Real estate limited loan and purchase restriction policy next year or relax

On November 19th, the "China's Macroeconomic Analysis and Forecast Report" published by the Institute of Economics of Renmin University of China pointed out that the central government may gradually relax the "restricted loan" in the third quarter of next year, and then relax the "restriction of purchase," but the real estate decline is still adjusted. Basic mode. Liu Yuanchun, deputy dean of the School of Economics of the National People's University of China, said that the depth adjustment of real estate in the current round is in essence the product of policy control. It will focus on business strategy and price adjustment. It is not an adjustment of the deterioration of assets and liabilities, leading to increased pressure on real estate companies. And some of the aggressively-developed enterprises that are over-leveraged are caught in a liquidity crisis. It will not trigger systemic risks and full-scale sales, and it will not cause a hard landing for the economy. Liu Yuanchun stressed that it is expected that the local government may take a loosening strategy in the second quarter of next year in the form of “darkness”.

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