Analysis said Baidu will face fierce competition for domestic rivals targeting the search market

Qihoo 360 CEO Zhou Hongyi said in the third quarter financial report conference call that the company will take active measures to build its own search business, and this business as one of the main driving force to enhance the company's business, so as to expand Revenue channels and make better use of the company browser and personal startup page pagehao. 360. The cn site has a large number of independent access users.

Zhou Hongyi said that Hao360 has surpassed Baidu's hao123. Com became the largest service website in the personal startup page field. This service also created a large amount of traffic for search engines. This has brought benefits to Baidu and other search sites. It is precisely under such circumstances that Qihoo 360 Realizing that they themselves can also get a benefit from search positions.

According to Zhou Hongyi, Qihoo 360’s own search business will have three major differences with other search sites. In the preliminary stage, Qihoo 360 will not create another Baidu and will not do a traditional search engine. In the next stage, Qihoo 360 will launch a new search method by digging out the most value of its own personal startup page, because Qihoo 360 is currently from Hao. 360. The cn service has accumulated a large amount of data, Qihoo 360 will now be able to use these advantages, to provide users with personalized recommendation engine, users can use these recommendation engines to carry out search business, without the need to enter any search keywords. This page can better understand the user through the user's previous click behavior, thereby providing the user with suggested links and related services that the user may want, while the traditional search is to enter keywords in the search engine. In the next step, Zhou Hongyi stated that Qihoo 360 will develop more services similar to vertical search engines.

Baidu’s potential threats come not only from Qihoo 360 but also from Tencent. Li Haixiang, executive vice president of search at Tencent, also recently stated that Tencent’s search business, Soso, will also accelerate its development. In the coming years, Tencent will increase R&D investment and try to challenge Baidu in social and wireless areas. It is said that Tencent will launch a service similar to the Baidu Phoenix Nest advertising platform next month.

In addition to the above two companies, Youku also launched its own video vertical search service a few months ago. So far, this service has made great progress, and this has also given Baidu some impact.

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