"Advantages" and "Disadvantages" of the Import and Export Freight Transport Mode

The export cargo can be selected from air transport, ocean freight, sea-rail transport, and full-rail transportation. Here I give some shallow views on the "long" and "short" transport modes. Just for your reference!

First, air transport.

1. Advantages: Short transit time, less volume, and time-critical goods.

2. Disadvantages: The price is too expensive, which greatly increases the cost.

Second, shipping.

1, advantages: relatively cheap shipping.

2. Disadvantages: It takes a long time to transport and is affected by the weather. It cannot be transported to landlocked countries and regions.

Third, sea-rail transport.

In the near-term, the sea-railway transport mode is the least cost-effective.

Reasons: Sea-to-rail combined transport takes a long time, freight is generally only cheaper than full rail transport, and because of the accumulation in the East Port, transportation time cannot be guaranteed, so for now it is best not to choose sea-rail transport.

Fourth, the entire railway transportation.

1. Advantages: Fast operation, large capacity, small impact on climate, high accuracy and continuity, short transit time, extensive railway network, and flexible transportation. If the export of bulk cargo to Russia, Ukraine, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, North Korea and other countries, the entire rail transport is the best choice.

2. Disadvantages: Since the cost of logistics has remained high, compared with shipping, the cost of railway transportation is still a bit high.

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