Global Travel News Recruitment Channel officially launched

According to the World Tourism Organization, by 2010, China will become the world's largest tourist destination country and the world's fourth largest source of tourists. With the steady growth of China’s economy, since the end of the last century...

According to the World Tourism Organization, by 2010, China will become the world's largest tourist destination country and the world's fourth largest source of tourists. With the steady growth of China's economy, the tourism fever that began at the end of the last century will continue for a long time to come. However, while the scale of the industry continues to develop, the gap between supply and demand of China's tourism talents, especially middle and high-level talents, is also expanding. According to relevant statistics, the national tourism talent gap is at least 2 million.

How do industry elites with rich industry experience find the ideal platform for their development? How can companies find suitable middle and senior management talents in a short period of time? How do companies and professionals in the tourism industry seamlessly connect?

Adhering to high-end, professional positioning, China's leading professional travel information website - Global Travel News officially launched a professional recruitment platform for tourism middle and high-level talents - TravelDaily recruitment channel () to solve tourism There is a shortage of high-level talents in the industry. At the beginning of the recruitment channel, more than 60 well-known companies such as Ctrip, eLong, 12580, Amadeus, Mango, Shenzhen Airlines, OCT Hotel, 7 Days, GreenTree Inn, China Aviation Service Co., Ltd. have registered and posted recruitment information. . It is reported that these companies have issued more than 200 positions, 80% of which are middle and senior positions such as managers, directors and general managers.

Different from the comprehensive recruitment website, TravelDaily recruitment channel will rely on the professional travel information website--Global Travel News to build a bridge for tourism-related enterprises and industry elites. It is the “professional, high-end” positioning that has been insisted for a long time, which makes the TravelDaily recruitment channel have a unique advantage.

First of all, the brand advantage. As a professional travel information media in China, TravelDaily has been widely recognized and paid attention by people in the industry since its establishment. At present, it has gradually developed into the world's most well-known Internet information media for high-end people in the tourism industry.

Second, the advantages of professional talent. Global Travel's extensive industry resources provide a large pool of elite talent for the TravelDaily recruitment channel. As of the latest statistics on May 30, 2009, Global Travel has an average of 14,000 unique IP addresses per day, with an average daily pageview of over 76,000; a total of 16,000 registered individual members and more than 25,000 newsletter subscribers. 87% of the registered members are from middle and senior management in tourism related fields such as airlines, online travel, travel agencies, hotels, cruises and car rental.

In addition, the “Big Forum”, which is regularly hosted every year, has laid a good foundation for the TravelDaily recruitment channel to improve the quality of recruitment and attract industry elites. As the industry's leading professional information media, Global Travel has successfully hosted the “2008 China Tourism Distribution Summit Forum” and the “2009 China Tourism Innovation Summit Forum”. The conference invited Ctrip, eLong, Expedia, Lufthansa and many other top domestic and foreign industry executives to attend and give speeches. Nearly 700 middle and high-level executives gathered to discuss and analyze the challenges and competition faced by China's tourism industry. Future trends.

In order to better understand user needs and achieve optimal service results, Global Travel News will launch a 40-day free trial period. During the trial period, corporate users will enjoy free registration and free post information services. The TravelDaily recruitment channel will help users recruit high-quality talent at zero cost.