 administrative admonishments, and 377 administrative adjudicators. Functional departments such as health, administration, food, and medicine also vigorously carried out illegal rectification of false advertising in accordance with the law.

Since the task assigned by the Provincial Party Committee Office in February this year, the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce has attached great importance to it and has carried out a great deal of work. It has also achieved good results. However, because of the constraints of the system and mechanism and interests, the illegal advertising in the province still exists. The structure and mechanism of comprehensive social governance in which unlawful and illegal advertisements are held together is not yet complete, and the effectiveness of rectification work remains to be improved. The Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce will continue to establish a sound long-term governance mechanism, maintain a high-pressure trend of illegal advertisement remediation, and enhance rectification work. Effectiveness, make due contribution to the construction of happiness in Guangdong.

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