How is the smart storage shelf strictly produced?

How is Syvia's smart storage shelves strictly produced?

Savia's storage shelves are known for their good quality. How did such a good shelf be produced? Today, the small series of Saivia comes from the product technology of storage shelves, the production technology of storage shelves, and the surface treatment process of storage shelves. Explain in detail how Sevia is building quality storage shelves.

The first is the product technology of the storage shelves : the process in Seville is like this.

Raw materials → automatic punching → cold rolling forming → fixed length → flat head → welding → calibration → surface spray coating → packaging → finished product

1 ) Raw materials: All the shelves are made of profiles of Baosteel raw materials that have been cold-rolled, and the steel number is Q235 .

2 ), automatic punching: has a fully automatic continuous strip punching production line, used for punching of the complete column profile before rolling, the hole spacing accuracy can reach 0.02mm , the total length of the column is less than 2mm

3 ), cold rolling forming: the shelf column and various beams are rolled by their own automatic cold forming units, automatically positioned and cut according to the required length, and the length dimension error is less than 2mm.

4 ), welding: all welded by carbon dioxide protection welder, the main weld of the beam is automatically welded to ensure the quality of the weld and the smooth and beautiful weld.

5 ), surface treatment: has a fully automatic high-pressure electrostatic spraying production line, using imported Aksu powder

Then the production technology of the Seville storage shelves :

Raw materials (cold-rolled steel sheet) →Unloading (laser cutting)→Forming (bending center, punching machine, hydraulic press)→Inspection→Welding→Inspection→Pre-painting treatment (de-oiling, rust-removing, phosphating)→electrophoretic primer→ Baking→Inspection→Bottom-fixing, clearing bottom (initial loading)→topcoat→assembly, adjustment→general inspection→packaging→finished product

Finally, it introduces the surface treatment and process flow of the Seville storage shelves :

1 ) Surface treatment:

Epoxy resin powder spray, with strong adhesion, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance. The coating thickness can reach 60-80 microns and the curing temperature is 180 °C. All metals are subjected to strict pickling and phosphating treatment . The surface hardness is tested by 2H pencil without scratches , reaching the national GB6739-86 standard, fully guaranteeing the surface quality.

2 ) Process: black billet → degreasing → chemical descaling → cleaning → phosphating → cleaning → spray molding → leveling curing → finished product → packaging → storage.

1. The electrostatic powder adhesion reaches the level 0 requirement of the national GB6739-88 standard ;

2 , hardness (abrasion resistance) is more than 100 times that of ordinary nitrocellulose lacquer , reaching the 2H requirement in the national GB6739-86 standard ;

3 , corrosion resistance (hydrochloric acid test) GB1771-91 is greater than 500 hours.

4 , standard color: computer gray, medium blue, royal blue, orange, orange

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