Xi'an Xianyang International Airport will not be "no medicine"

"A bowl of beef noodles sold for 68 yuan, and the most expensive shoes for a shoe is 105 yuan." If you belong to the kind of owner who does not ask for the price to eat first or the first to clean the shoes, you can't help complaining when you check out the intestines at checkout. A few words: Is this not a slaughter? Isn't this a black shop? Where is this person eating noodles, clearly it is to eat people?

In fact, compared with foreign airports as “shopping paradise”, the high price of domestic airport catering, goods and services should be said to have been a long-standing one, and it has been listed as one of the “eight sins” of civil aviation service. The voice of condemnation has never been I haven't stopped it, but this time, the reporter's attention is directed at Xi'an Xianyang International Airport. I feel sorry for what I have seen and heard.

Why is "sin" unpunished? Why is "illness" untreated? In fact, as early as two years ago, the Capital Airport had promised the same price in the same city, with the same price and the price dropped by 40%. But unfortunately, no one responds to good practices, but the bad practice is to gather people. There is a big iron face to make the price of the bully to the end of the momentum.

The price is outrageous. The reason given by the merchant is “expensive rent”. Why is rent so expensive? I am afraid it is not so simple. I aim at the money bags of the plane passengers. Overestimating their consumption potential is the real "small ninety-nine" price. What is the truth? Many passengers would rather wait for a free meal on the plane than to be slaughtered.

Do not think that there is no medicine in the "common disease" of the airport. "Do not eat, don't buy, don't" can still become an attitude of passengers, but this is the injury of the commercial society. Business must advocate equality and respect, and price is one of the ways to respect, so we still need to remind the airport of the high price: please pay attention.

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