[1970] Zhejiang Hotel: From the "70th Project" to the New West Lake Era

The background of the construction of the Zhejiang Hotel is a little-known history in the history of the Republic. After the Lushan meeting, Lin Biao Group formulated the "May 7 One" program, one of the important contents is to build a...

Construction background of Zhejiang Hotel

This is a little-known history in the history of the Republic. After the Lushan Conference, Lin Biao Group formulated the "May 7 One" program. One of the important contents is to build a revolutionary command center. This center is located in the west of the West Lake and between the north and south peaks. It is very secretive. Because this project was opened in April 1970, it was called the "704" project. This is the predecessor of the Zhejiang Hotel.

The composition of the original "70th" project

The original "704" project covers an area of ​​307 acres, divided into two parts, the ground and the underground. There are four buildings of different styles on the ground, with a total area of ​​28,452 square meters. The first building is the main venue for the activities of Linyi, covering an area of ​​over 12,000 square meters. The second building has the most advanced heated swimming pool at that time; the third building is It was built for the four generals of Lin Biao, Huang Yongsheng, Wu Faxian, Li Zuopeng, and Qiu Hui. It is also called the General Building; the fourth building was built for Chen Liyun, the agent of Lin Biao in Zhejiang. The underground project is an independent tunnel building. It is 26 meters from the highest point on the ground and covers an area of ​​more than 4,000 square meters. It has 47 rooms in size, including underground combat command center, communication and reporting room, and ammunition depot. The engineering design took a lot of effort and cost 31 million yuan at the time.

Historical change

The "Seventy-three" incident occurred when the "704" project was not completed. In 1972, the government departments unified command and deployment, and stopped the construction of the underground part. The ground part was basically completed in early 1973, and was renamed as Zhejiang Hotel, and became the foreign affairs reception unit of Zhejiang Province. Since then, Zhejiang Hotel has carried out internal reconstruction on the basis of the “704” project, and has added auxiliary buildings such as Building No. 5, Building No. 6, and Building No. 7, and gradually transformed it into a tourist accommodation reception hotel.

In December 1980, the Zhejiang Hotel was officially registered and opened to the public. The address was No. 68, Longjing Road. Later, fishing, horse farms, go-karts, tennis courts, karaoke, bowling and other entertainment facilities were added. The underground part of the original "70th" project was used as an attraction for guests to visit. In the 1980s, the perfect facilities of the beautiful environment of Zhejiang Hotel attracted the domestic film crews such as Li Siguang, Haiwang and Ming Girl to the Zhejiang Hotel.

In 1996, Zhejiang Hotel was awarded the “Three-Star Tourism Foreign-related Hotel”. After the improvement of facilities and equipment, the continuous improvement of management and service level, it finally won the “four-star tourism foreign-related hotel” at the end of 2003.

New West Lake era

In May 2003, the Zhejiang Hotel responded to the call of the “West Lake Westward” project of the Hangzhou Municipal Government, and suspended the construction, reserving the original Buildings 1, 2 and 3, demolishing the 4th and 5th buildings and some small buildings, and on the original site. Building a new building. The underground part of the original 704 project and the original Lin Biao dormitory on the second floor of No. 1 Building are still open to visitors as Chinese and foreign tourists.

The renovation project was completed in three years. The new Zhejiang Hotel is located on the newly opened Santaishan Road, facing the West Lake. It covers an area of ​​20 hectares. It is a five-star standard leisure resort in the center of the New West Lake Scenic Area. It has a rich grassland, birds and flowers, and natural beauty. . On April 20, 2006, Zhejiang Hotel reopened its doors to welcome guests. It has hosted the first vice president of Sudan to visit, the honorary chairman of the Kuomintang, the Lien Chan couple, two Hangzhou trips, the cross-strait three-party star club, the former Italian international Robert Bajo and others. Political celebrities and social celebrities. Zhejiang Hotel has become a star of the West Lake Scenic Area.